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BMW i Ventures.

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1 BMW i Ventures

2 Organizational set-up.
BMW Board „… become leading provider of premium products and services for individual mobility…” Dr. Norbert Reithofer CEO BMW AG BMW Group Strategy NUMBER ONE BMW i Ventures Project Mobility Services aims to develop future mobility business models for the BMW Group. Support Mobility Services Project to achieve its targets. Identification of mobility trends. Give access to innovative technologies and nascent markets through partnerships with portfolio companies. Undertakes early and mid-stage investments with high growth potential and strategic fit in the area of Mobility Services. Sales & Marketing BMW i Ventures,

3 BMW Group Technology Office
OFFICES AND FACES. Ulrich Quay MD BMW i Ventures US Alexander Diehl MD BMW i Ventures US Christian Noske Scouting and Evaluation Dr. Berhard Blättel President BMW i Ventures Thorsten Mattig MD BMW i Ventures EU New York Munich Name Advisor BMW i Ventures Silicon Valley Tokyo Shanghai BMW i Ventures BMW Group Technology Office

4 a strong partner for start-ups.
BMW i Ventures – a strong partner for start-ups. We support actively – not just money: We bring customers (international and large customer base with premium focus). We bring intelligence ( engineers and market intelligence). We bring reach (marketing power in BMW channels). We bring coverage (press and PR coverage, massive buzz). We bring network (access to F500 companies and top industry leaders, authorities, governments, supplier and to other established investors). …and we support indirectly, too: We have office space available at premium premises in NYC. We bring in our well established, credible brand with strong brand value. And we share the passion to grow good ideas to the next stage. BMW i Ventures,

5 BMW i Ventures Investment Strategy.
INVESTMENT FOCUS RISK & PORTFOLIO EXIT 4 points to fit into our portfolio: A B Seed C Focus on urban mobility innovations. Market tested product. Early revenues. Privately-held tech startups. Minority investments. Mainly A and B series. Selectively seed and later stage. Investment mainly as co-investor/follower in cooperation with other CVC or private venture companies. Request board or observer seat. Portfolio companies likely to attract acquisition interest in 3-5 years. 1 2 3 4 BMW i Ventures,

6 BMW i Ventures Investment Areas.
Infotainment Parking Technology Peer-to-peer parking On/Off-street parking Peer-to-Peer Car Sharing Car Sharing Ride Sharing Pedestrian Navigation Smart Traffic Big Data / Analytics Peer-to-Peer EV- Networks Public EV-Networks EV Technology Smart Grid Routing & Information Intermodal Navigation CS Technologies Intelligent parking solutions Car sharing and per usage models Location-based and ad-hoc services E-Mobility Intermodal Solutions BMW i Ventures,

Founded in 2009, HQ London, 7 Employees Investment: Target: 05/2011 TGBP (25,1%), Actual invest: 10/2012 TGBP 250 (12,51%) registered customers in the UK (growing by 8k/month). visitors per month. ~5.000 bookings per month. Revenue has increased by 85% btw. Jan and Sep 2012 up to approx . TGBP 23. EBIT approx. in line with business case, Revenue far below business case. unique parking spaces around the UK, already in the US (start of service 01/2012). ~80,000 vehicle makes, models and registration number database . Page 7 Source

Company Founded in 2009, HQ New York City, more than 30 Employees Facts Winner of Big App Contest 2010 (Popular Choice and Investor's Choice) Provide location based services that help people moving around cities Available in 70+ cities 11/2012: 5m downloads mega-utility tool for navigating the urban areas; Purchasing movie, concert, or special event tickets; Searching local restaurants; Up-to-the minute traffic feeds with live camera images; Locating the nearest wireless hotspot; Finding the perfect parking spot ahead of time Investors: BMW i Ventures, First Mark, EDC Page 8

Company Founded in 2008 Facts Intermodal app available for 12 transport systems in 10 cities Winner of MTA App quest Best Mobility App in NYC Big Apps 3.0 Huge boost since launch of Apple iOS 6.0: Apple refers to Embark and other intermodal apps since it stopped using Google maps (Embark is first free app in list of recommended apps). More than 1.8m downloads in total Investors: BMW i Ventures, Y-Combinator, SV Angel, Start Fund Page 9

Company Founded in 2007, HQ Campbell, California. Facts ChargePoint dominates the market in North America for public EV charging Pike Research (12/2012): ChargePoint is world’s leading charging company unique in having an open network being re-sold by a growing number of hardware partners run 10,200 charging spots with more than 1.5m charging sessions completed more than 25,000 EV drivers have ChargePoint card (50% of all EV drivers in the US) Investors: BMW i Ventures, Siemens, Rho Ventures, Braemer Energy Ventures and others Page 10

11 THANK YOU. Page 11

Wallpaper Cool hunting …add start-up attributes speed, innovation, disrupting ideas, agility creativeness… …to get the best of both worlds: BMW i Ventures. BMW i Ventures Take BMW’s brand(s), customers, financial power, brain and contacts…. Page 12

13 How bmw i ventures supports bmw i.
Provide brand awareness for early adopters, start-up entrepreneurs and investors Support technology leadership of BMW I by offering innovative mobility services Identify trends of future mobility Enhance the BMW i network and brand capabilities BMW i. Provide access to mobility services that make use of BMW i vehicles smarter and more comfortable Provide comprehensive urban mobility offer for BMW i drivers (also beyond the vehicle) BMW i Ventures,

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