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Valerie Vicari Western Area Director Office of Mental Health & Substance Abuse Servic es.

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1 Valerie Vicari Western Area Director Office of Mental Health & Substance Abuse Servic es

2 Regional Stakeholder Meeting Allegheny, Beaver, Washington, Lawrence, Greene

3  Regional Steering Committee ◦ Presented the Mayview Closure Experience at each 2011 Service Area Plan Meeting (Norristown, Danville, Wernersville, Warren, Clarks Summit, Torrance). ◦ Allegheny Health Choices, Inc (AHCI) led the presentation with PSAN. ◦ The message of hope and recovery was shared statewide.

4  We have made considerable progress in transforming the behavioral health system  There is still much to do – we must continue our momentum  We can build on our strengths and learn new ways to succeed ◦ Innovation ◦ Evidence-based programs ◦ Look with “new eyes” at today’s reality


6 Allentown State Hospital Closure ◦ ASH closure completed December 14, 2010 ◦ 108 CHIPP discharges ◦ Over $12.5M allocated to the community to develop services and supports ◦ Additional 11 discharges for individuals with dual diagnosis; funding transferred to ODP for waiver matching

7 Allentown State Hospital Closure ◦ Transfer CSPs were developed for those transferred ◦ CSPs significantly increase success for consumers as they proceed on their recovery journey ◦ Lehigh, Northampton, Carbon/Monroe/Pike counties - Enhanced infrastructure to support the individuals discharged or diverted from state hospital  Examples: Extended Acute Care beds, CTT development and ACT services

8  Reflects the Commonwealth’s decision to end the unnecessary institutionalization of adults who have a serious and persistent mental illness  The goal is to return all persons who are being served in a state hospital bed to their communities ◦ Requests funds to support the reduction of civil bed capacity by 90 persons each Fiscal Year ◦ Resources will be allocated to the counties ◦ Community Support Planning process will drive service development

9  Each County to develop a Comprehensive Service Area Integration Plan by 6/30/2012 ◦ Based on CSPs and reflective of Environmental Scan ◦ Must address at minimum –  Housing  Non-residential services and supports  How special needs will be met, including substance abuse, physical health, TBI, limited English proficiency, etc.

10  Each County to create Housing options to reduce reliance on congregate settings of 16 or more beds ◦ Personal Care Home Integration Plan by 6/30/2012  Each County to create a comprehensive funding strategy that supports these plans by 6/30/2012


12 Governor’s Recommended Budget FY

13 Mental Health Services Appropriations  CHIPPs funded in FY for 6 months are annualized. This includes 30 CHIPPs at Norristown.  Increase of $1.5 M for individuals discharged from Allentown State Hospital who need high-end, costly services.  Includes the transfer of $2.45 M for 6 months to ODP for 35 individuals to move from State Hospitals to the waiver program.  Includes the transfer of funds to ODP for 7 individuals currently residing in the community to move to the waiver program.

14 Mental Health Services Appropriations  $4.95 M for discharge of 90 individuals for 6 months from NSH as part of the Fred L Litigation  Does not include a cost of living adjustment Special Pharmaceutical Benefit Package (SPBP)  Increase from $2.346 M to $3.618 M

15 Drug and Alcohol  Act 152 funding is maintained at $14,727,107 ◦ Total includes reduction of $1.5 M that occurred in September 2010 ◦ Funds have been moved to capitation for FY  State funds -$ M  Federal funds -$1.870 M

16 HealthChoices  Carve out is still in place  Savings of $ M ◦ Revisions to provider performance incentives (P4P) ◦ Limitations on reinvestment funds ◦ Utilization of evidence-based services for children and youth ◦ Offset by the transfer of the non-hospital residential drug and alcohol treatment services previously funded through the MA outpatient appropriation

17  Funds will be managed within the HC-BH Program  Builds on experience with expedited enrollment pilot program  Utilizes existing assessment and service authorization process – will be transparent for recipients  Funds will be used to cover rate adjustments due to increased non-hospital detox and rehabilitation services

18 “ Promoting Self-Sufficiency through Sensible Reforms”

19 ◦ PA leads the nation in the number of Certified Peer Specialists who have been trained and employed ◦ PA is the first state to secure civil service status for Certified Peer positions ◦ We all benefit from the growth of CPS!



22  Get spending under control  Embark on a long-term, multi-year strategy to reduce costs  Change the mindset on public assistance to promote personal independence and individual empowerment

23  Care management that focuses on personal responsibility, prevention and wellness strategies  More efforts to deter fraud and abuse and to recover costs  Initiatives to encourage more home- and community-based care

24  See public assistance as a temporary safety net, not a long-term restraint  Empower recipients to make decisions that lead to self-sufficiency  Promote welfare to work strategies


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