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Technologies in Classrooms Ariel Feldman Emily Irwin Kati Laubscher.

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1 Technologies in Classrooms Ariel Feldman Emily Irwin Kati Laubscher

2 Technology in Classrooms Over the years the technology in classrooms has become even more complex to keep up with technology outside of the classroom. This technology helps students to understand what is being taught on more complex levels than simply learning from a textbook.

3 What is TeacherTube? -A video sharing website similar to, and based on, YouTube -It is designed to allow those in the educational industry, particularly teachers, to share educational resources such as video, audio, documents, photos, groups and blogs What is on the site? -A mixture of classroom teaching resources and others designed to aid teacher training -A number of students have also uploaded videos that they have made as part of K-12 and college courses

4 Benefits of online videos 1. It's true just-in-time learning. If you get stuck on a particular math problem, you can go straight to the relevant video, when you need it, not when the teacher is able to get around to you. 2. Students can go at their own speed. 3. It makes learning less stressful. Students, even with the best teacher, can get pretty stressed, worrying if they're going to be asked a question, or why they're not getting it, or because other students are distracting them. 4. You can go at your own speed. 5. It's truly personalized learning. 6. You focus on the explanation, not the teacher.

5 Elmo Document Camera  What is an Elmo? – It is a document camera that is used to project what you’re teaching on a screen for the class to see. – Anything can be placed under the camera and projected to the screen – No need for slides or transparencies

6 Benefits of the Elmo  Great for your visual learners  Interactive Learning – The whole class can see the work your doing on the screen in front of them.  Able to project anything on the Elmo – Maps – Worksheets – Math, Reading, Science, History. – Physical objects, i.e. bugs, manipulatives, a timer – Images – Instructions for activities. – Student work.

7 What is a SmartBoard? – A SmartBoard is an interactive whiteboard that acts like computer monitor and allows students to activate the screen with their fingers, special pens, or a computer keyboard.

8 Benefits of SmartBoards Many students are visual learners and the SmartBoards have allowed students to actually see what is they are being taught. Students can all interact on the same “computer” instead of individually working on an assignment.

9 Sources why-online-video-learning-isnt-as-g why-online-video-learning-isnt-as-g eras.html eras.html WS14/711270453/1229/CAMPUS40?tc=ar WS14/711270453/1229/CAMPUS40?tc=ar rd rd

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