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Voice & Multimedia Service Delivery Future Strategy 14 th October 2013.

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1 Voice & Multimedia Service Delivery Future Strategy 14 th October 2013

2 Agenda  Service Delivery Position now  Approach I’ve taken to communicate  Guidance I’ve provided the organisation  Function Strategy  Why Simplify  Actions I’m working through

3 Position Now  214FTE in Service Delivery today, need to get to 185FTE by end of FY  4 known moves (2 secondment returns, 1 TM to CTC (CWU briefed), 1 TM to GS CIO)  25 further efficiencies to deliver (minimum – if we have an opportunity to create more space we can invest in succession planning quicker)  Efficiencies need to be delivered between October and December  This is NOT an additional challenge, this has always been the profile for Service Delivery since the beginning of the year  For info next FY, I have requested 25 B2 MAs to support succession planning  10% efficiency challenge ~20FTE Q1/Q2 delivery

4 Approach  Collaborative approach with providing guiding principles and all managers supporting the build of the plan  I’ve personally visited all 14 major Service Delivery sites to see what my people do, how they do it and hear their feedback directly. All of my people within my organisation tell me the same thing; they want to be consulted and engaged in creating plans for the future of our organisation  Transparency around the questions asked. Everyone has been encouraged to ask if they don’t understand something or why we’re doing it!  All issues, risks and concerns are being logged and addressed individually with the person who has raised and we’re seeking mitigation  Briefing plan for the organisation which was undertaken over 2 days and where I could not attend site, a video was shared with the team to understand my thoughts directly

5 My guidance  We will no longer have Croydon and associated homeworkers as a key Service Delivery site  The Featurenet work will be consolidated into Ilford and Watford  There will be better alignment with the IP Voice teams based in these locations and thus reduce handoffs  The HUCs and SIP-Trunking Croydon teams will move to Colombo House to align with the V&MM NOC  FNET team members based in Croydon and the surrounding area (TNV524), will have the opportunity to move to Ilford or Watford  We are going to create an ISDN30 Hub at Worthing  All ISDN30 homeworkers will be reviewed on a case by case basis and where within a reasonable distance and operationally viable will be required to work from Worthing. This will facilitate a better interworking and we do expect to find synergies  We are currently looking for alternate roles if team members do not wish to move and hope to redeploy them before the end of the year.

6 Service Delivery Future Function Structure Why Simplify our unit? So that we have simpler networks, systems and infrastructure and its simpler and quicker to add new capabilities Due to convergence of technologies we need teams co-located to facilitate interworking & multi-skilling Streamline our operations Best practice and control costs Easier for customers to deal with us Increased integrated unit Greater alignment now to eventually become one product, one team, one location Allow greater focus on succession planning our skills for the future Data E2E delivery of service for Network, Customer Data, Capacity and Numbering PSTN Compaction Programme CSS Order Journey E2E delivery of PSTN services including ISDN2, ISDN30, Embark and Featureline Legacy+ E2E delivery of service for legacy voice services which will migrate to an IP solution in the future, including FNET, CS2K, DMS100 and Switch IP Future E2E delivery of IP services including HUCS, HCS and DFTS

7 What we’ve already done… Defined our key sites for the V & MM Service Delivery 3 year plan. Instigated trial training of Embark skills for a team member in Taunton. Appointed a lead to coordinate the Llantrisant team move to Cardiff – Dave Eveleigh. Allocated 8 seats at Colombo House to allow option for co-location of IP Voice with IP Voice NOC. In talks with NOC team to look for synergies across units. Sourced a 24/7 team to take on any out of hours activities at Oswestry. Our customers will enjoy streamline end to end provisioning and data config. services that are the most reliable, stable and fastest in the market. For MFUs it’ll be simpler and quicker to add new capabilities and services that are cost competitive, and be able to respond to needs quickly and deliver faster Our people will be supported and skilled to make positive differences to the way we manage our processes. How it’ll help… The problem we’re fixing… The complexity and duplication we have in our networks and systems means that when things go wrong they’re harder to fix. This also slows us down when developing new products and services for our customers and our own use.

8 Actions we’re working through  Questions from David Philips on the Watford TE to Leavesden move  Featurenet Team in Croydon have made a proposal which I am considering around moving part of their work to Colombo – this impacts Ilford and Watford teams so we are working this through and will have an answer to communicate by end of this week  Opportunity to insource activities from subcontractor in GS into Watford, business case is being assessed with GS team  Where people are surplus, we will share with our people and yourselves the mechanism we will be using to complete selection process

9 Back Up

10 Timeline 2 nd September Halfway Update -Follow up call with all managers for half way update on plan 6 th September Final plan and timescales agreed with Service Delivery management team 11 th September All Hands Call with all team members 11 th September – 31 st October On-going support, FAQs, drop in calls for all those involved 31 st December All worked transitioned to the new sites and people fully redeployed or transferred to the CTC. We need the teams to be flexible and supportive in order to make this transformation a success (provide training, travel to other sites, overnight stays etc.). In return we will then allow them to move into their new roles asap 2-Way Deal

11 FAQs QuestionAnswer Where can I get support?Speak to your manager, or your HRBP, or if you’d like confidential support or counselling you can call EAP on 0800 917 6767 I’m feeling stressed, what should I do? You can fill in a Stream assessment via the intranet, or talk to your manager or HRBP, if you really need help please do visit your GP, your health is the most important thing What if a team member wants to take paid leaver or go straight to the CTC? Please discuss this with your team member, we will aim to redeploy people first and would like your support with this, but when people have a personal preference we will try and support them What if we don’t find redeployment for the people involved? We have a good lead time until the changes take place so we hope to find brilliant new roles quickly, if we haven’t by the 1 st January we will need to transfer people to the CTC to ensure they get some dedicated transition support I don’t understand why we’re doing this Please speak to your manager and be open and honest, we believe this is the best thing for the business, and to support your team you need to understand the reasons for change What if I want to relocate with the work? We will try and support people by offering financial support for additional travel and finding roles if people wish to move, but we can’t unfortunately provide financial support for people to relocate so this would be a personal choice, please talk to your manager if you are interested in moving

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