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ESDIS Project Status 12/1/2005 Dan Marinelli, Science Systems Development Office.

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1 ESDIS Project Status 12/1/2005 Dan Marinelli, Science Systems Development Office

2 EOSDIS Science System context

3 EOSDIS System Evolution  ESDIS was directed to evolve the systems under its budget to accommodate vision identified by a joint EOSDIS Elements Study/Technical team  Key vision elements include: –Improve access and processing services, ensure available expert knowledge, reduce operational costs, ensure safe stewardship, maintain IT currency

4 EOSDIS System Evolution  Top 3 cost drivers contribute to approx. 50 % of total budget: –EMD/ECS –GES DAAC –LaRC DAAC  Factors that contribute to top 3 cost drivers: –Operating multiple systems (ECS, V0/V1, LaTIS, etc.) –DAAC-unique capabilities and science community support beyond specific operation of ECS/SDPS –Providing sustaining engineering for ECS/SDPS at the four ECS DAACs

5 ESDIS Evolution Path  Approval has been given to embark down an evolution path  GES DAAC and ASDC DAAC to evolve away from ECS SDPS at their sites  MODAPS to evolve towards archive and distribution of all MODIS products  ECS SDPS footprint to be reduced greatly in terms of hardware and custom code  Summary of the plan can be found at http://eosdis-

6 EOSDIS Mission Profile

7 ESDIS Mission Support – Volume in Archive InstrumentEDCGSFCLaRCNSIDCTotals ACRIM III001,5410 AIRS0103,073,19100 AMSR000272,391 AMSR-E018707,113,1117,113,298 AMSU0393,47000 ASTER180,366,0108,861111180,374,883 GLAS0007,399,179 HIRDLS0389,64300 HSB0159,27800 MISR1,639,2320663,382,9010665,022,134 MLS02,599,37500 MODEL784,36020,493,6842,205,913023,483,957 MODIS707,610,8111,050,984,009534,243,7291,792,838,554 MODIS-AQUA377,282,137619,245,282023,061,4701,019,588,889 MOPITT001,639,8110 OMI014,724,52500 SAGE III00197,0980 SORCE07007 TES008,580,1250 Total1,267,682,5501,812,071,512676,007,39572,089,8913,827,851,349

8 ESDIS Mission Support – Granules in Archive InstrumentEDCGSFCLaRCNSIDCTotals ACRIM III0013,9100 AIRS05,561,77100 AMSR0006,324 AMSR-E02,0960251,129253,225 AMSU0927,16500 ASTER2,832,312114348392,833,299 GLAS000103,484 HIRDLS013,01800 HSB092,40600 MISR66,64709,324,78809,391,435 MLS062,95600 MODEL17,455216,58929,2230263,267 MODIS9,492,91214,857,305122,651,45227,001,681 MODIS-AQUA4,681,2348,444,74901,662,78714,788,770 MOPITT00102,5360 OMI0101,01500 SAGE III00193,0400 SORCE09900 TES0032,9900 Total17,090,56030,279,2839,696,5334,676,01561,742,391

9 Volume of EOS Data

10 Commitment to HDF and HDF-EOS  HDF is supported through NCSA (and in future THG) via a grant –Current grant goes out to July ’08 –ESDIS plans to use this vehicle post ’08; dependent on funding  HDF-EOS is supported through EMD contract –EMD contract ends ’08 –HDF-EOS format will be supported in some way by ESDIS after EMD

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