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UNIVERSITAS Austria: From Typewriter to Facebook and Beyond Eva Holzmair-Ronge January 11, 2011.

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1 UNIVERSITAS Austria: From Typewriter to Facebook and Beyond Eva Holzmair-Ronge January 11, 2011

2 Brief Introduction ● Founded in 1954 UNIVERSITAS Österreichischischer Übersetzer- und Dolmetscherverband ● UNIVERSITAS → unitas/unity + university ● Since 2008: UNIVERSITAS Austria, Berufsverband für Dolmetschen und Übersetzen, Interpreters‘ and Translators‘ Association ● Currently roughly 630 members (more than 85% women) in Austria and abroad

3 Representation of Professional Interests Public bodies and authorities Quality assurance (directories) Support and assistance Cooperation with related associations at home and abroad

4 The Board President: Eva Holzmair-Ronge Free-lance conference interpreter and translatorn (German/English/French) Tasks: ●represents the association ● keeps contact with other associations worldwide ● presides over Board meetings ● chairs PR & Strategy Task Force Vice-President: Andrea Bernardini (translator, court interpreter, German/Italian)

5 The Board Secretary General: Margit Hengsberger Free-lance translator (German/English) Tasks: ● Handles day-to-day business ● administers website ● FIT matters Deputy Secretary General: Dagmar Jenner

6 Working pro bono… … is a tough job!

7 Membership Categories  Associate membership (EUR 120 per year) For translators and interpreters actively practicing the profession  Qualified membership (EUR 120 per year) Translators and interpreters listed in the official membership directory after peer assessment and two years (minimum) of associate status  Student membership (EUR 20 per year)  Beginners (=beginning to practice the profession) EUR 90 per year (maximum 3 years)  Honorary members  Subscribers to newsletter Impulsreferat Kommunaldolmetschen,5.3.2010 - Inge Pinzker

8 Special Programmes for Student Members ● comprehensive information, brochures, regular workshops ● Board representative: Andrea Lövenberger ● cooperation between association and university institutes (ZTW, ITAT, INTRAWI) ● cooperation with university-based student representatives StRV (joint response to dumping ads, special site at ZTW‘s electronic StRV Forum) ● networking events

9 Special Programmes for Student Members: Mentoring (Stage) Programme Student members (or young associate members) are assisted by an experienced translator and/or interpreter during transition from university to work who ● provides insights into the world of translating and interpreting or related professions ● encourages young colleagues to embark on their careers ● helps them to build their own networks Coordinator: Alexandra Jantscher-Karlhuber:

10 Services for All Members: Mini Websites

11 Services for All Members: Continued Professional Development workshops and seminars lectures and presentations language-related and for all languages recent events: Déjà Vu workshop, seminar on medical terminology your suggestions are welcome!

12 Public Relations Activities  Articles in the press  Articles in professional journals  Publication of own quarterly newsletter  Official membership directories  Lectures and presentations  Networking Impulsreferat Kommunaldolmetschen,5.3.2010 - Inge Pinzker

13 Client-Focused PR Joint stand of UNIVERSITAS Austria and AIIC Austria at access 2010

14 Ads in Newspapers and Magazines

15 Membership Directories Directory of interpreters and translators accessible to the public  Online query function on website  Printed booklet distributed to members and customers Online database of all members accessible to members only Impulsreferat Kommunaldolmetschen,5.3.2010 - Inge Pinzker

16 Communication inside the Association This is how we keep in touch: ● Yahoo newsgroup ● newsletter ● continuing education events ● general meeting (first Friday in March) ● annual St. Jerome event (patron saint of translators, late September) … and of course our website!

17 Website: Here you will find a a plethora of information and resources ranging from taxes to social insurance, from pricing to guidance notes for beginners, etc.

18 Relaunch: March 2011

19 All Associations at a Glance:

20 Our Newsletter Then and Now

21 Social Media: Facebook Group

22 “Film Stars”: Members of UNIVERSITAS Austria Documentary on conference interpreting: Die Falten des Königs For trailer go to:

23 Where to Find Us Secretariat at Vienna‘s ZTW Opening hours: Monday 14:00 to 18:30 Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: 8:30 to 12:30 E-Mail:

24 Any Questions or Suggestions? Simply write an e-mail to: - secretariat

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