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WELCOME SENIORS! Post-Secondary Planning: The Time is NOW.

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1 WELCOME SENIORS! Post-Secondary Planning: The Time is NOW

2 First Things First…..

3 First things first... Graduation Requirements 4 credits (4 years)Language Arts 3 credits (3 years)Math 3 credits (3 years)Science 3 credits (3 years)Social Studies.5 credits (1 sem.)Health 1 credits (2 classes)P. E..5 credits (1 sem.)Computer Science 2 credits (4 classes)Practical/Fine Arts 22 Total Credits On-line courses available now Unsure? See you counselor!!

4 Who Is My Counselor??! AcademyCounselor ACEMs. Bolton GBAMs. Piper HBM Ms. Nakata VPA Mr. Evans LAA Ms. Diercks

5 What are my options for after high school??

6 Explore Your Choices Military Service – Americorps Apprenticeship/Work Travel College/University 2 year or 4 year? Public or Private?

7 Start Talking... Parents Teachers Family Members Counselor College Representatives Military Representatives Friends

8 The Perfect School Doesn’t exist Many students transfer after their 1 st year You are the consumer – Shop for the best fit! – Find a school that fits your ideals, standards, beliefs, budget, and abilities. “A match to be made not a prize to be won”

9 How do I begin this process? Determine your priorities—use check list Remember parents may have different priorities from students – Cost – Size – Majors – Location – Selectivity – Public/Private Visit, visit, visit college campuses!!

10 Other things to look for Religious Affiliation Social Life – Residential vs. Commuter Campus – Fraternities and Sororities % that graduate in 5 years Diversity of student body Scholarship opportunities – Academic – Need based

11 Community Colleges Many Advantages: – Smaller class sizes – Less expensive – Can live at home – If you’re not quite ready to go to a 4 year college – Flexible schedules, night, weekend classes Beware Proprietary Schools!!! – (Everest, Heritage, Westwood, DeVry) – If you’re unsure, ask!

12 What are colleges looking for?

13 Academic Record – GPA, class rank, improvement, difficulty of classes Testing – ACT or SAT with writing Extracurricular Activities – Work – Community service Letters of Recommendation Honors and Awards Essays Interviews Commitment/Passion Leadership

14 Determining “My Profile” Factors in your “Profile” – G.P.A. – Class Rank – ACT or SAT Test Scores – Rigor of Courses – Activities/ Unusual Talent – Essays – Recommendations

15 Comparing Your Profile Safety – (realistic) Your profile is SIGNIFICANTLY stronger than the typical freshman (60-90% chance of admission) Target – (reasonable) Your profile is similar to the typical freshman (30-60% chance of admission) Reach – (reach) Your profile is not as strong as the typical freshman (less than 30% chance of admission)

16 TESTING ACT – Next test December 10, 2011 Register by November 4, 2011 $49.50 with writing Register at SAT – Next test November 5, 2011 Register by October 7, 2011 $49 Register at Community College Placement Tests Don’t wait to retake!!

17 No Testing – A list of schools who do not require tests to be considered for admission or who are test optional – Over 750 schools Community Colleges – Do not require ACT/SAT – Will use Accuplacer or similar

18 Fee Waivers Available for ACT, SAT, SAT Subject Tests, and College Applications Available for students on Free and Reduced lunch program Check with your counselor

19 Letters of Recommendation Check applications carefully to see if you need one Choose a teacher, coach, administrator, counselor, who knows you really well Request 2 -3 weeks prior to when you need them Always provide a complete list of schools to which you are applying; always provide stamped addressed envelopes Send a thank you note

20 Essays/Personal Statement Don’t make up hardships Demonstrate Character Convey what they wouldn’t glean from your application alone Have others read it for feedback (not just your parent)

21 Where do I find applications? College websites – Apply online – Download paper – Get on mailing list Counseling Office – Limited number of paper Colleges prefer that you apply on line

22 College Application Steps 1. Complete application – paper or on-line 2. Attach or send application fee (check, money order, credit card) 3. Make appointment with your counselor 4. Request teacher or counselor recommendations at least 3 weeks in advance of due dates 5. Make sure ACT or SAT scores are sent to the college directly from ACT or SAT when you test or indicate they be sent on your transcript request

23 Metro State College Representative Every Wednesday in WHS Library From 8am-3pm Help with college applications, scholarships, essays, financial aid, anything related to college!

24 October is College Application Month!!

25 You are responsible for meeting deadlines and submitting complete applications!

26 College Searches on the Web Colleges That Change Lives Local College Fairs College View Peterson Education (Quick test-prep searches are available on this site including ACT, ASVAB, SAT, MCAT, TOEFL, firefighter and many, many more!) College Search College Search College/Major Search/Test Prep College/Major Search (Site ID 0099411, Password: Canyon) College Answer College Board On-line College Campus Tours College Planning College Search Go College Search How to Choose a College (click on “education”) Links to all Universities NACAC Study Skills & Careers

27 How Do I Pay for College??! Parents/own money Scholarships Financial Aid – Grants – Work Study – Loans College Opportunity Fund (COF) –

28 Things to Know…. Two-thirds of college students graduate with some debt, the average being $20,000 Your chances of getting a full-ride scholarship are slim: 1 in 50,000 Scholarships are not just for Athletes and Brains Scholarships are not just for financially needy families

29 Scholarships Time = Money! If you are awarded a $1000 scholarship and it took you 6 hours to complete the application you just earned $166 an hour

30 Where do I look for Scholarships? College currently attending/will be attending Within the college: Financial Aid office, Academic Depts. Internet Library Employer (Tuition Re-imbursement, Loan Re-payment) Local Businesses: Target, Walmart, Burger King, McDonald’s Church/Congregation High School Counselor

31 Free Scholarship Searches (National Medical Fellows) (for CU Boulder) (Student Exchange Program in the western US)

32 FAFSA FREE Application for Federal Student Aid January 1 st, 2012 Can now auto-fill from tax information

33 Grants Grants are awarded based on a student’s financial need As long as you follow the guidelines of the Grants you will not be required to repay this money Need is determined by the Department of Education by using information off the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

34 Loans To apply for a student loan, student MUST file FAFSA Loans must be repaid Repayment begins after student either graduates or is no longer enrolled in a minimum of 6 credit hours.

35 Work Study To qualify, student MUST apply for FAFSA and indicate their interest on the application. Award is based on results from processed FAFSA Purpose – Flexible schedule with employer – Employment on-campus – Regular paychecks – Work between 10 and 20 hours a week Must be enrolled in 6 credits and attend work-study orientation when awarded

36 Daniel’s Fund

37 One Last Time, Please

38 Questions?

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