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My personal reading of Eveline Sguassero Caterina4 a2009/2010.

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1 My personal reading of Eveline Sguassero Caterina4 a2009/2010

2 Eveline Title analysis


4 STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS The story is organized in two parts: The function of the first part is to introduce the story: In the first part of the story no one act. The reader understands who the protagonist is and who the other main characters are. In the first part the you can collect information about the protagonist's background: her family, economical, social, and emotional situation. You fell immerse in the situation. There isn’t any important situation: the protagonist is sat at the window and she is thinking about her past and her future The function of the second part is to show the conclusion of the story: New elements are introduced in the setting. It changes: it is not Eveline's house but the pier, from which she should leave towards Buenos Aires with Frank. In this part the protagonist act but the conclusion of the story is not happy. She decides not to leave. She is like a wild animale that refuse her instinct.

5 CHARACTERIZATION Main characters: Eveline and Frank Secondary characters: Eveline’s family Miss Hill and Miss Gaven

6 Modigliani

7 TITLE:Eveline The story starts with a proper name:Eveline. It refears to the main character, and make immediatley clear that the protagonist is a young lady. Eveline belongs to a collect of short stories, the name’s is Dubliners. Joice himself sad that dublin was the center of pharalisis. It follows that Dublin becomes an extended metaphore, that is a symbol. In Joice’s opinion, Dubliners are generally people unable to act, to take decisions, that only think and make resolutions but never act. Eveline is the protagonist of the story and she represents a phase in life that coincides with adolecence.

8 DENOTATIVE ANALYSIS Eveline is the name of a nineteen-year-old adolescent. She lives in Dublin with her brother Harry and her father, her mother and her oldest brother Ernest were dead. She is used to sit all time by her window, seeing people in her street and waiting to leave home. She works in a shop in Dublin and with her money she can look after her family, in particular her father that is always drunk. As a matter of fact he becomes a violent man after the death of his wife. Eveline always thinks about her life, her past, her present difficult situation and about her future: she would like to escape. She has a fellow and she would like to go with him to Buenos Aires by ship without telling it her father. She wrote him and her brother a letter. But before going to the pier, she hears an organ grinder outside. He plays a melody that reminds her a song of an organ she listened the day of her mother’s death. Eveline thinks about the promise she made to her mother, to look after the family, and when she goes to the pier to embark on a ship together with Frank, she becomes pale and passive and decides not leave with him.

9 EVELINE The characterization of Eveline is made up from the description of her feelings and thoghts. She isn’t described phisically, the reader knows only what she thinks and her memories. She doesn’t act, she doesn’t do anything interesting in her life, as a matter of fact the narrator describes her thoughts and feelings. FRANK The charaterization of Frank, Eveline’s boyfriend, is made un from her thoughts and from the omnicient narrator that adds informations about him. The reader knows his behaviour and experience of life. He is the complete opposite of Eveline. He isn’t static. He had travelled a lot and he gives her girlfriend the possibility to change her life. He is resolutive and courageousely,. You know it from the description of his manners and behaviour from Eveline’s feelings. EVELINE’S FAMILY You know pieces of informations of Eveline’s family thanks to her memories. You know something about the childhood of her and her brothers and the life of her mother and father.

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