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Creative Writing Vocab Words Week 12 Nouns! Heroes and Antagonists.

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1 Creative Writing Vocab Words Week 12 Nouns! Heroes and Antagonists

2 fulcrum Luke knew that confronting Darth Vader and the Emperor was the fulcrum that could provide the tipping point for the rebellion; if he could destroy them, the war could pivot in the Rebel Alliance’s favor. The point that a lever rests on; pivoting point; the thing that plays an essential role in an activity, endeavor, etc.

3 gadabout The various townsfolk grabbed the gadabout and dragged him to the Navy recruiter. Instead of trolling town for women and drink, he could go to war, and the paycheck could go to his wife and three kids. A habitual pleasure seeker; one who wanders (looking for pleasures)

4 fracas At the wedding feast, Phineus attacked Perseus. A bloody battle erupted, but Perseus ended the fracas by using the severed Medusa head to turn the insurgents into stone. A noisy disturbance or quarrel

5 eon It seemed to take an eon for Eragon and Saphira to travel across the Hadarac Dessert, but it actually took a couple of weeks. An indefinitely or extremely long time (often used in exaggeration)

6 consensus The council reached a consensus. All agreed that Frodo would have to embark on a dangerous quest to destroy the Ring. Everyone also agreed that he would have help from all the races of Middle Earth. General agreement

7 ally The X-Men found themselves working with an unusual ally; Magneto was their arch nemesis for so long, but now they had a common enemy and had to work together against Apocalypse. Person, organization or nation that cooperates or works together in a common activity or goal

8 flue Santa looked down yet another flue, wondering if yet another fire was crackling away in the below fireplace. He could get down the chimeny okay, but he would then have to struggle against the flames and embers. A duct for smoke and waste gases from a fireplace, gas heater, power station, etc.; a “chimney flue”

9 respite After looting and pillaging, the pirates took a respite in Port Royal. But while the boozed and meet with promiscuous wantons during their break, the British authorities caught them one by one. A break or a pause

10 stalemate Harry and Voldemort seemed to reach a stalemate as they faced each other in the graveyard. Neither had more power than the other. Situation in which no more progress by opposing parties is possible

11 vendetta Montressor’s vendetta against Fortunado ended that night in the dank catacombs. He had sworn revenge, and he achieved it. A long quarrel or blood feud, often as vengeance or retaliation

12 quagmire The parsimonious Tom Walker met Old Scratch in a quagmire. In the swamp, he faced a different type of quagmire: sell his soul for wealth and fame or to irritate his wife?How could he chose? A swampy area; a “sticky” situation

13 kin In the legend The Song of Roland, Roland is kin to Charlemagne; however, in reality, he was probably a lowly soldier killed in an ambush, not the heroic cousin to the king. Relatives; related by blood (or sometimes closeness)

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