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ARRL MDC Section Tour de Field Day 2013 June 22-23, 2013 WI3N, KA3AHI, WB3KAS de WB3KAS.

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1 ARRL MDC Section Tour de Field Day 2013 June 22-23, 2013 WI3N, KA3AHI, WB3KAS de WB3KAS

2 Tour de Field Day 2013 This is the story of the MDC Section Manager Jim, WI3N, his Hospital EmComm ASM, Wanda, KA3AHI and his Section Emergency Coordinator SEC, another Jim, WB3KAS and their participation in Field Day. Saturday morning, Jim, WI3N arrived at Jim and Wanda’s home shortly after 1000L, ready to embark on a visitation tour of selected Field Day Sites supporting the 2013 annual ARRL National Field Day event. The car was full of food, drinks, HF/VHF/UHF radios, APRS, Winlink 2000, MiFi, and an IBM PC. And the SM was full of...vigor! Brandywine departure was 1036L, June 22; temp 78deg F; headed for TALB County. Numbers at the bottom of each slide is the arrival time at the Site. Enjoy the show.

3 Start/Finish Tour de MDC Section Field Day Sites 553 miles

4 Talk about a “Pile Up” on Field Day. West bound traffic on Kent Island approaching the Chesapeake Bay Bridge...noon time! 1110

5 Lunch break in Cambridge, MD The Visitor's Center at Sailwinds Park 1256

6 Easton Amateur Radio Society, EARS Talbot County 1355

7 Easton Amateur Radio Society Field Day Site Horn Point Laboratory Grounds in Cambridge

8 Typical Eastern Shore Sky Hook

9 Cathy, KB3TVF, working an Alpha Sky Antenna or A Circular Polarized Omni Directional – Egg Beater!

10 your service. Anybody got a biscuit for me ?

11 Checking the E.T.A. on the way to Queen Anne from Talbot Let’s see, subtract line 6 from line 32, pocket 10%, then... 1537

12 Winlink 2000 RMS Express while underway in the Tour de Field Day 2013

13 Those who were following us as MDCSM on the Internet, saw this on their APRS screen.

14 Queen Anne County Amateur Radio Club Banner 1550

15 Queen Anne (County) Amateur Radio Club FD Site

16 Wanda and Jim found a distant ‘cuzin’ hiding behind an HF rig. Imagine that! Cuzin Ro, KE3AO!

17 Kent (County) Amateur Radio Society K.A.R.S 1730

18 Would you believe me if I told you Ham Radio is a wireless hobby???

19 A two stage Electrofadeous Gas Fired Java Modulator. One required at every FD Site.

20 Old Friends Unite Once Again Back in the late 70s and early 80s, Jim and Tom would drive from their Southern MD, QTH to VA to work. One would get to the WW bridge before the other. He would let the other know the condition of traffic as he approached the bridge. “The bridge is doing 55 this morning” was the cry we always wanted to hear. If it was anything other than that then, an alternate path as considered by the follower. Great system of its day! Jim, WB3KAS Tom, K3TMV

21 Signing the Guest Book at K.A.R.S. and farewell until next year

22 CBRA & SLRC joint FD operations running WD3E at American Legion Post 194, Rising Sun, MD 1942

23 Hi tech antenna launcher...the only way to go!!

24 2205

25 Casual Dinning at B.A.R.C. FD Site

26 B.A.R.C.’s Wouff-Hong to enforce law and order during FD operations.

27 He found the new meaning of BARC: Beg And Receive Cake!

28 Mother and Daughter, duh!! N3DUH K3DUH

29 Frederick Amateur Radio Club Operating FD from Wal-Mart Parking Lot 0048

30 A 24 Hour FD Operations at A 24 Hour Wal-Mart – Can’t beat that!

31 Montgomery (County) Amateur Radio Club 0221

32 MARC operating FD at a Davis Airport Hanger Gaithersburg, MD

33 WA2WDT looks on as K3LO and KA3AHI renew old times from 40+ years past.

34 CARA & PVRC Operating 29A MD 0403

35 Wireless...I’ll be damned!

36 CARA & PVRC’s “Club 29”

37 CARA & PVRC’s BYOAC (Bring Your Own Air Conditioner)

38 Laurel Amateur Radio Club Brief Case Packet 0453

39 ARC of the National Electronics Museum – Jessup, MD Serious stuff here, eh? 0538

40 Maryland Mobileers ARC−Downs Park Pasadena, MD Probably mobileered out for breakfast. 0645

41 From Early Childhood... These two guys have been friends and gone to the same church since 1953, Jr Hi and high school and occasionally play in quartets together, Jim on trumpet Ken on trombone. While at Laurel High School in 10th grade they joined the newly formed Tech Club by the shop teacher (Jim’s next door neighbor). He brought in a friend that helped them get their Novice license and they began their ham journey that continues to this day. Ken copied code in the Navy and CW is his preferred mode. Jim, well everybody knows, he just likes to chat! Their families lives have been intertwined in many ways through the years. Jim, WI3N Ken, W3USN

42 Anne Arundel Radio Club ― Davidsonville, MD Just in time before the storm hit. 0810

43 Ya see, I got a Lei during FD! Cool. Huh? Well, Jim, how do you explain this to Laurel... back in Laurel???

44 Well, Jim, how do you explain this to Laurel... back in Laurel??? Oh, boy

45 Calvert (County) Amateur Radio Association Calvert Marine Museum Solomons, MD 1001

46 Newly licensed ham, Miriam, KC3ACQ Affectionately known as, “Ain’t She Qute”

47 Another great hubby and wife team, Richard, W3RBR and Miriam, KC3ASQ

48 Dave, W3PQS and Jim, WI3N have a serious discussion With possible consequences

49 Yes, Jim, it’s the Law!

50 You mean I have to have my Ham license with me at all times? Geez!

51 Last Stop on the Tour−Finally! 1240

52 Jim, KD3JA, was upset during FD. All his contacts were from Georgia. Looks like he had, Georgia on His Mind!

53 Richard, WA3YTK is their experto en dígito modos

54 PRGE ARES FD Chair, N3CK and Mike, KC3ZCO newly licensed, on the GOTA Station

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