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Comprehensive Elementary School Redistricting INFORMATIONAL MEETING December 10, 11, 2008.

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1 Comprehensive Elementary School Redistricting INFORMATIONAL MEETING December 10, 11, 2008

2 THE BOARD OF EDUCATION HAS DIRECTED THE SUPERINTENDENT TO CONDUCT A COMPREHENSIVE INITIATIVE TO BALANCE ENROLLMENT WITH CAPACITY AT THE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL LEVEL BEGINNING IN THE 2008-2009 SCHOOL YEAR. Complements the comprehensive secondary redistricting initiative completed in 2006. NOT Will NOT alter the middle or high school feeder system. NOT Will NOT change the current secondary attendance area boundaries. WILL Tonight, we WILL present information and data to the general public regarding the redistricting process, timeline, provide access to information, describe the “communication plan” developed to keep the general public apprised and answer any specific questions regarding the initiative. NOT Tonight, we will NOT draw or modify any attendance area boundary lines.


4 In late January 2009 and early February 2009, we will conduct another series of regional focus group meetings. The focus groups will be comprised of 5 school community representatives and 1 school administrator from each individual school within an established geographic region. Each focus group will serve as the representatives whose purpose will be to serve as the voice for each school, the liaison from each school, and the vehicle to communicate information to the school community. The purpose of the first meeting of the focus groups is to develop a list of “parameters” for the STAC to consider as it develops its recommendations. SCHEDULE: JANUARY 22, 2009 TO FEBRUARY 10, 2009

5 The Superintendent of Schools appoints a committee comprised of various staff including elementary education, secondary education, planning and construction, transportation, operations, elementary school administrators, GIS software technicians, and planning and zoning experts. STAC meets with affected school communities, gathers input and data, utilizes technical resources, develops and reviews various options, and prepares proposals for the Superintendent to recommend to the Board of Education. STAC is responsible for implementing the redistricting process on behalf of the Superintendent and Board of Education. STAC serves in an advisory role – only the Superintendent can make recommendations to the Board of Education and only the Board of Education can approve the school attendance area boundaries.

6 WHAT IS A “REDISTRICTING PARAMETER” A VARIABLE, CONDITION, OR ISSUE UNIQUE TO A SPECIFIC COMMUNITY THAT SHOULD BE CONSIDERED IN THE DECISION-MAKING PROCESS … SAMPLE PARAMETERS: Students should not travel on the bus more than 45 minutes to or from school. No student should be redistricted more than once during elementary school. Avoid splitting established neighborhoods.

7 WHAT IS NOT A“REDISTRICTING PARAMETER” Do not move my neighborhood, move the one next to me. “Xyz Street” has always attended “ABC Elementary School,” therefore, it should stay there. Don’t move a resident of Harford County who has been here for fifteen years or more, move the people who have recently moved to Harford County.

8 After the STAC collects all of the community input and parameters from the focus groups, it will: – review all of the input collected and will develop the final guiding parameters, requirements. – begin to analyze the data and begin to look at specific attendance area boundaries. – develop recommendations for attendance area boundary modifications. SCHEDULE: FEBRUARY 2009 TO JUNE 2009

9 As STAC develops various recommendations, they will meet with the specific regional focus groups to share the information and seek input and recommendations. SCHEDULE: JUNE 2009 TO AUGUST 2009

10 Based on the input and review provided by the individual focus groups, STAC will reconvene and review, revise, modify, or proceed with final recommendations. SCHEDULE: AUGUST 2009 TO NOVEMBER 2009

11 STAC finalizes modifications to attendance area boundaries and presents “first reading” to the Board of Education. SCHEDULE: NOVEMBER 2009 TO DECEMBER 2009

12 The Board of Education will conduct public hearings to gather final input from the general public regarding the STAC recommendations. The Board of Education will either modify the plan or elements of the plan or approve the plan for implementation by March 1, 2010. SCHEDULE: NOVEMBER 2009 TO DECEMBER 2009 SCHEDULE: DECEMBER 2009 to MARCH 2010

13 At least 180 days prior to the start of the school year, the Board of Education will begin the implementation phase of the comprehensive elementary school redistricting initiative. SCHEDULE: MARCH 1, 2010 TO AUGUST 2010 SCHEDULE: MARCH 1, 2011 TO AUGUST 2011

14 The Board of Education and the STAC will monitor the approved plan and recommend revisions, adjustments, or modifications to the plan as conditions warrant.

15 We want to provide the public with access to the same data that the STAC will use to help formulate its recommendations. The primary data document is the official September 30, 2008 capacities, enrollment, and enrollment projections. We will be adding 696 “seats” to our overall elementary school capacity with the opening of Campus Hills Elementary School in August 2011.

16 School NameCAP 2008200920102011 Enr.+/-%Enr.+/-%Enr.+/-%Enr.+/-% Abingdon821775-4694%762-5993%755-6692%757-6492% Bakerfield4554583101%47116104%47318104%47722105% Bel Air500493-799%498-2100%491-998%499100% Church Creek789723-6692%758-3196%787-2100%7978101% Churchville388363-2594%339-4987%349-3990%351-3790% Darlington192125-6765%109-8357%112-8058%118-7461% Deerfield555520-3594%493-6289%496-27564%501-27065% Dublin295230-6578%240-5581%249-4684%246-4983% Edgewood511351-16069%329-18264%317-19462%313-19861% Emmorton549676127123%695146127%705156128%711162130% Forest Hill581564-1797%574-799%568-1398%563-1897% Forest Lakes548664116121%675127123%667119122%652104119% Fountain Green57165180114%64271112%63867112%62958110% GDL@Hillsdale432333-9977%336-9678%343-8979%344-8880% Hall's Cross Rds632405-22764%424-20867%435-19769%448-18471% Havre de Grace574375-19965%403-17170%419-15573%445-12978% Hickory62269674112%70078113%69472112%69573112% Home./Wakefield907880-2797%894-1399%903-4100%880-2797% Jarrettsville520414-10680%426-9482%428-9282%439-8184% Joppatowne48452642109%532-12181%532-12181%548-10584% Magnolia49953637107%55051110%55758112%56566113% Meadowvale568528-4093%479-8984%487-8186%479-8984% Norrisville252192-6076%186-6674%185-6773%175-7769% North Bend513399-11478%401-11278%392-12176%398-11578% North Harford487449-3892%447-4092%439-4890%432-5589% Prospect Mill680931251137%946266139%949269140%953273140% Ring Factory549500-4991%495-5490%475-7487%463-8684% Riverside522484-3893%436-8684%441-8184%452-7087% Roye-Williams752407-34554%389-36352%367-38549%359-39348% Wm Paca/OPR94099555106%100969107%102989109%103494110% Wm S. James476467-998%427-4990%420-5688%432-4491% Youth's Benefit8901072182120%1093203123%1098208123%1103213124% Total ES18,05417,182 95%17158 95%17200 95%17258 96% Over/(Under) Cap(872) -4.8%(896) -5.0%(854) -4.7%(796) -4.4%

17 School NameCAP 2008200920102011 Enr.+/-%Enr.+/-%Enr.+/-%Enr.+/-% Churchville3883632594%3394987%3493990%3513790% Forest Hill5815641797%574799%5681398%5631897% Forest Lakes548664-116121%675-127123%667-119122%652-104119% Fountain Green571651-80114%642-71112%638-67112%629-58110% Hickory622696-74112%700-78113%694-72112%695-73112% Prospect Mill680931-251137%946-266139%949-269140%953-273140% Youth's Benefit8901072-182120%1093-203123%1098-208123%1103-213124% TOTALS:4,2804,941-661115%4,969-689116%4,963-683116%4,946-666116% CAMPUS HILLS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL REGIONAL ENROLLMENT & PROJECTIONS

18 Harford County Public Schools Elementary Redistricting (Click “Elementary Redistricting” button on lower-left under navigation links.) Available data: Enrollment Data Capital Improvement Timeline Transportation Policies Redistricting Process/Timeline BRAC Information School Profiles Title I Schools Residential Subdivision Data Pre-K Program Listing Current Attendance Area Maps Annual Growth Report


20 The website ( has a dedicated section for Elementary Redistricting found on the left-hand navigation bar. All of the data listed on the “post card” can be found on the website, as well as a place for questions and submitting suggestions – questions will be answered through the FAQ section of the website and eSchoolnewsletter

21 Email updates will include, but are not limited to, reports to the Board of Education, answers to Frequently Asked Questions, updated information from public meetings held, focus group reports, etc. The volume of questions that are anticipated will not allow for individualized answers within a set time frame – rather the website and eSchoolnewsletter will be used to facilitate this process. AlertNow calls will be made as needed to announce upcoming meetings and forums. Monthly Board of Education business meetings will include a status report.

22 Thank you for being with us this evening as we embark on a very serious and important initiative!

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