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HMAT A38 Ulysses DepartedSydney, NSW 20 February 1916 ArrivedMelbourne, VIC 22 February DepartedMelbourne, VIC 1 March ArrivedFremantle, WA 7 March DepartedFremantle,

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Presentation on theme: "HMAT A38 Ulysses DepartedSydney, NSW 20 February 1916 ArrivedMelbourne, VIC 22 February DepartedMelbourne, VIC 1 March ArrivedFremantle, WA 7 March DepartedFremantle,"— Presentation transcript:

1 HMAT A38 Ulysses DepartedSydney, NSW 20 February 1916 ArrivedMelbourne, VIC 22 February DepartedMelbourne, VIC 1 March ArrivedFremantle, WA 7 March DepartedFremantle, WA 1 April ArrivedSuez, Egypt 22 April DepartedSuez, Egypt 23 April ArrivedPort Said, Egypt 24 April DepartedPort Said, Egypt 24 April ArrivedAlexandria, Egypt 25 April EmbarkedAlexandria, Egypt 27 April ArrivedValetta, Malta 30 April DepartedValetta, Malta 2 May ArrivedMarseilles, France 5 May EntrainMarseilles, France 5 May DetrainHazebrouck, France 8 May 1916 Headquarters 40 No. 1 Company 390 No.2 Company 380 No. 3 Company 392 1st Reinforcements 101 Total Tunnellers on board1303 Transferred to B1 Ansonia ‘On the arrival of our troop ship in Alexandria in April 16, a party of some 120 out of our 1200 miners, with the wanderlust strong upon them, broke loose suddenly from our troop ship as she lay at the wharf, rushed the sentries, and went careering like a lot of released school boys up the main street of Alexandria, making for the heart of the city. Some bad sport, perhaps one should rather say, one sound disciplinarian, telephoned to the military police. And in due course the sappers were met by some charabancs driven by genial gentlemen, who offered them a lift. The offer was of course accepted, and presently the vehicle swung into a courtyard, the gates of which were promptly closed, and the sappers then realised that they were prisoners. One hundred and twenty of them were locked up in a building designed for a maximum of 60. The sappers called it the ‘boob”. The night was very hot and the “boob” threatened to become a veritable Black Hole of Calcutta. In the early dawn, an agonized SOS came from the military police to our ship to say that the sappers were tunnelling under the walls of the boob, and that it was tottering to its foundations, and would we send up a strong-armed party at once to hold and remove the prisoners.’ Major T.W. Edgeworth David

2 HMAT A16 Star of Victoria DepartedSydney, NSW 31 March 1916 ArrivedColombo, Ceylon 20 April DepartedColombo, Ceylon 21 April ArrivedSuez, Egypt 3 May DepartedSuez, Egypt 4 May ArrivedPort Said, Egypt 5 May DepartedPort Said, Egypt 5 May ArrivedMarseilles, France 17 May Entrained Detrained Voyage time 33 days 2nd Reinforcements 181 Total Tunnellers on board181 HMAT A14 Euripides 3rd Reinforcements80 Total Tunnellers on board80 DepartedMelbourne, Vic 4 April 1916 ArrivedAlexandria, Egypt EmbarkedAlexandria, Egypt ArrivedMarseilles, France 17 May 1916 DepartedMarseilles, France ArrivedEtaples, France 1 June 1916 Voyage time Transferred to City of Edinburgh Cold, rough weather. 791 Sapper Benjamin Phillips was to embark on the ‘Ulysses’ which sailed on 20 February with the first deployment of the Mining Corps on board. For some reason Benjamin was transferred to Milsons Island and did not embark. He later apparently stowed away on the Star of Victoria which departed on 31 March, and when discovered, re-enlisted in the A.I.F., at sea, and was appointed to the 2 nd Reinforcements to the Mining Corps with the new Regimental Number Lance Corporal Benjamin Phillips was killed in action when shot by a sniper on 26 February Transferred to City of Edinburgh

3 HMAT A69 Warilda DepartedBrisbane, Qld Early May 1916 ArrivedSydney, NSW Early May DepartedSydney, NSW 22 May ArrivedMelbourne, VIC 22 May DepartedMelbourne, VIC 25 May Arrived Fremantle, WA 1 June DepartedFremantle, WA 1 June ArrivedDurban, Sth. Africa 16 June DepartedDurban, Sth. Africa 18 June ArrivedCapetown, Sth. Africa 21 June DepartedCapetown, Sth. Africa 22 June ArrivedSt Vincent, Portugal 7 July DepartedSt Vincent, Portugal 9 July ArrivedPlymouth, England 18 July EntrainedPlymouth, England 19 July DetrainTidworth, England 19 July 1916 No. 4 Company 370 No. 5 Company 370 No. 6 Company 371 Total Tunnellers on board 1111 Voyage Time 58 days HMAT A26 Armadale DepartedMelbourne, Vic 19 July 1916 ArrivedDurban, Sth. Africa 15 August DepartedDurban, Sth. Africa 16 August ArrivedCapetown, Sth. Africa 20 August DepartedCapetown, Sth. Africa 21 August Arrived St Vincent, Sth. Africa 8 September Departed St Vincent, Sth. Africa 8 September ArrivedDevonport, England 20 September 1916 Voyage time 64 days 2nd Reinforcements 79 Total Tunnellers on board79 Leave granted at Durban from 11am to 11 pm. At Capetown there was a Route March for 3 hours. Arriving back at 1pm when leave was granted until 11pm. Ship was to leave at 2pm but did not leave until 5pm the following day. Liquor in town was considered of bad quality as a result 10 Tunnellers did not embark as scheduled on 21 August. 2/Lt Ashcroft & 2 Tunnellers got measles on board. Footnote: 10 Tunnellers boarded Orsova at Capetown around 25 August. Voyage was remarkable for pleasant weather. The discipline was fairly good – the most serious being AWL at intermediate ports.

4 RMS Orontes 4th Reinforcements81 Total Tunnellers on board81 Voyage time 52 days DepartedSydney, NSW 12 August 1916 ArrivedMelbourne, VIC 14 August DepartedMelbourne, VIC 16 August ArrivedAdelaide, SA 18 August DepartedAdelaide, SA 18 August ArrivedFremantle, WA 22 August DepartedFremantle, WA 23 August ArrivedDurban, Sth. Africa 6 September DepartedDurban, Sth. Africa 8 September ArrivedCapetown, Sth. Africa 10 September DepartedCapetown, S. Africa 11 September ArrivedSt Vincent, Portugal 23 September DepartedSt Vincent, Portugal 24 September ArrivedPlymouth, England 2 October 1916 HMAT A23 Suffolk DepartedMelbourne, Vic 30 September 1916 ArrivedFremantle, WA 10 October DepartedFremantle, WA 10 October ArrivedCapetown, Sth. Africa 30 October DepartedCapetown, Sth. Africa 31 October ArrivedDakar, W. Africa 15 November DepartedDakar, W. Africa 20 November ArrivedPlymouth, England 2 December 1916 September 1916 Reinforcements 166 Total Tunnellers on board 166 Voyage time 64 days 7 men deserted at Fremantle; 9 at Capetown. Weather conditions on Australian coast were stormy after leaving Fremantle.

5 HMAT A38 Ulysses DepartedMelbourne, Vic 25 October 1916 ArrivedDurban, Sth. Africa 13 November DepartedDurban, Sth. Africa 16 November ArrivedCapetown, Sth. Africa 19 November DepartedCapetown, Sth. Africa 19 November ArrivedFreetown,Sierra Leone 29 November DepartedFreetown,Sierra Leone 14 December ArrivedPlymouth, England 28 December EntrainedPlymouth, England 28 December DetrainedTidworth, England 28 December 1916 Voyage time : 65 days October Reinforcements168 November Reinforcements168 December Reinforcements168 Officer Reinforcements 12 Total Tunnellers on board516 Dec 5.It took 1½ hours to take 1000 men ashore for the afternoon. We have to pay 6d each for the loan of the punts. We were fastened with ropes with one punt to the other coming back, the rope broke and we were drifting out pretty quick but the tug boat soon had us back again. Not too clean of a place. The women stand in a stream and wet their clothes they are washing and place them on a flat stone and then belt into them with a flat piece of wood like a bat. Dec 9.Had to get some coal and fresh water. The officers went ashore to buy some fruit to sell to us they wouldn’t let us buy off the natives so when they came back with the fruit - none of us would buy it off them. Dec Big boats in here now. Dec 14.Left for England with four other transport auxiliary cruiser escorting us. Dec 25.On the sea between Gibraltar and England it has been very foggy. We had roast pork for Christmas dinner and some baked scones. They were as hard as rock. Dec 26.Very foggy torpedo boats came to escort us in the rest of the way. Got our kit bags out of the holds. Dec 28.We had nothing to eat from 7.30am to 3.30pm. We had to buy some cakes during the last week on the boat. We held the Dead March on a roast they gave us (250 of us) for our dinner. We marched up to the top deck with it, all the rest of the men were watching us and laughing. We got roared up a bit after it but we didn’t care. Got on the train at 4pm. Got to Perham Downs camp at 11pm. Nothing to eat from the military until 8 or 9 the next morning. Then we had two tablespoons of boiled salmon and spuds and a mug of tea. Mud from 1-6 inches deep. Diary entry of 5798 Sapper George Oxman, 3 rd Australian Tunnelling Company

6 HMAT A5 (RMS) Omrah DepartedSydney, NSW 13 January 1917 ArrivedMelbourne, VIC 17 January DepartedMelbourne, VIC 17 January ArrivedAdelaide, SA 19 January DepartedAdelaide, SA 19 January ArrivedFremantle, WA 21 January DepartedFremantle, WA 24 January ArrivedFremantle, WA 1 February DepartedFremantle, WA 2 February ArrivedDurban, Sth. Africa 16 February DepartedDurban Sth. Africa 17 February ArrivedCapetown, Sth. Africa 20 February DepartedCapetown, Sth. Africa 24 February ArrivedFreetown, Sierre Leone 9 March DepartedFreetown, Sierre Leone 12 March ArrivedPlymouth, England 27 March 1917 EntrainPlymouth, England DetrainTidworth, England January 1917 Reinforcements168 Total Tunnellers on board168 Voyage time 74 days HMAT A9 Shropshire DepartedMelbourne, VIC 11 May 1917 ArrivedFremantle, WA DepartedFremantle, WA ArrivedDurban, Sth. Africa DepartedDurban Sth. Africa ArrivedCapetown, Sth. Africa DepartedCapetown, Sth. Africa ArrivedPlymouth, England 19 July 1917 EntrainPlymouth, England DetrainTidworth, England January 1917 Reinforcements168 Total Tunnellers on board168 Voyage time 70 days

7 HMAT A32 Themistocles DepartedMelbourne, VIC 4 August 1917 ArrivedColon, Panama 31 August DepartedColon, Panama 8 September ArrivedHalifax, Nova Scotia 18 September DepartedHalifax, Nova Scotia 21 September ArrivedGlasgow, Scotland 2 October 1917 EntrainGlasgow, Scotland DetrainTidworth, England March Reinforcements 167 Total Tunnellers on board167 Voyage time 59 days HMAT A68 Anchises DepartedSydney, NSW 8 August 1917 ArrivedColon, Panama 2 September DepartedColon, Panama 8 September ArrivedHalifax, Nova Scotia 18 September DepartedHalifax, Nova Scotia 21 September ArrivedLiverpool, England 2 October 1917 EntrainLiverpool, England DetrainTidworth, England March Reinforcements 168 Total Tunnellers on board168 Voyage time 55 days Rough and stormy with plenty of sea-sickness for the early part of the voyage, becoming very hot in the tropics. Heavy rain and muggy near Panama. 9 days at Colon, unavoidably delayed Spr William James McPeak died of acute transverse myalitis on 14 August, one of 4 soldiers to die on this voyage, and was buried at sea. Good weather across the Atlantic. Colds and influenza prevalent when troops embarked.

8 HMAT A71 Nestor ArrivedMelbourne, VIC 19 November 1917 DepartedMelbourne, VIC 21 November ArrivedSuez, Egypt 15 December EntrainedSuez, Egypt 4 January 1918 DetrainedAlexandria, Egypt 5 January EmbarkedAlexandria, Egypt 8 January Arrived Taranto, Italy 12 January EntrainTaranto, Italy DetrainCherbourg, France EmbarkedCherbourg, France ArrivedSouthampton, England 24 January 1918 May Reinforcements 103 November Reinforcements 65 Total Tunnellers on board168 Voyage time 64 days SS Indarra DepartedMelbourne, VIC 26 November 1917 ArrivedAlbany, WA 30 November DepartedAlbany, WA 1 December ArrivedColombo, Ceylon 13 December DepartedColombo, Ceylon 15 December ArrivedSuez, Egypt 27 December EmbarkedSuez, Egypt 9 January ArrivedTaranto, Italy 20 January EntrainTaranto, Italy 24 January StoppedBordighira, Italy 27 January DetrainCherbourg, France 31 January EmbarkedCherbourg, France 31 January ArrivedSouthampton, England 2 February 1918 Voyage time 68 Days June Reinforcements130 Total Tunnellers on board130 Transferred to Kasgar Embarked on HMT Monas Queen Transferred to E620 Abbasiah On Christmas Day the troops were specially provided for by the ship. Amusements included cricket between various troop decks and the Officers. Religious services held on Christmas Day and occasionally on weekdays. Weather was excellent throughout – warm in the tropics.

9 RMS Osterley DepartedSydney, NSW 8 May 1918 ArrivedWellington, NZ 13 May DepartedWellington, NZ 14 May ArrivedTahiti 21 May DepartedTahiti 22 May ArrivedColon, Panama 6 June DepartedColon, Panama 8 June ArrivedNewport News, USA 16 June DepartedNewport News, USA ArrivedNorfolk, USA 22 June DepartedNorfolk, USA 26 June ArrivedNew York, USA 27 June DepartedNew York, USA 28 June ArrivedLiverpool, Eng 10 July EntrainLiverpool, England DetrainTidworth, England February 1918 Reinforcements8 Total Tunnellers on board8 Voyage time 65 days HMAT A71 Nestor DepartedMelbourne, VIC 28 February 1918 ArrivedColon, Panama 25 March DepartedColon, Panama 28 March ArrivedNewport News, USA 3 April DepartedNewport News, USA 6 April ArrivedHalifax, Nova Scotia 9 April DepartedHalifax, Nova Scotia 9 April ArrivedLiverpool, England 19 April EntrainLiverpool, England DetrainTidworth, England 20 April 1918 May Reinforcements November Reinforcements Total Tunnellers on board61 Voyage time 51 days A Route March through Tahiti was the first by Australians bound for the Front. Troops returned to the ship at 5p.m. and then marched to 3 cinema shows. Leave was permitted in the Canal Zone at Colon before the ship moved on to Balboa. Amusement Committee conducted boxing, cricket and other deck sports. Excellent concerts were given. Classes in French and Italian were well attended. In New York the weather was very cold, succession of thick fogs and some rain. Approaching the North Channel the weather became cold and wet, but the sea was smooth.

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