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Exploration and Expansion

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1 Exploration and Expansion
Why did the Europeans embark upon voyages of discovery in the 1400’s and 1500’s? How did Europeans establish colonies in the lands they discovered? How did the creation of colonies in the Americas affect trade patterns and the economic systems of Europe? How and why did Europeans establish a slave trade between Africa and the Americas and what were the lasting effects of this trade?

2 Caravel A light fast sailing ship
New Technology- rudder and lateen sails

3 Henry the Navigator Prince of Portugal that sponsored voyages of discovery

4 Vasco Da Gama Sailed for Portugal around the southern tip of Africa to India in 1497

5 Christopher Columbus Attempted to sail West in order to reach China
1492 reached the Caribbean

6 Ferdinand Magellan Set out in 1519 to sail around the world

7 Circumnavigate To sail completely around the world

8 Sir Francis Drake Sailed for England on a voyage of Exploration around South America to the West Coast of America

9 Henry Hudson Sailed for England looking for a Northwest passage around the Americas

10 Quiz Caravel Henry the Navigator Vasco da Gama Christopher Columbus
Ferdinand Magellan Circumnavigate Sir Francis Drake Henry Hudson What were the foundations upon which the Age of Exploration was built? What discoveries were made by explorers from Portugal and Spain? What drove explorers from the rest of Europe?


12 Encomienda Spanish system of colonization of the Caribbean

13 Hernan Cortes Led expedition to Mexico that ended with the conquest of the Aztec Empire

14 Conquistador Spanish military leader that fought against the Native American people

15 Moctezuma II Aztec Emperor at the time of the Spanish arrival in America

16 Francisco Pizarro Led Spanish expedition to Peru and conquered the Incas

17 Atahualpa Leader of the Incas Captured and killed by Pizarro

18 Viceroys Spanish officials selected by the king that control large estates in America

19 Bartolome de Las Casas Wanted to protect the Native American from harsh treatment. Suggested using African laborers instead of Native Americans

20 Treaty of Tordesillas Drew an imaginary line through the Atlantic
Everything East belonged to Portugal Everything West belonged to Spain

21 Quiz Encomienda Hernan Cortes Conquistador Moctezuma Fransisco Pizarro
Atahualpa Viceroys Bartolome de las Casas Treaty of Tordesillas How did Spain build an empire in the Americas? What kind of colony did the Portuguese establish in Brazil? What was life like in the French, Dutch and English colonies in the Americas?

22 Columbian Exchange Global transfer of culture and changes in society between colonists and natives

23 Mercantilism Economic system where a nation’s power was measured in wealth/wealth was measured by gold

24 Balance of Trade Exports greater than Imports Difference is in Gold

25 Subsidies Grants of money to help business

26 Capitalism Economic activities are carried out by private individuals and organizations

27 Joint-Stock Companies
Investors buy shares of stock in a company in hopes they would receive a share of the profit.

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