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Brandon L.Antwiler. Featured websites..

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1 Brandon L.Antwiler

2 Featured websites..

3 This website doesn’t use kid-friendly wording, the images, also the images on the website are more fitting for a news webpage. There are no cartoon characters on this site, just adults and cheap images. There are activities, but they would be hard for a child to locate. Nothing downloadable on the site for children/no club or interaction communitys. There is advertising on this website, and a few adds that came up wouldn’t be appropriate for children. There are no warnings on the website, besides the privacy policy at the bottom in fine print. In conclusion; I personally would not recommend this website as a solid source of child entertainment.

4 This site is very kids friendly, with playful images and child friendly wording. Lots of cartoon images, none familiar but to attract the children to the site every inanimate object is made out to be a cartoon character. This website has a plethora of games and downloadable print offs for child entertainment. There isnt any “Sign-in” feature for this website, and there are not any clubs. This site does not have any warnings or disclaimers for parents, probably because it isn't needed. The privacy policy is in fine print at the bottom with no guidelines. Sponsorship and partners are listed in the form of advertisement via links to go to their websites. In conclusion I feel that this is a good website for children, easy to use. The only feature this site does not have is a “sign-in” feature, and I feel that isn't necessary for children anyways.

5 The site is very kid friendly, wording and imagery wise. This is a cartoon site, so there licensed to have the “familiar” cartoon characters on the site. This site offers no games, but instead has comics for entertainment. There is more downloadable coloring sheets/puzzles and comics then the other sites I looked at, probably to make up for the lack of games. There is no club you could join on this site, besides registering to their forums and becoming a part of the “Dc universe”. This site has standard advertisement, a pg-13 disclaimer for some of the comics and a standard privacy policy at the bottom. Partners are listed as “click here” links to go to their websites, which are different comic websites. In conclusion; I feel that this is a good teen for children over the age of 13, but as children websites go this content might be a bit lackluster in entertainment.

6 This website offers very child friendly wording and a lot of cartoon and kid friendly imagery. There are plenty of games and activities for children. Downloadable content is there, although slightly harder to access then some other sites. There IS a club/fan club for children to be a part off, also a “Log in” feature to register. This site has no outside advertisement or banner adds. For Parents: This website has a section under “parents” for the warnings/disclaimers and privacy policy and guidelines. Partners are featured as “click here” links to go to their sites. In conclusion; This is so far my favorite child website because of the sheer amount of games and “pop out” imagery that instantly attracts you to the site.

7 This site uses very kid friendly words and imagery, definitely targeting a audience under the age of 10. There is cartoon flash imagery “moving images” on the site to keep young children entertained. There are no games on this website, but that is made up for in videos and music. Nothing is downloadable besides the “recipes” section which is obviously for the parents going to the site. There is a club for children to join if they wish to log in, also they will receive a newsletter. There is no banner advertisement on this website For parents: There is a entire section there to go over the guidelines rules and regulations, along with the privacy and disclaimers that is easy to access for parents. Sponsors are listed as “click here” links, which seemed to be a reoccurring pattern for these child websites. In conclusion: This site would be fun to visit once as a child, but unless your looking for a site to go back and view a episode that you missed this site has no real entertainment to draw a child back to it.

8 My website rankings! #1: :D! #2: :> #3: #4:  #5: D:!

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