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Local libraries : a hub for sharing resources.. Tracy Currer 5 March 2013 follow us on join us on

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1 local libraries : a hub for sharing resources.. Tracy Currer 5 March 2013 follow us on join us on connect to me on for enterprising community libraries event

2 an opportunity for local libraries.. Ecomodo is a social enterprise and our online service that simply brings local people together to share goods, skills and spaces. Ecomodo.. provides not-for-profits a new way to fundraise enables local groups, charities & schools to get equipped to make a difference helps everyone do more for less prevents waste and reduces our collective effective on the environment. makes visible the things people are willing to share.. in their neighbourhood We believe we can support local libraries in in 3 distinct ways

3 May 15 © ecomodo 2 the average drill.... is used for only 12 minutes of its lifetime! The average drill costs: £84.18 = £7.02 per minute of use environmental costs.. + collection of raw materials + manufacturing + packaging + distribution + disposal = the complete product lifecycle

4 May 15 © ecomodo 3 so we thought.. People don’t need own a drill.. when they just need to make a few holes! We decided to embark on an adventure to create a useful tool that would bring environmental, economic and social returns.. to.. encourage social engagement increase financial inclusion maximise utility of resources drive responsible consumerism shift consumer demand towards robustness.. simply by creating visibility of hidden resources

5 enables people to lend and borrow everyday objects, skills and spaces with their neighbours, friends and work colleagues. From lawnmowers to tents; golf clubs to awnings, Ecomodo lets you to list your items to lend and see what others have on offer. Items can be lent for free or as a lender you are able to charge for an item, and choose if you want to keep the fee or make a donation to charity. is free to join and available to everyone in the UK about the marketplace of good returns..

6 items to borrow..

7 your community can use ecomodo to.. Make and save money Earn money by lending objects, skills and spaces. Save by money by borrowing items instead of buying Do a good turn Choose to donate proceeds to a favourite good cause or help the community by sharing assets Live a richer life Take up a new hobby or sport, learn a new skill. Ecomodo enables users to borrow rather than buy and opens the door to new experiences at low or no cost Be green Communities can prevent waste and reduce their collective effect on the environment by pooling resources

8 May 15 © ecomodo 7 lend confidently.. End to end facilitation Introduction, negotiation and loan agreement Holding hire fees / deposits in escrow until completion of lend Simple dispute resolution Optional extras Choose to have a deposit taken or insurance cover for extra peace of mind Tracking: Simple logging and history of all lends Privacy Protection: Fuzzy location specification empowers our members to protect their location whilst enabling effective local searching. Feedback & reputation building: Just like Ebay, a feedback rating system checks that both parties are happy at the end of a lend.

9 May 15 © ecomodo lend confidently.. Circles of trust ( lending circles ) Real-world communities can form lending circles. Circles provide community engagement that feels comfortable to the user by enabling people to restrict their lending (and borrowing) to people they know or have something in common with. school neighbours co-workers friends clubs interest groups 8

10 supporting local libraries.. We believe there are 3 ways we believe that Ecomodo can support libraries.. 1.Become a good cause on Ecomodo & fundraise 2.Facilitate a community share point to increase footfall 3.Become a lender of all sorts of useful items

11 1. become a good cause Ecomodo provides an effortless and everyday way to fundraise.. Register as a good cause on Ecomodo It’s free to register as a good cause & you’ll need is a Paypal account. Once registered any of our lenders can choose to donate to you. Promote Ecomodo as a new way to fundraise for your library The more people that use Ecomodo, the bigger our network of lenders and borrowers becomes and the more you and the environment can benefit Create a lending circle for your library Our lending circles act like 'virtual' sheds for any type of community. Create a circle & invite your staff, volunteers and visitors to join and pool their assets. Personalise your circle with an icon, description, URL back to your own site and promote your good cause.

12 2. ecomodo share-point Be a 'good neighbour' and help facilitate local lending and borrowing by introducing an ecomodo share-point A local library could act as an alternative venue for individuals to use purely for dropping off and picking up items between each other. It could be safer or more convenient than travelling to someone's house or staying in to lend equipment out. A Share-Point gives people a new reason to visit the library & may increase footfall.

13 3. become a lender of all sorts of useful items.. Ecomodo enables the lending of all sorts of household goods so your library could create it's own 'community shed' containing all sorts of items to lend out, with the proceeds going to your good cause. See if there are items your community would be happy to donate to you and start to fill your shed for free.

14 Thanks for your time.. any questions / thoughts / ideas ? Tracy Currer 5 March 2013 follow us on join us on connect to me on

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