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The Fondren Library in the 21 st Century Supporting the Vision for the Second Century.

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2 The Fondren Library in the 21 st Century Supporting the Vision for the Second Century

3 Support Research We must provide research and information support through specialized staff and services, thus helping the University raise its research and scholarship profile Discovery Tools Project New Undergraduate and Graduate Student Research Awards

4 Access to Resources We must bring to the University community access to the resources needed to further its scholarly activity. Increase awareness of the library’s services (surveys, focus groups) Library marketing—brochures, outreach to the Rice community Fondren Library Podcast (Example)

5 Collaboration We must actively foster collaborative relationships with other organizations in order to broaden the range of resources we can bring to the University community. HAM-TMC Library, Houston Public Library, Museums Consortiums/Projects

6 Leadership We must provide leadership for the University in engaging the Houston community. -New group—Fondren Library Exhibits and Outreach Committee (new exhibit cases)—focus on exhibits linked to Houston Community

7 Research Initiatives We must embark on a diligent and sustained research initiative that will identify both needs and possibilities for the library of the future. Establish a forum for research into the Association of College and Research Libraries top 10 assumptions for the future of academic librarians

8 Information Fluency We must energetically promote information fluency and participate in the integration of information resources with pedagogy. Fondren Research and Education Committee—working to promote information fluency (podcasts, learning modules, classroom sessions)

9 Spaces We must create and creatively use inviting community spaces, both physical and virtual, that will represent to the University community, to Houston, and to broader communities. Revised website using Web 2.0 technologies Renovated building—new study spaces Art work in the library—sculptural glass boats, artwork Browsable DVD collection Signage 4 th Floor Student Lounge



12 Special Collections We must heighten awareness and strengthen support for Fondren Library’s special collections in the Woodson Research Center. Digital projects (Our Americas Project, Virtual Museum of Houston, William Ward Watkin Papers, Thresher, etc) Our Americas Archive Project Our Americas Archive Project Support for Rice Centennial Strengthen collections

13 Next Steps Assessment Continue to develop collection in support of research and teaching Develop new and evaluate existing services Respond to changing environment Library Retreat

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