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Vocabulary 4.

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1 Vocabulary 4

2 We got the idea for this song from a kid we overheard on the subway in New York. He was telling his friends that he was going to be a huge rapper—bigger than Jay-Z. But instead of riding around in expensive cars, he said he was going to ride around on a pony. This is his story. Pony Gangsta

3 Acclaim 1. acclaim (noun) approval or loud applause
The young rapper performed his first show in Los Angeles to great acclaim. Antonyms: criticism, disapproval Other forms: Acclaim can also be a verb meaning “to praise strongly or applaud loudly,” as in: The newspaper acclaimed the rock star’s show.

4 Acrid 2. acrid (adj) sharp, irritating, or bitter to the sense of taste or smell I thought the crab apples would be delicious, but they tasted extremely acrid instead. Synonyms: pungent, sharp

5 Braggart 3. braggart (noun) someone who brags a lot
Kylie was so into herself; she was such a braggart. Other forms: Braggart can also be used as an adjective: The braggart general could talk all night about himself.

6 Brawl 4. brawl (noun) a big noisy fight, often involving lots of people Unfortunately, the concert was cancelled when a brawl broke out in the back. Other forms: Brawl can also be a verb meaning “to fight noisily,” as in: The hockey players brawled for five minutes before the refs could break up the fight.

7 Docile 5. docile (adj) well behaved; easy to handle
Dolphins are some of the most docile creatures on Earth. Antonyms: headstrong, stubborn, uncooperative

8 Dumbfound 6. dumbfound (verb) to make speechless with amazement
Al was dumbfounded when she found out she had won the lottery . Synonyms: astonish, bewilder, stun

9 Flaw 7. flaw (noun) a slight fault; a defect Because of a flaw in the stitching, my shirt started falling apart very quickly. Other forms: Something with a flaw is flawed (adj).

10 Gaudy 8. gaudy (adj) too flashy and showy
That shirt covered with all those different colored jewels is gaudy. Synonyms: garish Antonyms: understated, subtle

11 Illiterate 9. illiterate (adj) unable to read or write
Though he could read a few basic signs and words, Mark was basically illiterate. Other forms: The problem of illiteracy (noun) is very real, even in America.

12 Lavish 10. lavish (adj) much more than enough; extravagant
Instead of a normal dinner, we had a lavish feast for my birthday. Synonyms: abundant, splendid, luxuriant Other forms: Lavish can also be a verb meaning “to give freely or generously,” as in: Trish’s aunt always lavished (verb) gifts on her.

13 Peevish 11. peevish (adj) showing annoyance or irritation; being in a bad mood Because my dad didn’t get enough sleep last night, he was peevish all day. Synonyms: irritable, grumpy Antonyms: friendly, pleasant

14 Potential 12. potential (adj) possible; capable of being or becoming
There are many potential uses for solar energy, but we don’t use much of it today. Synonyms: imaginable, probable Other forms: Potential can also be a noun meaning “possibility.” It’s usually used in a positive way, like: I see a lot of potential in these new phones that can play movies.

15 Retort 13. retort (noun) a quick or clever reply
I was silent when Wayne made fun of me, but later that night I thought of lots of clever retorts. Other forms: Retort can also be a verb, as in: “At least I’m not a fool,” my sister retorted.

16 Vicious 14. vicious (adj) evil, spiteful; painfully severe or extreme
Carrie was nice to Julie’s face, but then she’d spread vicious lies behind her back. Synonyms: savage, cruel, malicious

17 Vista 15. vista (noun) a distant view or prospect
From the top of the tower, you can gaze out at the amazing vista. Synonyms: outlook, panorama

18 The Great Escape We’ve all wanted to get away at one time or another. The narrator in this song faces a pretty tough life on his block, but he finds ways to escape.

19 Anarchy 1. anarchy (noun) a state of lawlessness, confusion or disorder The crowd erupted into a state of anarchy during the concert. Synonyms: chaos, disorder, turmoil Other forms: The anarchist (noun) lit the garbage heap on fire and soon the whole street was ablaze.

20 Ardent 2. ardent (adj) passionate, enthusiastic and fiery
Quincy was an ardent fan of any sports related books or authors. Synonyms: impassioned, fervent, zealous

21 Augment 3. augment (verb) to add to
Larry’s dad agreed to augment his allowance by two dollars a week. Synonyms: to boost, increase, enhance Antonyms: to decrease, reduce

22 Blasé 4. blasé (adj) unimpressed and indifferent
We all thought Ken would be really excited about the prestigious award he received, but instead he was very blasé about the whole thing. Synonyms: bored, disenchanted Antonyms: eager, enthusiastic

23 5. desolate (adj) without any people; dismal and devastated
We were shipwrecked and washed up on the most desolate island. Other forms: Desolate is also a verb meaning “to devastate,” as in: Several mean boys tried to desolate my sand castle on the beach by running through it. Something that is destroyed is an example of desolation (noun).

24 Embark 6. embark (verb) to start or begin
Trina is going to embark on a trip and sail around the world by herself. Synonyms: to commence, launch, undertake

25 Fend 7. fend (verb) to ward off or defend
The rock stars had to fend off the screaming and swarming girls as they exited the building. Synonyms: to repel, resist, shield

26 Panorama 8. panorama (noun) an unobstructed or complete view
The celebrity’s home had a panorama of the entire valley and beyond. Other forms: The panoramic (adj) view from the top of the building was breathtaking.

27 Reception 9. reception (noun) the act or instance of receiving or meeting The boys gave the girls a chilly reception at the Super Bowl party. Other forms: A person is usually very receptive (adj) when someone offers to clean their bathroom and kitchen for them.

28 Rubble 10. rubble (noun) broken bits and pieces
After the huge earthquake, the buildings were nothing but rubble. Synonyms: debris, fragments, wreckage

29 Teem 11. teem (verb) to swarm, brim or overflow
Ponds often teem with fish, insects and frogs. Synonyms: to abound, overrun, be prolific Antonyms: to lack, need

30 Tract 12. tract (noun) an area, expanse or region
While trying to buy a tract of land, Chris had to be taken to the hospital due to his inflamed digestive tract.

31 Vice Versa 13. vice versa (noun) conversely, in reverse
Kristina hates the homecoming queen, and vice versa: The queen hates her back.

32 Vie 14. vie (verb) to compete for
Charlie and Big “T” are both vying for starting-point guard spot on the ball team. Synonyms: to compete, contend, strive

33 Wrangle 15. wrangle (verb) to argue or dispute
Eleanor likes to wrangle with her father about the dangers of smoking. Synonyms: to dispute, fight, brawl Antonyms: to agree, give in

34 We are coming up Did you know that worldwide, the richest 1% of the population owns 40% of the wealth? Reports show that the gap between the rich and the poor is growing. The rich are getting richer; the poor are getting poorer. Part of this is because money stays in rich nations, such as the United States. But even within the United States, the gap between the rich and the poor is widening. You probably know the story of Robin Hood: He’s a character who decides that the tax on the poor is unfair, so he takes the law into his own hands. He steals from the rich to give to the poor. The Robin Hood of folktales is often considered a hero. But would a Robin Hood today be considered a hero or just another thief?

35 Balmy 1. balmy (adj) soothing, refreshing and mild
People change into shorts at the first sign of balmy weather. Synonyms: temperate, tropical, moist Other forms: A balm is a soothing ointment, usually from a plant.

36 Citadel 2. citadel (noun) a fortress or stronghold
Only ten warriors remained to defend the citadel.

37 Clad 3. clad (verb) dressed, wearing He was clad in a tuxedo.
Other forms: Clad is actually considered a past tense form of the verb “to clothe,” which is to dress.

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