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Shaneel Gulati Block 3 29/10/2013 Information Technology 09.

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2 Shaneel Gulati Block 3 29/10/2013 Information Technology 09

3  Some things you should do is: Protect Your Privacy, Use Anti- Virus Software, Protect Your Internet Connection, and use Supported Browsers. I will be talking about these in the slides below.

4  How to Protect Your Privacy?  Have someone that knows a lot about computers or even everything.  Don’t put any personal information online, sometimes it ends up in frauds or even stolen identity.  Someone can appear and scare you, or even be dangerous.  Know who you are talking to.

5 Why and what Anti-Virus Software Should You Use? The one website that I would recommend is using Windows. The Website is there. essentials-download essentials-download Viruses can slow your computer down, They can even shut your computer down, hackers can access your personal information and use it in a fraud.



8  Some thing that isnt healthy computing/ergonomics are: Don’t post anything stupid, inappropriate, or work related information.  Don’t post personal information such as your address, pins, phone numbers…  Don’t post or share anything that will violate or put any people at risk. For Ex. Fights, bullying, swearing, disgusting videos…

9  The Points that I have just described can get you into some serious consequences. They can also get you kicked out of school, jobs, you can even go to court for these crimes. Almost everyone can see one of those crimes, kids, students, teachers, bosses, family, and even other parents. This can lead to police reports and jail time. Even police officers and other workers that work for company's can see that crime.  For Ex. Vancouver riot in 2011, People are still being charged until today because of videos posted online of them rioting.




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