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Adventures Ahead Internship Manual How to teach kindergarten at an after school program Jessica “Keo” Booker ~ HLIC/Redeemer Community Partnership ~ August.

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1 Adventures Ahead Internship Manual How to teach kindergarten at an after school program Jessica “Keo” Booker ~ HLIC/Redeemer Community Partnership ~ August 25, 2010

2 Adventures Ahead Program Overview Project Proposal Responsibilities of Kindergarten Teacher Samples of Internship Manual Contents

3 The Goal To achieve grade-appropriate literacy among children K-6 who are enrolled in the tutoring program; and to nurture each child’s enjoyment and experience of success in their development as lifelong readers. The Program The year is divided into 2 semesters with a month- long summer program. We have 30-40 kids enrolled and 5-6 college-aged intern teachers. The Location We are located in West Adams, South Los Angeles between in the southwest corner of the 10 and 110 freeway.

4 The Facts: High teacher turnover rate Loss of previous knowledge, resources, and techniques form one semester to the next Not all teachers have educational background Why a Manual? To preserve and build upon good curriculum, resources, and knowledge To equip interns (like me)

5 Reading Hour- lesson plan Homework Help Administer Snack Manage Classroom Behavior Instruct Volunteers Facilitate Computer Learning Based Project

6 Academic- Literacy Focused Computer Component Classroom Management Social/ Psychological Development Cross-Cultural Sensitivity Teacher Self-Care Resources

7 WeeksTuesdayWednesdayThursday Week 1 September 15-17 Rules Getting to Know You Review Rules “Me” Book Week 2 September 22-24 Write Names Alphabet Assessment Test Alphabet Folders “Mom” book Letter M, m “Mom book” Week 3 September 29- October 1 Review Letter M, m “Mom” book Letter D, d “Dad” book Review Letter D, d “Dad” book Week 4 October 6-8 Letter R, r“A House” Review Letter R, r “A House” Letter L, l Week 5 October 13-15 Letter S, s “Big Things” Letter F, f “Little Things” Week 6 October 20-22 Review of letters Groups of letters “Little things” CCDA Conference Teacher Absence CCDA Conference Teacher Absence Week 7 October 27-29 Halloween VowelsReview Vowels, Begin Tail Letters “Dressing Up” Week 8 November 3-5 “Playing”“Pets”Finish “Playing” project Tech Assessments (Part 1) Week 9 November 10-12 “We go Out”Veteran’s Day Vacation“Time for Dinner” Week 10 November 17-19 “At the Zoo”“Moms and Dads”“The go-carts” Week 11 November 24-26 “In the Shopping Cart”Thanksgiving Break Week 12 December 1-3 Online Safety Training“Climbing” Prize Day End of Semester Celebration

8 TimeActivity 4:00pmStudents Arrive Greet & Gather Students 4:10pmDaily Talk Topic 4:20pmReading Together 4:30pmOutside Play/Games 4:40pmBook Activities (Computer or Art) 4:50pmBook Activities (Computer or Art) 5:00pmSnack Time 5:10pmHomework 5:20pmHomework 5:30pmHomework 5:40pmHomework 5:50pmClean Up & Circle Time 6:00pmDeparting- Line Up at Door Goodbyes Kindergarteners have short attention spans. It’s best to split class time up into 10 or 5-minute increments. Tuesdays and Thursdays are Reading Activities, but Wednesdays switch between Art and Computer Activities. Volunteers are most useful during homework hour of the day.


10 What do you do? Zip lips, lock them and then throw away the key. Say “Alligator, Alligator. Chomp. Chomp” Have students repeat this with you. As you say, “Chop, Chop” stretch your hands out and clap them together 2x like an alligator’s snout.

11 PhysicalEmotional/SocialMental/SocialSpiritual Take a walkDeep breath and think, “I am calm and peaceful.” Say an affirmationConnect with Nature Ride a bikeShare feelings about an experience with a friend Read a book or magazine articleConcentrate on the flame of a candle Soak in a hot bath, with candles and music Listen to music you likeExpress your thoughts & feelings in a journal Meditate Exercise at the gym or play a sportSing or makes soundsMake a to do listPray Stretch and move to musicHug someone, ask for a hugWrite a poemPractice the Sabbath weekly Practice Yoga postures Pet your dog or cat; Hold an infant Write a letterListen to a guided meditation tape Take a course in Tai Chi, water aerobics, or yoga Paint or draw what you are feelingListen to podcasts about an area you know little about Write about your spiritual purpose Sit in the sun for 15 minutesTelephone a long distance friend or relative Email a friendVisualize yourself in a peaceful place Change one thing to improve your dietNotice what you are feeling several times a day List things you will do to improve your life Do something of service for another that is not part of your job Watch birds and animals interact in nature Write a letter to someone who has hurt you, but do not send it Update negative beliefs that limit your life Memorize a scripture passage per week Go swimmingFeel your fear and take a positive risk for change Journal write daily about your reactions, thoughts and feelings for a month Learn about a religion different from your own Sit in a garden or parkSmile at a stranger and send them thoughts of peace, acceptance, joy List your traits, needs and wantsStudy with a spiritual teacher Take a napAffirm your self dailyMake a list of short term and long term goals Create a sacred space in your house to commune with God Get a massageWatch children play; talk to your inner child in a loving, joyful way Preview your day upon awakening, Review upon retiring Practice unconditional love and forgiveness with self and others Eat totally healthy for one dayAcknowledge yourself for accomplishments you are proud of Work on your family treePractice a daily quiet time, routine to connect spiritually

12 To you dear intern, This manual is for you as you embark on a journey, That will stretch you beyond what you thought you were capable. Expect growth, expect frustration, expect surprises, and expect your heart to expand with divine love and acceptance for your students.

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