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Shrek – An analysis The Hero’s Journey.

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1 Shrek – An analysis The Hero’s Journey

2 DO NOW IN YOUR OWN WORDS, define the following terms that we have learned and seen in our reading: Epic hero: Epic poem: Character trait: Flaw: Guile:

3 The Hero’s Journey Known vs. unknown A ‘regular’ person
The Steps Call to Adventure Threshold Challenges Abyss: Death of Fear Transformation/Revelation Atonement Return

4 A ‘regular’ person…”I’m an Ogre”
As the story begins, Shrek is living in his swamp, wanting to be left alone, and generally disliked by all, but he’s gotten used to it. And then Donkey comes into his life.

5 Call to Adventure After the Fairy Tale creatures invade his swamp, our hero visits the Lord Farquad and is given his “quest.” Invites adventure, offers the opportunity to face the unknown, and gain physical or spiritual value

6 Threshold Shrek chooses to go on the adventure in order to evade death from the king’s men. "Jumping off point" for the adventure The line between the known and unknown

7 Challenges Shrek, with his companion Donkey, embark on the quest. Shrek now has various challenges to overcome in order to finish the quest.

8 Challenges continued…
Path is beset with danger, temptation, and loneliness, fear and doubt Hero begins to mature Challenges strike the hero’s greatest weakness

9 The Physical Challenges
Rescuing Donkey from the Bridge over Lava

10 The Physical Challenges
Finding the Princess

11 The Physical Challenges
Rescuing Donkey from the Dragon!

12 The Physical Challenges
Fighting of Robbers and Kidnappers

13 The Physical Challenges
Being shot with an arrow.

14 The Internal Challenges
Letting the Princess see what he really looks like.

15 The Internal Challenges
Confronting the pain he feels inside.

16 The Internal Challenges
Starting to reveal his deepest fear!

17 Realizing his deepest fear!

18 STAND UP IF…. You can tell us the difference between a physical challenge and an internal challenge!

19 The Abyss Shrek and Fiona part ways angrily.
Shrek realizes that he and Fiona are in love and are meant to be. He will fight to be with the one he loves. The greatest challenge that must be faced alone

20 He stops the wedding!

21 The Transformation and Revelation
Shrek realizes that true love knows no boundaries and everyone deserves to find their true love. He comes to accept himself by realizing Fiona’s true beauty.

22 Continued… Hero has conquered Abyss
Dramatic change in the way the hero views life and the hero realizes the attained goal is symbolic

23 Atonement They get married! Hero is "at-one" with new self

24 The Return Shrek, Fiona and Donkey return to the forest and swamp to live. Return to everyday life

25 Happily Ever After

26 Let’s recap QUICKLY!!! Get into a circle quickly and quietly!
You need nothing but yourselves and your smiling faces.

27 How will you break down your hero’s journey?
Let’s practice with another example! PIECE IT TOGETHER in the order of a Hero’s Journey!!! Be prepared to share with the class. 

28 HONORS As you place each chunk of the story in its corresponding stage of the Hero’s Journey, write a brief explanation of why you have placed it there.

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