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Cruise Terminal Workshop January 26, 2009.

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1 Cruise Terminal Workshop January 26, 2009






7 Cruise History FYE 2005 Celebrity Cruise Lines “ZENITH” Sailing November 2004 thru April 2005 Sailings: 13 Total Embark Passengers: 17,251 Carnival Cruise Lines “CELEBRATION” Sailing October 2004 thru September 2005 Sailings: 73 Total Embark Passengers: 121,038 Year Total Embark Passengers: 138,289


9 Cruise History FYE 2006 Carnival Cruise Lines “CELEBRATION” Sailing October 2005 thru September 2006 Sailings: 78 Year Total Embark Passengers: 128,463

10 Cruise History FYE 2007 Carnival Cruise Lines “CELEBRATION” Sailing October 2006 thru September 2007 Sailings: 78 Year Total Embark Passengers: 129,838

11 Cruise History FYE 2008 Carnival Cruise Lines “CELEBRATION” And 3 sailings of the “FASCINATION” Sailing October 2007 thru September 2008 Sailings: 46 Year Total Embark Passengers: 76,474


13 Cruise History FYE 2009 Carnival Cruise Line “FASCINATION” October 2008 thru December 2008 Sailings: 19 Total Embark Passengers: 43,429

14 Terminal Jobs Customer Service Agents K-9 Handlers Taxi / Shuttle / Bus Drivers Truck Drivers Terminal Cleaning Service Porters Transportation Coordinators Service Vendors US Customs Officers Harbor Pilots Security Guards Line Handlers Police Officers Stevedores Crew Service Personnel Bunker Operators Parking Attendants JAXPORT




18 JACKSONVILLE PORT AUTHORITY CRUISE SHIP TERMINAL AT MAYPORT FLORIDA Distance from Pilots Station 3 miles Turning Basin At pier Pier Size Panamax Water 1,000 tons per hour Distance From Airport 26 miles, 40 minutes drive time Terminal Size 90,000 square feet, two story Parking Garage 1,400 car capacity, oversize lot adjacent Passenger Drop Off 28 car spot capacity, 10 buses, transport lane Terminal Access Dedicated ½ mile traffic lane in Mayport Jaxport River Ferry adjacent to terminal 21 miles from Interstate 95, 30 minute drive Local Amenities Amelia Island St. Augustine Timucuan Preserve Jacksonville Beaches Golf at Ponte Vedra and World Golf Village


20 ased



23 JAXPORT Master Plan and Zoning Provide at least 4 alternative dock/berths at Jaxport – owned facilities for local fishing/shrimping boats. (Master Plan) No industrial terminals, bulk cargo or other “heavy” industrials at Mayport. (Master Plan) Compliance with PUD written description and site plan. (PUD rezoning application) Compliance with Mayport Village Architectural Design Guides and Lighting/Utility Line Zoning Code requirements (PUD) When no cruise ship is docked, Jaxport will to extent allowed by security authorities and in accordance with approved Seaport Security Plan, allow approximately 500 linear feet of public access to waterfront at terminal (PUD) No Bunker “C” fuel (HFO 380 or 180) nor any fuel with sulfur content greater than 0.2% (two-tenths of one percent) when docked. (PUD) Construction of Ocean Street improvements, including 3-laning, landscaping, lighting, curbs,/gutters, extra-wide sidewalks and bike lanes. Compliance with all air quality standards, environmental, marine mammal, noise, etc. (PUD) $280,000 to City for Helen Cooper Floyd Park consistent with Park Master Plan (PUD) Prompt Notice to City and presentation to Finance Committee should Jaxport decide to cease operation of Mayport Ferry prior to September 30, 2018. (PUD) Port Obligations for Mayport Cruise Terminal Pursuant to

24 Port Proposed Settlement Obligations ALL OF ABOVE Applications to revert Land Use and Zoning designations to commercial if Terminal not commenced within ten years. Requests to security agencies for written assurances of public access. Priority of leases for retail spaces – first opportunity to Mayport Residents/Business Owners. Dockage and Basin – replace 150’ wooden dock ($100,000). Convey Ownership of dock and basin parcel to non-profit co-op. Maritime Museum Site – lease parcel adjacent to and east of Mayport Ferry ($1.00/year minimum 3 year initial term). Relocate two buildings from Terminal Site within Mayport to be used for public purposes. Shore power-ready construction of Terminal. Verification by affidavit or other reporting method of ships’ compliance with sewage, water, ballast water regulations. Use of Jaxport Grant Writer for six months, 40 hrs/month. Fund and produce economic study analyzing impacts in Mayport and Jacksonville prior to commencement of Terminal construction. Written comment to Navy’s EIS for Mayport Naval Station prior to commencement of Terminal construction. Written comment on EPA’s Final Cruise Ship Report (not yet published) Traffic Operations Study completed prior to final verification of PUD compliance, including day-to-day analysis and mitigation if LOS falls below “E” prior to construction of Terminal. Comprehensive Environmental Assessment – water quality/species impacts, etc. Oil Spill Containment – “best management” practices Noise – Jaxport will not seek nor encourage others to seek waivers or variances Joint Press Release with Opponents

25 25 No Parking within Mayport Village – utilize parking garage area for local economic development efforts Reversion in two years of land use and zoning if Terminal not commenced Prior to execution of Settlement Agreement, written security authority approval for public access at Terminal Department of Homeland Security study analyzing security impacts to shrimping industry, etc., and no Terminal construction if security below “acceptable” level until mitigation implemented Written approval from Department of Homeland Security that “300 foot rule” will not apply to shrimp boats or ferry Concrete dock ($150,000) replacement Produce complete engineering plans and fund complete restoration of Basin Obtain Federal Parcel west of Coast Guard Station Fund and construct 40 boat Facility on Federal Parcel Find new site and fund all electrical, water, sewer connections, foundations and all other costs for relocation of 2 buildings Must use shore power when docked and 0.2% sulfur fuel within 4 nautical miles Landside disposal of all waste streams California ballast water discharge requirements On-site or retention pond within Mayport for stormwater at site with within Mayport approved by Civic Association Grant Writer – 18 months, 20 hours/month Fund and construct all Park improvements Bike Trail Constructed Bed Tax – 25% to Mayport improvements, as approved by Civic Association Alternative Development Plans for Terminal Site completed before Terminal construction commences Advanced Booming installed and used on all ships Ferry Operations guaranteed in writing for 10 years. Other Requests

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