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Questions to Consider for Starbucks Case

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1 Questions to Consider for Starbucks Case
What has made Starbucks successful? What business is Starbucks in? When consumers buy Starbucks coffee what are they buying? What are Starbucks core competencies and key strategic assets? Which growth strategy should Starbucks choose? Why? How would you implement the strategy you choose & what are implications for the Starbucks economic model?

2 Koc Case Questions Why has Arcelik succeeded in Turkey?
Why is Bosch entering the Turkish market? Is Bosch’s entry a threat? Why is Arcelik pursuing international markets? Does this make sense? Which overseas markets should Arcelik focus on and with which products? Cab Arcelik aspire to build the Beko brand name in international markets or should the company be an OEM supplier?

3 L’Oreal Case Questions
Describe the strategy in the US. Overview financial performance to date, in particular the 1995 P&L for the brand. Describe the different competitive strategies of the major players with an emphasis on L’Oreal narrow positioning as a treatment moisturizer company. What action steps do you recommend for L’Oreal at this point?

4 Confidis Questions Why does Confidis own a bicycling team? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this strategy with respect to conventional media such as TV advertising. What has the impact of sponsorship been over time? Is direct marketing a sustainable competitive advantage for Confidis in the consumer credit industry? How does the internet fit in the mix of media that Confidis is using? Is it a good or bad fit? Can you give some general guidelines to Michel Guillois?

5 TI Global Pricing How would you characterize the semiconductor industry and TI’s competitive position in this industry? What is TI’s current approach to the pricing of semiconductors? What is meant by global pricing and why are large distributors and some OEM’s advocating it? What would be the implications for TI of adopting global pricing? How important is it for TI to negotiate the matter of global pricing with Arrow electronics if at all?

6 Dell Case Questions Why has the direct model worked for Dell in the US? What are the limitations of the direct model in China? Is the B to C model suitable for electronic commerce (EC)? Explain. How do you reconcile problems related to managing in the market space and marketplace at the same time? What issues should companies consider when they embark on global EC programs?

7 Arrow Electronics Case
What is your action plan? How should Arrow respond to the Express proposal? Should they accept or reject? What other measures could they take? What is the relationship between Arrow and its major suppliers like Motorola? What is the impact of Express on Arrows profitability? What value does Arrow add for customers? What does value-added mean in this business? What is the changing nature of value offered by Arrow? How would you characterize the supplier distributor relationship? What value does Arrow give suppliers? What is the role of franchised distributors? How do suppliers leverage their role with franchised distributors? What is Arrows sales strategy? How does Express affect Arrows sales force?

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