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Implementing Change Putting it all together Business Mentors.

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1 Implementing Change Putting it all together Business Mentors

2 Implementation – Putting it together  Define and communicate your plan  Get the right people on the bus and in the right seat.  Focus on high impact activities and delegate the rest  Start to major in majors and get control of your time  Study and practice time management  Work with a daily planner and prioritized task list  Tech your staff about time management  Study and practice leadership

3 Reasons Why Transitional Efforts Fail  Unclear Goals - 55%  Changing Objectives - 55%  Lack of Accountability – 51%  Lack of Management Support – 49%  Lack of Role Clarity – 47%  Ineffective Leadership – 45%

4 Subjective Reasons  Underestimation of how hard it is to drive people from their comfort zones.  Overestimating past successes.  Lack of patience.  Over-analyzing of the situation  Too many managers few leaders  Execution

5 The Big Picture  Communicate vision to your employees  Keep them in the loop  Have high expectations  Manage with outcomes  Hold routine planning and update meetings

6 Foundations for Change  Communication  Create a coalition  Strong group of leaders  All looking in the same direction  Utilize your compelling vision and goals  K.I.S.S. People don ’ t get burned out in their jobs, they get burned out by the atmosphere in which they have to work. Leadership is about creating the right atmosphere.

7 Action Plan  Team develops strategy  Ownership  I can make a difference  Train, train, train - upward mobility  Continually communicate vision  Empower others – encourage criticism  Review the results frequently with your staff

8 More…  Make sure the focus is always on the end result  Bring in new blood – hire and promote those that are passionate  Hold management retreats  Make it impossible to return  Throw down compelling challenges

9 Fine Tuning  Run a loose ship with a tight reign  Empower others  Focus on the vision  Provide adequate feedback and coaching  Create a company of Entrepreneurs

10 Have Fun! ”Looks like the upper hand is on the other foot.” -Leslie Nielson, in “Hotshots! Part Deaux”  Enjoy success  Let your employees see you having fun  Work should be more fun than fun  Business ceases to be work when you are chasing a dream that engorges you  Lighten up and stop taking yourself too seriously  Be a good finder and cheerleader!

11 Every Rose Has its Thorn  Some employees will not survive  Some efforts will fail – most learning will come the hard way!  Certainty is a delusion!

12 Success  Take time to appreciate how far you have come  Do not declare victory before the game is won  Finish like a pro  Embark on a plan of continuous change!

13 “It is a question of whether we’re going to go forward into the future or past to the back.” -Vice President Dan Quayle

14 Summary “If you care enough you can accomplish anything.” Candy Lightner – Founder of MADD  People want to be challenged & partners in success  Employees will be skeptical about change  With passion – people will believe in your efforts  Become a leader rather than a manager  Involve your employees  Communication

15 “Somebody has to do something, and it’s just incredibly pathetic that it has to be us.” Jerry Garcia – Grateful Dead

16 Managing for profit checklist  Write a vision statement  Make plans – strategic, business, sales, marketing, financial  Budget to control expenses  Monitor revenue, expenses, productivity and cash flow  Create and monitor information systems to manage operations  Write job descriptions  Hire sales-oriented people  Identify your competitive advantage and exploit in your market

17 Checklist…  Set performance goals and objectives  Manage and focus on profitable production  Provide exceptional customer service  Conduct performance reviews  Coach to manage performance  Celebrate accomplishment  Improve in areas of deficiency  Hold regular staff meetings

18 Checklist…  Establish a team environment  Research technology and remain on cutting edge of new trends, equipment and procedures  Eliminate redundant processes  Delegate responsibilities  Develop a written operations manual

19 Creating an Exceptional Company Summary "The crowning fortune of a man is to be born to some pursuit which finds him employment and happiness, whether it be to make baskets, or broadswords, or canals, or statues, or songs." Ralph Waldo Emerson  Restoration has a very compelling purpose  Our industry is changing  You must be an exceptional leader  Create a plan and vision

20 Desire and Passion! Separating the Good From Great  A lack of complacency and a desire to be the best.  A company culture that accepts nothing less than excellence.  A compelling vision to be the best  An unglamorous, deliberate plan

21 Resources Pile up enough tomorrows and all you will end up with are a bunch of empty yesterdays. I don ’ t know about you, but I would like to make something of today. Professor Harold Hill, Music Man  See document attachment  Workshop support group  Board of directors  Quarterly phone calls  Exchange action plan

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