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5 th Grade Humanities Joanna Drusin. About Me This is my 9 th year teaching in the NYC Public School system Previously, I taught at the Bergen Upper School.

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1 5 th Grade Humanities Joanna Drusin

2 About Me This is my 9 th year teaching in the NYC Public School system Previously, I taught at the Bergen Upper School in Prospect Heights for one year and then NEST + m for seven. At NEST + m I taught 6 th grade ELA to 150 students.

3 About Me I’m very excited, as you can imagine, to work with only 84 students and get to know them as readers and writers. I love creating art, and have taken a number of painting, sewing and collage courses in the past few years.

4 About Me I’m a native New Yorker (I grew up in Manhattan) I have a deep love for the outdoors—camping, hiking, gardening. I worked on an organic farm in CT a few years ago and loved that experience

5 About Me I love to travel. My husband is also a teacher and we’ve had wonderful adventures in Thailand, Alaska, Italy, Costa Rica and biking on the Pacific Coast Highway!

6 Justin Weinblatt Justin is the Humanities TA and will be working with all 5 th and 6 th graders this year.

7 About YOU I would love to learn more about you! If you didn’t get a chance to fill-out my online survey (emailed on 9/19), please complete it within the next few days. I have only received 41 responses out of 84! Let me know if you didn’t receive that online survey and I’ll send it to you personally! (Be sure to leave me your email address at some point tonight)

8 About YOU If you have any questions now or as I go through the presentation, please write them on an index card along with your name and email address. I will do my best to answer questions at the end.

9 Humanities Curriculum This year, I will see each 5 th grade class for 6 class periods a week. They will have 9 periods each week, total: Sustained reading and Library/Book Club time have been built into their schedule at other times in the week, which allows us to cover more content in my class period. We have also moved the classroom library into the three homerooms, so students have daily access to a library.

10 What will Humanties look like? Humanities will be a place where students will develop their skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening, as well as Social Studies content. We will be reading both fiction and nonfiction and writing in a variety of genres.

11 Here is a basic overview of the curriculum: Major Assignments or Activities September Developing stamina as writers Starting a daily practice of 30 minutes of daily writing in Writers’ Notebooks Building our community norms and establishing routines we will use all year October Start of our first read-aloud, Tuck Everlasting, from which we will practice identifying, discussing and evaluating many fictional elements. This will also be a time to practice class discussion norms and we will hold a Socratic Seminar We will embark on our first inquiry unit as we study and write both pure and personal essays

12 Here is a basic overview of the curriculum: Major Assignments or Activities November- December Our nonfiction unit will provide an opportunity to look closely at the way that NF is organized, the range of topics and the reading skills we need to read NF successfully. We will also work on writing two essays during this unit and will study the essay genre as well as the differences between a personal and pure essay. During this unit we will also look closely at human rights issues, both current and historical. Students will have a chance to practice researching and analyzing sources. December will also bring an opportunity to study language systems. We will look closely at grammar and punctuation.

13 Major Assignments or Activities January-- February Inquiry teams will research a specific time period and ultimately create a multi-media presentation As we study Historical Fiction, inquiry teams will closely read a variety of HF texts Our shared reading text will be Number the Stars, by Lois Lowry The Human Rights unit will continue with ongoing research March Our Test Sophistication unit will help students strategize through problems and work independently. Students will draft Literary Essays and look at ways to synthesize their text analysis in coherent and fluid writing We will study the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and apply it to first-person narrative accounts of human rights violations.

14 Major Assignments or Activities April We will meet in book clubs and challenge each other to provide text evidence for our theories In our inquiry study of Commentary, we will study the genre and publish our own Commentary pieces We will study the structure of the US Government including the three branches and the differences between the local, state and federal branches May-- June We will study activists from different periods in American history who expressed themselves through poetry and song. Students will write their own pieces in multiple genres. We will extend our study of US Government and apply it to a study and analysis of current events 5 th grade trip to Washington, D.C.

15 Grading Policy Students will be assessed throughout the year and we will focus on their reading, writing, speaking, listening and language skills. The most significant assignments will be more heavily weighted, especially published pieces and in-class quizzes. Students will also have daily homework in their Writers’ Notebooks and occasionally other additional assignments. Students will also be responsible for participating in class discussions and group work.

16 Humanities Curriculum: Writing Many students struggle with writing. Many others who enjoy writing, struggle with meaningful and thorough revision. We will spend a lot of time doing writing this year, and I hope to impart the message that it is a process—and requires patience. It has been my experience that by reading excellent writers and emulating their style, students try new things and take wonderful risks in their writing. I am very excited to use Google Drive as a platform through which I can give students individualized feedback and through which they will eventually work in writing partnerships to help each other grow as writers!

17 Daily Reading! While I am not requiring 30 minutes of daily reading (as there already is an assigned 30 minutes of writing in WNB), I would strongly suggest that your child always has a book and makes time to read.

18 Daily Reading! Please remind your child to keep his/her reading log updated, so I can monitor his/her progress and make helpful suggestions While we will NOT be placing any public emphasis on reading levels (nor will you see that information on PR’s), I will be working with a few other teachers to continue monitoring students’ reading levels in order to help steer them toward great books.


20 Scholastic Book Orders Since over 80 students share the 5 th grade library, we’re always looking for book donations. Every time a parent places an online order, we receive money towards books. Here are two ways to order: 1) Fill out the paper form and send it in with a check made out to Scholastic. (NO CASH, PLEASE!) 2) Order online at Scholastic. On the parent page, click the “REGISTER” button under “First time here,” then register for your own user name and password. When prompted, enter the one-time activation code code (L8LBM). This code ensures that your orders are sent to our class. I will deliver the books in class, as soon as they arrive (1-2 weeks)

21 Ways to contribute to our class: I would love parents, especially those who are involved in publishing, to speak to the class about their writing process, especially demonstrating the transition from drafting to publishing wish list: I’ve created a list of books which students would like in our classroom and supplies which we can use. I’ve posted that link on our BSI class page. Thank you for your help!

22 Thanks for joining me tonight! I look forward to meeting each of you. I am going to take a few questions and then this presentation will be starting again from the beginning!

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