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SOCIAL CODING Abhishek Dey Das |Sudhanshu Iyer|

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1 SOCIAL CODING Abhishek Dey Das |Sudhanshu Iyer|

2 Welcome! Let’s get our environment setup! Download and Install Oracle VirtualBox Download the VM Image Import VM Image into VirtualBox All Files available at: Let us know if you need any help

3 What it isnt… It has nothing to do with Facebook  We’re not going to teach “programming”

4 What it is… A way for you to manage your project in a distributed team.

5 Where does this get used ? Absolutely everywhere ALL Open Source projects ALL Big Organizations (some use custom tools…based on what you will learn today!) Mostly all small and medium sized organizations If you wish, even your personal projects for courses you are taking

6 What we're going to do today… Git: Architecture of Git. Git basics. Installing git on your computer and on a server. Git on a distributed system. Customizing Git. Your first social coding project with Git. Ant: Architecture of Ant Ant basics Compiling a project with Ant Using Ant with Eclipse.

7 What we're going to do today… Maven: Maven basics. First project with Maven. Building with Maven. Integrating Maven with Eclipse Continuous integration systems Overview

8 What we hope you get to learn… Why these tools are necessary How to confidently use these tools Apply them to your projects and at your workplace Most Importantly… Understand the Big Picture of how all these tools fit in.

9 Let’s get started!

10 Congratulations! You have all been hired by Acme Corporation as Software Developers!

11 Project 1 Project description is given to each individual team member. Start Coding! Let us know if you need help. The focus of this workshop isn't to teach you coding.

12 What are some challenges you and your team faced ?

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