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Limerick Institute of Technology Colin McLean. Over 150 Years old 3 Locations 4377 Full Time Students 850 Part Time Students 1008 Apprentice Craft Students.

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1 Limerick Institute of Technology Colin McLean

2 Over 150 Years old 3 Locations 4377 Full Time Students 850 Part Time Students 1008 Apprentice Craft Students 50 Postgraduate Students New Facilities Course Levels


4 4 Schools –Art and Design –Business and Humanities –Built Environment –Science, Engineering and Information Technology

5 Mission Statement LIT prepares learners for fulfilling and challenging futures, fostering the professional, intellectual, social, cultural and personal development of the individual. The hallmark of our educational philosophy is active learning through a fusion of theory and practice. We provide third and fourth level education, training and research, playing a pivotal role in the economic and socio-cultural development of our region

6 Lifelong Learning at LIT Adult & Continuing Education (ACE) Our programme offers opportunities to people from a variety of backgrounds who wish to pursue personal and career development goals through the potential of higher education on a part-time basis. LIT offers opportunities to part time students to undertake a number of full-time courses on a part-time basis and also is able to offer special courses for specific groups of company employees that can be tailored to company needs.

7 LIT Strategic Plan 2006-2010 Objective 1.2 –We will offer students coherent, unified, modular programmes of study that are student-centred and allow students to take individual options around defined core disciplines. By offering student choice, these progammes of study will address economic and industry requirements and also address wider education matched to learner profiles and needs. Objective 2.3 –We will engage in adaptation and customising of our existing programmes for distinct new market segments, whenever there is perceived to be sustainable demand from non-traditional learners.

8 Objective 2.9 –LIT will, together with other third-level providers, embark upon the development of a flexible and transparent regional higher education framework of academic programmes, research, adult and continuing education. This will help to position Limerick as a Leading centre of Learning both nationally and internationally, and a magnet of attraction for socio-economic and cultural development. Objective 3.2 –We will develop programmes that better integrate study and working in the Work-based Learning model. This should enable the work-based learner to attain accreditation of learning and experience from the workplace.

9 Objective 6.1 –The management structure, both academic and non-academic, will reflect clear hierarchical and functional lines, with manageable spans of control, logical cognate areas, transparent roles, duties and responsibilities for the units and people within it. At the same time, synergies will be created which break through the boundaries of the organisational chart. Objective 9.11 –Provide longer opening hours during academic year and investigate renting facilities outside academic year.

10 National Initiatives in Life Long Learning White paper OECD HEA Office for Equity of Access Minor and Supplemental Awards FAS One Step Up

11 Adult and Continuing Education Structure New Structure Development Office External Services Manager Adult Education Co-ordinator Administration Grade 3 Administration Support as required

12 Adult and Continuing Education Operation New Course Introduction Supported, Justified, Potentially Viable Minor and Supplemental Award Marketing Enrolment/Registration Course Viability Decision – Self Financing Department Delivery Support for students

13 Adult and Continuing Education Numbers –2000/2001 1555 –2001/2002 1136 –2002/2003 906 –2003/2004 794 –2004/2005 892 –2005/2006 877

14 Business Courses Offered Business Studies (IPA) Public Management (IPA) Languages Accountancy/Payroll Global Trade and EBusiness

15 Humanities Courses Offered Multi Element Behavioural Support Social Research & Sociology Acting and Drama Cookery GAA Club Development Art & Design Courses Offered Portfolio Preparation

16 Electronics Courses Offered Manufacturing Technology Renewable and Electrical Energy Mechanical Courses Offered Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics Technician Computer Aided Manufacture Welding

17 Information Technology Courses Offered Cisco ECDL Supply Chain Management IT Support MSc In Computing in Education Science Courses Offered Quality Management Occupational Health and Safety

18 New Initiatives in Delivery Foundation Courses Workbased Learning Courses Part Time Day Summer

19 New Initiatives in Service Online Registration Online Payment Services to Departments Induction Support for Students

20 Future Challenges Offer Mainstream courses at night and part time day Offer Full range of courses Department of Lifelong Learning

21 Contact Details –Institute Number 061 208208 –Email –Website

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