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Postgraduate Research Funding Vicky Garnett Embark Initiative 16 th March 2006.

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1 Postgraduate Research Funding Vicky Garnett Embark Initiative 16 th March 2006

2 In the beginning… Irish Research Funding was Project based –Enterprise Ireland –Science Foundation Ireland –HEA Programme for Research at Third Level Institutions (PRTLI) –Health Research Board –European Science Foundation Funding through a combination of these…

3 …then in 2001.. Dept. of Education and Science announced new Public Body to improve state research funding. –IRCSET –IRCHSS Gave more choice to the young researcher –Choice of project –Choice of University/ IT

4 How to begin Approach lecturers in the areas most interesting to you –Are there any projects coming up that you could be involved in? Ask as much as you can Become familiar to the Faculty!

5 Embark Initiative Postgrad Scholarships Open to all EU citizens who want to study at a Research Body within Ireland Open to all those wishing to carry out Basic Research in the field of Science, Engineering or Technology

6 Embark Initiative Postgrad Scholarships What’s it worth… EU24,003 per annum EU16,002 personal maintenance (rent, food) EU8,001 expenses (travel costs, lab consumables, modestly priced computer, transferable skills training)

7 Embark Initiative Postgrad Scholarships 2 calls per year –Spring Call - up to 150 scholarships –Summer Call – up to 30 scholarships –Enterprise Partnership Scheme Up to 100 over both Spring and Summer Calls –For further info, please come along to presentation this afternoon

8 Embark Initiative Postgrad Scholarships What you need to prepare –Practise writing your personal statement and get this up to scratch. Talk it over with your career’s advisors. –Look into project areas that interest you –Approach potential referees

9 Assessment 10% Research project –Need to show focus, discuss this with potential supervisor 30% Academic Career –Your CV, basically! 30% Personal Statement –Need to show that research is a considered career path, it’s not the easy option! 30% References –Get the referees to comment on just how fabulous you are! This will also include your position in class.

10 When the call opens (Feb / June) READ the Terms and Conditions before beginning application –9 times out of 10 this will answer all your questions! Register to the online applications system as soon as possible –Familiarise yourself with the form, its quite detailed Tell your supervisor you are applying! –The university or IoT WON’T endorse your application if they have never heard of you Take time to fill out your form –Check, double check, triple check your application before you submit, changes CANNOT be made afterwards

11 Don’t just take my word for it… “Don’t be shy to approach or email any of the scientists; they were in this position once and everybody understands that it is difficult to secure a PhD position while studying for final exams. The only way to get good current information is to contact the scientists themselves.” TCD Embark Scholar

12 “W ith new funding opportunities like IRCSET, the future supervisor need not have money to cover for a student so just email any prospective supervisor and ask if they're interested in taking on a PhD student. You don’t need to commit to them until you've met and discussed your views with them.”

13 Useful websites Irish Research Council for Science Engineering and Technology/Embark Initiative – Irish Research Council for Humanities and Social Sciences – Expertise Ireland – Researchers Mobility Portal – PostgradIreland and GradIreland – Irish Universities Promoting Science – Health Research Board – Irish Universities Association – HETAC – Higher Education Authority –

14 Useful links Questions to help select a Supervisor: %20section%20three.htm %20section%20three.htm Others that go close to addressing the issue are: e_resources/What_Do_PhDs_Do_/Getting_the_most_fro m_a_PhD/p!eXeccpL e_resources/What_Do_PhDs_Do_/Getting_the_most_fro m_a_PhD/p!eXeccpL

15 International Websites Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (UK) – Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council (UK) – Council for the Central Laboratory of the Research Councils – Research Councils UK – European Science Foundation –

16 Contact details Vicky Garnett Programme Leader Enterprise Partnership Scheme IRCSET Brooklawn House Shelbourne Road Dublin 4 Tel: 01 231 5000 Email:

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