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A Regional Overview From Mid and West Wales Mary Rendell ASD regional support officer.

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1 A Regional Overview From Mid and West Wales Mary Rendell ASD regional support officer

2 Retrospective The value of looking back and looking forward Identify an ASD lead Compile an action plan Embark upon a process of stakeholder consultation/ engagement/participation Commence a mapping process

3 The ASD lead role To lead on the action planning, mapping and stakeholder processes Often without allocated time and funding One person to address issues across all ages, teams and services Solutions include funded administrator time and widening involvement

4 The Action Plans 100% response No template, so all different in layout, timescale and content A small number of themes and aims are common to all Those themes shared by most areas have provided a basis for regional planning

5 Stakeholder Engagement Open consultation Stakeholder groups Subgroups for siblings, parents, adults and young people with ASDs Group activities, art, music, online consultation and peer consultation Involvement of other groups, NAS Cymru, All Wales Forum for Parents and Carers, People First

6 Mapping Initial data about children good but not complete Initial data about adults sparse and mainly gathered from learning disability support services Now moving on to further mapping of services, support systems and gaps

7 Barriers Adults known to services as having an ASD, but no official record Difficulties with information sharing, for example between health and social services Lack of diagnostic services for adults Cultural acceptance of difference and of family responsibility

8 Solutions Fund time to develop a data base One person co ordinates, cross checks and records One data base spanning all ages from the point of referral for diagnosis creates a durable basis for planning


10 Key themes common to 100% of action plans Stakeholder involvement Service mapping Diagnosis and assessment of children (including pre and post diagnostic support)

11 Themes in over 70% of the action plans Performance monitoring of the action planning process Diagnosis and assessment – adults Development of short break and respite services – children Provide and develop training for professional Develop transition pathways/protocols

12 Themes in over 50% of action plans Developing post diagnostic signposting information and advice Improving the information which is available to parents and people with ASD about services for people with ASD Developing counselling and emotional support systems

13 Continued… Develop behaviour advice and support, and parenting programmes Work towards decreasing out of county placements Extend learning opportunities for individuals with ASDs Develop community based provision for adults Develop existing services for adults Increase access to leisure activities

14 Cooperative regional projects 7 projects addressing the needs of children and families Training in diagnosis for over 30 professionals working with children and adults A community outreach project to address the needs of adults with ASD living in the community

15 Future Barriers and challenges Plans and aspirations Questions?

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