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Building on Our Strengths June 17, 2011

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1 Building on Our Strengths June 17, 2011
Valerie Vicari Western Area Director Office of Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services

2 Regional Stakeholder Meeting Allegheny, Beaver, Washington,
Challenges are what make life interesting. Overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. Regional Stakeholder Meeting Allegheny, Beaver, Washington, Lawrence, Greene

3 THANK YOU!!! Regional Steering Committee
Presented the Mayview Closure Experience at each Service Area Plan Meeting (Norristown, Danville, Wernersville, Warren, Clarks Summit, Torrance). Allegheny Health Choices, Inc (AHCI) led the presentation with PSAN. The message of hope and recovery was shared statewide.

4 Recovery is a Reality We have made considerable progress in transforming the behavioral health system There is still much to do – we must continue our momentum We can build on our strengths and learn new ways to succeed Innovation Evidence-based programs Look with “new eyes” at today’s reality

5 Some Recent Accomplishments…

6 Allentown State Hospital Closure
ASH closure completed December 14, 2010 108 CHIPP discharges Over $12.5M allocated to the community to develop services and supports Additional 11 discharges for individuals with dual diagnosis; funding transferred to ODP for waiver matching

7 Allentown State Hospital Closure
Transfer CSPs were developed for those transferred CSPs significantly increase success for consumers as they proceed on their recovery journey Lehigh, Northampton, Carbon/Monroe/Pike counties - Enhanced infrastructure to support the individuals discharged or diverted from state hospital Examples: Extended Acute Care beds, CTT development and ACT services

8 Pennsylvania’s Olmstead Plan
Reflects the Commonwealth’s decision to end the unnecessary institutionalization of adults who have a serious and persistent mental illness The goal is to return all persons who are being served in a state hospital bed to their communities Requests funds to support the reduction of civil bed capacity by 90 persons each Fiscal Year Resources will be allocated to the counties Community Support Planning process will drive service development

9 PA’s Olmstead Plan cont’d -
Each County to develop a Comprehensive Service Area Integration Plan by 6/30/2012 Based on CSPs and reflective of Environmental Scan Must address at minimum – Housing Non-residential services and supports How special needs will be met, including substance abuse, physical health, TBI, limited English proficiency, etc.

10 PA’s Olmstead Plan cont’d -
Each County to create Housing options to reduce reliance on congregate settings of 16 or more beds Personal Care Home Integration Plan by 6/30/2012 Each County to create a comprehensive funding strategy that supports these plans by 6/30/2012

11 Current Events

12 Governor’s Recommended Budget

13 Governor’s Recommended Budget FY 2011-12
Mental Health Services Appropriations CHIPPs funded in FY for 6 months are annualized. This includes 30 CHIPPs at Norristown. Increase of $1.5 M for individuals discharged from Allentown State Hospital who need high-end, costly services. Includes the transfer of $2.45 M for 6 months to ODP for 35 individuals to move from State Hospitals to the waiver program. Includes the transfer of funds to ODP for 7 individuals currently residing in the community to move to the waiver program.

14 Governor’s Recommended Budget FY 2011-12
Mental Health Services Appropriations $4.95 M for discharge of 90 individuals for 6 months from NSH as part of the Fred L Litigation Does not include a cost of living adjustment Special Pharmaceutical Benefit Package (SPBP) Increase from $2.346 M to $3.618 M

15 Governor’s Recommended Budget FY 2011-12
Drug and Alcohol  Act 152 funding is maintained at $14,727,107 Total includes reduction of $1.5 M that occurred in September 2010 Funds have been moved to capitation for FY State funds -$ M Federal funds -$1.870 M

16 Governor’s Recommended Budget FY 2011-12
HealthChoices Carve out is still in place Savings of $ M Revisions to provider performance incentives (P4P) Limitations on reinvestment funds Utilization of evidence-based services for children and youth Offset by the transfer of the non-hospital residential drug and alcohol treatment services previously funded through the MA outpatient appropriation

17 Act 152 Funds will be managed within the HC-BH Program
Builds on experience with expedited enrollment pilot program Utilizes existing assessment and service authorization process – will be transparent for recipients Funds will be used to cover rate adjustments due to increased non-hospital detox and rehabilitation services

18 Opportunities That Support Transformation
“Promoting Self-Sufficiency through Sensible Reforms”

19 Certified Peer Specialists
PA leads the nation in the number of Certified Peer Specialists who have been trained and employed PA is the first state to secure civil service status for Certified Peer positions We all benefit from the growth of CPS!

20 CPS Trainees – Reduced Entitlements and Service Use
7% didn’t use hospital-based services prior to taking the training 6% didn’t use crisis or ER services before

21 CPS Trainees – Working More or Looking for Work

22 DPW Budget Goals Get spending under control
Embark on a long-term, multi-year strategy to reduce costs Change the mindset on public assistance to promote personal independence and individual empowerment

23 Cost Containment Initiatives
Care management that focuses on personal responsibility, prevention and wellness strategies More efforts to deter fraud and abuse and to recover costs Initiatives to encourage more home- and community-based care

24 Changing the Mindset See public assistance as a temporary safety net, not a long-term restraint Empower recipients to make decisions that lead to self-sufficiency Promote welfare to work strategies

25 Thank You

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