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Travel Health You Become Captain EMBARK ON A JOURNEY OF A LIFETIME.

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1 Travel Health You Become Captain EMBARK ON A JOURNEY OF A LIFETIME

2 Travel Health New travelers Experienced travelers Best defense is offense Think about risks Prevent as possible Deal as problem arises

3 Travel Health Knowledge key to successful travel Excellent web sites to get the latest updates on health information for countries:

4 Travel Health Risks 60-70% some type illness Minimal to severe Specific risks dependent on 3 important questions: Where are you going? Order of travel? How long will you be there? What will you be doing there? Tourist vs working with population Use of prophylactic (anti-malarial) Various kinds, check country

5 Travel Health Specific personal risks Protection against insects Vaccinations Risk-taking behavior Health status

6 Travel Health How Disease spreads Contact Air, blood and other fluids Hygiene Prevention Hand washing Caution with sexual relationships Contaminated food and water Insects Contaminated soil

7 Travel Health Travel Health Considerations Pre-existing conditions Immunizations Travel-related illnesses

8 Travel Health Pre-existing conditions (physical and mental) Asthma, heart disease, immune compromising, blood diseases, diabetes, anxiety/depression (one of highest #’s of health problems), etc. Check Health Care provider Copy medical history Prescriptions plus full supply meds Extra glasses and/or contacts plus script Small First Aid kit – Travel Health Guide has contents

9 Travel Health Choose Your Doctors wisely

10 Travel Health Know exercise limits Have a strategy of care, if needed List of medications Prescription in place separate from med Keep meds in original containers Birth Control Pill for duration plus prescription in case lost or stolen

11 Travel Health Know insurance coverage Be aware of care facilities Have list of facilities Know who to contact if need doctor American and Canadian Embassies IAMAT(International Assoc for Med Assist Travelers) 417 Center St., Lewiston, NY, 14092 Credit card companies –AE gold card

12 Travel Health Immunizations Update basic Hep A definite, consider Hep B, Meningitis Specific for Country See Immun Clinic GCHD-893-0131 Travel Clinic – GCHD- 903-893-0131 Ext 245 appt Travel plans Area Accommodations Planned activities Anti-malarial drugs if necessary

13 Travel Health Travel related Traveler’s Diarrhea most common Affects up to 50% Begins abruptly, lasts 3-4 days Oral re-hydration solutions Anti-microbial – if fever, n/v,cramping Anti-motility – symptom relief Pepto Bismol – 2 tabs 4x day not more than 1-2 weeks for prevention Can reduce by 60 % but has high Aspirin content Also can cause black tongue when taken long term

14 Travel Health

15 Prevention Careful of water and water products Rural – boil Canned or bottled – avoid uncapped Ice may be contaminated Avoid street vendors Care in choice of restaurants All raw foods subject to contamination Avoid raw meat, fish, shellfish Avoid cooked food which has been standing

16 Travel Health SARS – Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Virus – fever, headache, body aches, mild respiratory symptoms initially Spread through droplet transmission (coughs or sneezes droplets - someone breathes After 2-7 days, dry cough, difficulty breathing Treated with antibiotics, antivirals, hospitalization for breathing assistance

17 Travel Health Current recommendations No current recommendations per warnings against non essential travel. CDC has issued travel information related to potential for another outbreak.

18 Travel Health SARS risk Close contact with infected person (household or health care worker) Immune compromised, chronic illness, elderly

19 Travel Health Hepatitis A Food borne, liver disease Spread fecal/oral contamination Prevention with immunization Hep A – 1 and 1 6 mos - $40 each Hep B – 1, 1 mo, 6 mos - $40 each

20 Travel Health Wear Seat Belts

21 Travel Health Concentrate on Where You’re Going

22 Travel Health Accident related trauma Number one reason for hospitalization during travel Know rules of the road Avoid taking chances Know that care in another country not as easy to obtain Again, prevention is best policy

23 Travel Health Protect Yourself from the Mid-day Sun

24 Travel Health Others Jet lag Best prevention still water 16oz,1 liter,increase for several days after Avoid increased alcohol – increases lag Avoid coffee/tea – increases insomnia Use Dramamine – drowsy side effect Heat related illnesses Altitude sickness Gradual acclimatization, inc carbs, inc fluid,dec activity Motion sickness Antihistamine-type meds, drowsiness

25 Travel Health Insect-Borne Disease Anti-malarial prophylaxis Deet 30-35% spray, cream, towelettes Net for bed, protective clothing- spray Dusk to dawn Develops within 8 days of exposure –Flu-like symptoms, fever, headache, chills, fever, aches and pains, malaise – treated with same med prevented with Parasites Wear shoes, care in where swim

26 Travel Health Rabies Bats, monkeys, dogs – not rabies shots DON’T PET THE ANIMALS If bitten or scratched, copious soap and water Contact health care worker in area immediately

27 Travel Health Tuberculosis Underdeveloped countries-increased rates Rural areas Close living quarters 6 mo or longer Re check TB test 3 mos. after return or if any symptoms Risk information on cdc web site given earlier

28 Travel Health Make Healthy Choices about Sexuality

29 Travel Health Sexually Transmitted Diseases Epidemic levels in certain areas of the world Not just HIV 46% women who develop HPV do so first sexual encounter Caution can’t be stressed enough Condoms qualities not same as US Abstinence only 100% Many spread with contact, not always visible Herpes, HPV-Genital warts – Viral Chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphylis - Bacterial

30 Travel Health Hepatitis B – preventable with vaccine HIV/AIDS No cure, kills Globally distributed, risk behavior Contaminated needles – drugs, tattoo, acupuncture, medical/dental procedure, blood transfusions-some still not checking blood for HIV, Hep B and C Sexual intercourse, vaginal, anal, oral/genital Bacterial Chlamydia Silent epidemic – 75% women, no symptoms Syphilis

31 Travel Health Again, Prevention is best policy Be on the offense – be on the lookout for unusual occurrences or people acting in strange ways. Practice safe habits in travel Travel with others Blend in with locals, dress, actions, etc Be observant, clues from locals and experienced travelersRisk increases with travel


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