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¡VAMOS A CELEBRAR CARNAVAL! A WebQuest for Spanish 4 Students Created by: Srta. Casado.

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1 ¡VAMOS A CELEBRAR CARNAVAL! A WebQuest for Spanish 4 Students Created by: Srta. Casado

2 Introduction You are about to embark on a trip that your class won to a city of your choice in either Latin America, South America, or Spain to become a part of the celebrations of Carnaval during your mid winter break in February. Your teacher, Señorita Casado entered some of the presentations and reports, you have been researching all year on your countries, in a Spanish culture contest amongst various schools in New York State. Your Spanish class just won the first prize for an all expenses paid trip. During your adventure, you will enjoy all of the fun and exciting sites and activities that the countries have to offer for Carnaval. You must bring back your information and some pictures to summarize your journal for a write up evaluation. You want to have a great trip and bring back plenty of memories. This is your chance to absorb as much of Carnaval and the culture and what the country has to offer in just one week.

3 Task You will search the net for specific sites containing background information on Carnaval celebrations and dates, activities, hotels, cost, and culture of a Spanish city of choice that celebrates Carnaval in February. You will write a journal in Spanish of your week’s tour of the city and celebrations and gather materials and photos for this final evaluation/journal entry of your trip. Your journal entry should include descriptions in Spanish and pictures of your activities and places you see/visit, where you may go to eat, where you stay, etc. For example, you may see the parade “Desfile de Llamadas” in Uruguary while visiting. Make it seem as if you’re really there.

4 The Process In order to complete your journal please complete the following steps: 1.) You will choose a city to research and how they are celebrating Carnaval and what you will do there to celebrate with them that week. Please research the following information about the city to describe in your journal entry and obtain photos: (130 wd. min.) Background/history of Carnaval and why/how they celebrate it in the city Dates for their celebrations (from when to when – one week/month?) Restaurants you may eat at or particular food served for the celebration Daily activities, describe places visited, and transportation to get there Current daily weather conditions (use weather channel web site) City location on the map (describe what part of country or world it’s in) Particular costumes and where to buy them (what would you wear?) What type of parades/shows are there? Do the costumes have any meanings? Hotel you may stay at and where Describe the cost of this type of trip (flight/hotel/food/costumes) City flag (if you can find one) *It will be graded as a quiz grade.

5 Resources : Here is a listing of some sites for you to explore and gather information on different cities that celebrate Carnaval in the Spanish speaking world. They are grouped for you. You can choose to use these or ones you find. General Information: Currency Converter: Maps: Maps of the World with flags Regional Weather: Weather Channel - Yahoo Espanol

6 Cities that celebrate Carnaval to explore: Cozumel, Mexico Montevideo, Uruguay (CandombeMontevideo, Uruguay (Candombe) Aguilas, Spain Paraguay Mazatlan, Mexico Dominican Republic - Masks Tenerife, Spain Pictures of Carnaval in Paraguay Columbia Dominican Republic Venezuela

7 Tourism: (Hotels/Restaurants/Transportation/Sites/Activities/Culture) okspain - General Tourism Info. on Spain Foods and Sites of Spain Hotels Red2000 - Travel City Guide

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