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BILINGUAL PROGRAMS IN EXTREMADURA An experience for improving linguistic skills in primary and lower secondary school.

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1 BILINGUAL PROGRAMS IN EXTREMADURA An experience for improving linguistic skills in primary and lower secondary school.

2 BILINGUAL PROGRAMS IN EXTREMADURA Last year, our Regional Education Authority launched a two year experimental bilingual programme for four lower secondary schools and six primary schools, located in the two main cities of Extremadura (C á ceres and Badajoz). At the beginning of this term the spreading of this programme was considered for other towns across the region...

3 BILINGUAL PROGRAMS IN a result six new secondary schools, among them PEREZ COMENDADOR school, and a similar number of primary schools joined the project last September.

4 BILINGUAL PROGRAMS IN EXTREMADURA Where is Extremadura? Bilingual schools in the region.

5 BILINGUAL PROGRAMS IN EXTREMADURA Three different possibilities were offered to schools in order to develop a bilingual experience: The French-Spanish, the English-Spanish and the Portuguese-Spanish sections. PEREZ COMENDADOR (located in Plasencia) chose the English/Spanish option and nowadays is working in a close cooperation with a primary school in the city (EL PILAR) that is launching a similar programme.


7 BILINGUAL PROGRAMS IN EXTREMADURA The aims of the bilingual programmes in our region are : Improving communicative skills of students in foreign languages. Learning contents included in non linguistic areas in foreign languages. Making a cultural immersion in countries whose first language is the one chosen in the bilingual section.

8 BILINGUAL PROGRAMS IN EXTREMADURA PROGRAM STRUCTURE (1/2) This program is intended in its first year for students who have just left primary school at the beginning of lower secondary studies, when they are 12 years old and it will extend in the first two academic courses of the level. Up to three non linguistic subjects can be taught using the foreign language of the bilingual section.

9 BILINGUAL PROGRAMS IN EXTREMADURA PROGRAM STRUCTURE (2/2) In each non linguistic subject considered in the programme, the foreign language must be used in at least one weekly period. The weekly schedule and contents of these non ling ü istic subjects are the same as those followed by the rest of the students. In this programme students must study a second foreign language with an additional hour in its weekly timetable.

10 BILINGUAL PROGRAMS IN EXTREMADURA STUDENTS (1/2) They volunteered to take part in the programme. Schools developing this project are allowed to establish selection procedures in order to incorporate students in the programme. Parents sign a compromise on behalf of their children to stay in the program for two years.

11 BILINGUAL PROGRAMS IN EXTREMADURA STUDENTS (2/2) Students with a good level of the foreign language used in activities may be authorised to enter the programme at the beginning of the second year. Such level will be determined by the staff in charge of the programme. At least twenty students are required to begin with the project. Only one bilingual group is allowed in each level.

12 BILINGUAL PROGRAMS IN EXTREMADURA TEACHERS (1/2) Teachers in the project are staff members of schools involved in the bilingual programme who have agreed to participate for a two years period with no extra payment. They must have an adequate level of English. This level is assessed by a University degree in the foreign language or external certificates issued by other institutions (Cambridge University Proficiency test, Official Spanish School of Languages. DELF, etc.)

13 BILINGUAL PROGRAMS IN EXTREMADURA TEACHERS (2/2) Among the teachers involved in the program, there is a coordinator, usually a teacher with a degree in the chosen foreign language. He/She is in charge of: the surveillance of the program. teachers coordination. resource making. everything concerned with the program. courses aimed at improving linguistic skills of staff members.

14 BILINGUAL PROGRAMS IN EXTREMADURA OFFICIAL SUPPORT Schools involved in this bilingual program are provided with a full time native assistant teacher. They are also funded with an extra amount of money. They have priority in the development and funding of European projects such as those included in the Socrates program(Comenius, Arion, etc.). Teachers are encouraged and supported to increase their language skills and methodological knowledge abroad. Profesional development for teachers that take part in the pregramme.

15 BILINGUAL PROGRAMS IN EXTREMADURA ACTIVITIES DEVELOPED IN BILINGUAL PROGRAMME AT PEREZ COMENDADOR SCHOOL. As previously mentioned the program began in our school last september. Since that moment the teachers involved in the project have been working in a number of fields...

16 BILINGUAL PROGRAMS IN EXTREMADURA ACTIVITIES DEVELOPED IN BILINGUAL PROGRAMME AT PEREZ COMENDADOR SCHOOL. Organize teaching and learning activities of students included in bilingual group (English-Spanish) in non linguistic areas (Mathematics and Design & Technology) and develop methodological tools to integrate English language in these subjects. Prepare materials and search of resources (printed, multimedia, etc.) Contribution to the making of school identification cards and panels. Organize courses for the school teachers who may join the project in the years to come. Establish the way the native assistant teacher works in co- operation with other members of the group. Define a common set of communicative strategies in order to be used in lessons taught in English: basis vocabulary and gramatical structures, etc. Visits to secondary schools with previous experience in the program to get information concerning students admission, methodogical methods in bilingual teaching and learning processes, resources and materials, assessment, partnership with local community, etc. Contributions in coordination meetings with other schools involved in the program. Establish the ways of cooperation between our school and the primary education centre that is developing the same bilingual experience in Plasencia. Search of information related to European programs.

17 BILINGUAL PROGRAMS IN EXTREMADURA ACTIVITIES DEVELOPED IN BILINGUAL PROGRAMME AT PEREZ COMENDADOR SCHOOL. We are also about to embark in other activities in the next few months... Search of partners for developing European programs in the future in order to improve communication skills of our students and to establish links with schools all over Europe. Get an English version of our school web and include educational resources for students (both developed by us or included in other web pages) Keep in touch with organisms and institutions involved in bilingual education: English-speaking countries embassies or cultural centers hosted in Spain, British Council, private organizations which usually develop language training programs abroad for students and teachers, etc. Integrate more subjects and levels into the program. Include culture cross curricular contents in order to get a better knowledge of English-speaking countries culture as a way of broadening student’s educational background and establishing links among different countries. Design out of school activities in English: trips, guided cultural tours, games, music, trips, etc.

18 BILINGUAL PROGRAMS IN EXTREMADURA SOME POSITIVE ASPECTS OF THE PROGRAMME ACCORDING TO SCHOOLS WORKING IN IT SINCE LAST YEAR Schools involved in the project are well considered by local community. Familiar commitment with school improves in the case of parents who have agreed to take part in this bilingual experience. The assistant native teacher provides an invaluble help to other staff members involved in the project in everything concerning material development, resource searching and improvement of communicative skills. After one full year with bilingual teaching,students showed a better perfomance in oral communication both in English and in the non linguistic areas included in the program. There is a further knowledge of English speaking countries culture that contributes to a better understanding of world’s current situation. Work in group and in an interdisciplinary enviroment has been streghtened with this project.

19 BILINGUAL PROGRAMS IN EXTREMADURA SOME NEGATIVE ASPECTS OF THE PROGRAMME ACORDING TO SCHOOLS THAT LAUNCHED IT LAST YEAR More printed educational resources are needed in non linguistis subjects. Too much work has been developed in this field. Additional economical funds for schools involved in the program should be revised in order to do more activities and buy educational materials. Streghtening teacher training programs in foreign languages. Promoting more meetings between schools engaged in the project.

20 BILINGUAL PROGRAMS IN EXTREMADURA OTHER ACTIONS DEVELOPED BY REGIONAL EDUCATION AUTHORITY TO IMPROVE FOREIGN LANGUAGE KNOWLEDGEMENT AMONG ALL PRE UNIVERSITY STUDENTS (3-18). A foreign language is taught to children since they’re three years old. At least 20% of primary schools include in their educational offer a second foreign language (two lessons a week) for students attending higher levels. In this academic year three primary schools in the region are developing the learning and teaching processes described in the European Portfolio.



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