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1 Safety Culture Process Barry KIRWAN - EUROCONTROL European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation.

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1 1 Safety Culture Process Barry KIRWAN - EUROCONTROL European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation

2 2 Real Safety Culture, real safety issues. ü A controller makes a mistake, but no one sees it. Does he report it? ü A supervisor sees ‘cowboy’ behaviour by a controller, but the supervisor is no longer connected with the teams. Does he act? ü Two Department Heads (Ops & Eng) know their departments don’t work well together. Do they ignore it?

3 3 The Safety Culture Process ü Preparation Meeting (Oct) ü Launch (Jan) ü Questionnaire (Jan) ü First Diagnosis (March) ü Workshops (April) ü Analysis & Recommendations ü Presentation to Management (May) ü Report (June) ü Presentation to Staff (June) ü Action Plan (Sept) Results of a Safety Culture Survey at XXXXX Version: 1.0 Date: 3 June 2011 Confidential

4 4 The Process – High Level ü Decide to embark on the Safety Culture Process ü Elect a champion, back the champion ü Engage internal stakeholders ü Launch the Process ü Ensure good participation ü Expect a mixture of news Strengths Areas for improvement ü Give feedback to participants ü Build on the Results Prepare Launch Run Learn

5 5 Step 1. Prepare (1/2) ü Consider Benefits & Costs Better risk picture & management; Staff engagement in safety vision Costs of staff involvement (time); External supply costs ü Consider Breadth & Timing Participation: ATCOs, Engineers, Managers, All? Locations: HQ, ACCs, Towers, other? Other initiatives? Ongoing problems/issues? ü Elect Champion & Support Champion Trusted by both staff & management; visible management commitment (CEO/Board announcement); ü Inform Internal Stakeholders Heads of Departments; Staff Committees; Unions; etc.

6 6 Step 1. Prepare (2/2) ü Select Approach Questionnaire; focus groups ü Select Technique Off-the-shelf; Bespoke Eurocontrol; Keil Centre; other ü Select Outside Agency Eurocontrol; Consultancy; University ü Determine Launch Date Best if not during summer period

7 7 Step 2. Launch ü Management Briefing ü All Staff Briefing ü Multi-Centre ü Explain Why, What, So What ü Stress independence/anonymity ü Practical Points (POCs; Timings) ü Survey team familiarisation and observation, walk-rounds, etc.

8 8 Questionnaire Analysis Identify Key Issues Analysing the Issues Prioritising the Issues Solution proposals Understanding the Issues Feedback to Management & Staff Workshops After the workshops Survey the population 1. General section 2. Controllers/Assistants 3. Maintenance/Engineering 4. Managers Improvement Strategy Step 3: Running the Survey - The Heart of the Process

9 9 SAFETY CULTURE Commitment Teaming Learning & Reporting Responsibility Involvement Communications & Trust

10 10 Questionnaires Controllers Engineers Managers General

11 11 Sample Results: Best 5 items

12 12 Sample Results: Bottom 5 items

13 13 Focus Group Process ü 4-6 GROUPS (mixed) + Facilitators ü Key issues Ensure understanding Consider causes and consequences ü Potential solution paths ü Key ways forward ü Mode: Facilitated Process

14 14 Results of a Safety Culture Survey at NAV PORTUGAL Version: 3.0 Date: 30 April 2007 Safety culture : qualitative and quantitative assessment Project Coordination: Sílvia Agostinho da Silva CIS/DEPSO/ISCTE/PORTUGAL Output: Confidential Report to ANSP 1.‘Diagnosis’ of ANSP Safety Culture 2.Detailed Results by Group & Region 3.Suggested Ways Forward: Quick wins & longer term solutions

15 15 ANSP Safety Culture Enhancement Strategy ü Decide the options and the priorities Strategic – e.g. safety culture campaigns Tactical – e.g. improve computerised incident reporting system ü Allocate responsibilities & resources ü Be realistic about the time it can take to change culture ü Track & Monitor Progress ü Communicate, communicate, communicate

16 16 Timescale of the Survey Process 01m3m6m 1yr3 years Launch Analysis Focusgroups ImprovementStrategy Mid-termReview Strategic review 2 nd Measurement

17 17

18 18 1.Positive safety culture 2.‘Passion for safety’ 3.High Risk Awareness 4.Involvement in Safety 5. Pace of change 6. Communications 7. Learning from incidents 8. Trust between Teams SAFETY CULTURE ELEMENTS Risk Awareness Teamwork Communications Involvement Commitment & Responsibility Learning and Trust Example ‘Board Level’ Picture

19 19 Example Recommendations ü Supervisor is a key asset – re- assess safety function of supervisor, especially how to support safety culture in the shift ‘teams’ ü Enhance the speed and transparency in incident feedback to controllers – and extend the process to maintenance engineers ü Deal with certain safety ‘hotspots’ identified in the survey ü Review OJTI training protocols in high intensity work situations ü Determine top ten ‘hit-list’ of safety issues for the organisation ü Evaluate extent of ‘workarounds’ ü Gain more operational involvement in HAZOPs etc. ü Clarify safety responsibilities for all staff including corporate management ü Prioritise safety resources ü Renew Team Resource Management

20 20 Way ahead – ANSP ownership ü Company Action Plan ü Monitor Progress at Board Level ü Aim to Improve within 3 years Feedback

21 21 Support ü Getting Started White Paper; ‘Brochure’; Safety Culture Toolbox ü Technical Support EUROCONTROL Safety Team; CANSO; FAA Consultancies (e.g. the Keil Centre in the UK; NLR in Holland); Universities (various, e.g. Aberdeen [UK], Lund [Sweden]; Leiden [Holland] etc.) ü Continued Support EUROCONTROL, CANSO and FAA all have placed Safety Culture as a strategic objective over the next 5 years. ü Peer Support EUROCONTROL planning ANSP regional workshops in 2009 onwards

22 22 Summary ü The measurement of safety culture is relatively mature ü There is an agreed process: although some individual tools may differ, they deliver similar results ü It is not a painful process ü There is support available ü More and more European Member States signing up

23 Questions?Safety Costs

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