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Welcome to StyleCast Created by Alexis Shen T HE P REMIER W EATHER A PP T O M EET Y OUR S TYLE N EEDS.

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2 Welcome to StyleCast Created by Alexis Shen T HE P REMIER W EATHER A PP T O M EET Y OUR S TYLE N EEDS

3  Description: Stay updated on the latest style trends, while planning your daily outfit to cater to the weather.  How it works: StyleCast uses an advanced algorithm to select fashion- forward clothing items. StyleCast then pairs individual items into weather appropriate outfits.  What does StyleCast offer?  This interactive app allows users to enter their location and the specific hours they plan to be out of the house. The app then returns weather information along with an appropriate outfit suggestion for the selected time period. ▪ Why look at a specific time period rather than the whole day’s weather? StyleCast understands that too much information can often be superfluous and unnecessary. For example, if the forecast predicts rain only at 9pm, but the user plans to return home at 6pm, StyleCast will NOT suggest that the user includes rain gear in their outfit.  StyleCast allows you to generate outfits for both men and women, and additionally allows the user to select between professional and casual outfits.

4 Participant: Matthew, Age 24 Occupation: Budget Analyst at a Telecommunications Company Hometown: Sacramento, CA Current Residence: San Ramon, CA/Bay Area Description: Matthew works a 40 hour work week Monday-Friday, so his wardrobe most often includes business-casual outfits. He spends most of his time at work at a desk, so he seeks both professionalism and comfort in his work clothes. He describes his weekend and evening style as a “casual, jeans and t-shirt type look”. In an effort to bring more in-style, trendy items into his wardrobe, he has recently signed up for an automated clothing delivery service, Five Four Club.

5  How does your attire differ between workday, evening & weekend? A Workdays are business casual, and evenings and weekends are just a casual t-shirt and jeans usually.  Are you interested in creating a variety in your workwear style? A Yes, I’d like to create variation and get away from the same old outfits.  What is your typical work outfit? A Typically a polo or collared shirt with slacks or sometimes dark denim.  How do you accommodate for extreme heat (if at all)? A Sunglasses and a hat, but rarely. I have some short sleeve shirts better suited for sweat, with venting in the armpits and back.  For rain? A I just upgrade my jacket and maybe swap out my shoes for boots.  For wind? A I own a few windbreakers that I never wear. It’s never windy enough here for me to regret my clothing choice.  For humidity? A I’ve never worried about humidity.

6 Participant: Laura, Age 22 Occupation: Student/ Part-Time Preschool Aide Hometown: Boston, MA Current Residence: San Diego, CA Description: Laura works at a preschool three mornings a week. In the late mornings, she attends school at UC San Diego. Because she lives off campus, she often plans for a full day on campus as there is no time to return home between classes. She is often able to return home around 3-6pm, but sometimes returns to campus later in the evening for meetings or events. She loves to find new additions for her wardrobe. Since she is on a student budget, she has become a master bargain hunter.

7  How does your attire differ between workday, evening & weekend? A I work part time at a preschool. I would describe my outfits as casual but conscious…jeans with no holes. Or slacks. Solid color or patterned shirts without logos or lace or graphic images. And a cardigan. And close-toed shoes as well. I don’t want to look like a “college kid”. A For school, I’d wear jeans with holes, leggings and boots. My shirts are either a continuation of solid color from preschool mornings or graphic tee. A For the evening I usually just add a sweatshirt to my schoolday outfit. A My weekends are split between work out clothes or nicer “going out” clothes like skinny jeans and a nice material top.  What challenges do you have in creating variation in your wardrobe. A I’d love to switch things up. If my budget allowed I would wear more business casual clothes, so finding low cost options in key.  How do you accommodate for extreme heat (if at all)? A Layers. For work I just make sure my tank top underneath my cardigan isnt sheer or anything if I need to take it off. Also I would just generally wear very light colors. For casual attire, I’d do the same sheerness check.  For rain? A I won’t invest in an umbrella. If I’m dressed casually I might wear a hooded sweatshirt.  For wind? A In the winter I would wear a scarf and gloves. In the summer I would make sure not to wear a flowy skirt or dress. But I’ve had problems planning well for that.  For humidity? A It’s terrible. All you can to is have a spare change of clothes in case you sweat in your current clothing. Wear light colors and pull your hair back.  What are your weather information needs? A Mostly I want to know about the rain possibility. Next I’d be concerned about wind.  Do you want to know weather for the full day, or just for the time you will be out of the house? A Just for the time out of the house.

8 Design Challenge: How do I group categories of apparel? For example, I assume that StyleCast cannot return a result that includes BOTH shorts and full-length jeans, as they are both “bottoms” that would not function as part of the same outfit. Other areas were not as clear. For example, would a cardigan be thought of as “top”, or as “outerwear”. Would an umbrella, scarf and belt all fall under a single “accessories” category? Would a suit jacket and a sweatshirt fall in the same category despite varying levels of professionalism?

9  Specifications: This task included a variety of clothing and accessory items.  Participant sorted the labels into categories and then named each category. Participant Laura Age 22 Occupation: Student, Part-Time Preschool Aide Hometown: Boston, MA Current Residence: San Diego, CA




13 How this UX Technique influenced the design:  I was most uncertain of how to manage accessory items in StyleCast. Viewing the results, I decided that it would be appropriate to place accessory items all in the same area of the mobile screen.  I also decided to place all outerwear (light or heavyweight) in the same category. I found it interesting that the participant created a “Coats” category that includes both a lighter-weight cardigan and a heavier-weight trench coat.

14  StyleCast Organization:  Tops  Bottoms  Accessories  Outerwear  Footwear  *If the search returns a Dress, it will take the place of both “Tops” and “Bottoms” Categories”


16 Home ScreenMain Results Page

17 Favorite Items Outfit Gallery





22 H OME P AGE Search Button to find your location. Choose from: Women-Casual Women-Professional Men-Casual Men-Professional Select time period for time out of house. Fill out above selections. Then press “Submit” to view Main Results page. Click to view Options Toolbar. Home Page: Begin search or access Options Toolbar.

23 O PTIONS T OOLBAR F ROM H OME P AGE Choose from options in left toolbar. Minimize toolbar by clicking on right-hand portion of screen. Link StyleCast to Social Media Collection of all outfits your StyleCast has generated. Save your favorite items and access them at any time. Set up photo as part of user profile.

24 M AIN R ESULTS P AGE View weather for selected time period. View suggested weather-appropriate outfit for that time period. Scroll horizontally to view hours. Hourly Average Weather Icons Click on item to zoom & view info.

25 D OUBLE C LICK ON I TEM F ROM M AIN R ESULTS P AGE “Like Button” to save item. Exit to return to previous screen. Zoom in on item, view item information, “like” or share item thru StyleCast on social media. Link out to purchase site.

26 O PTIONS T OOLBAR F ROM M AIN R ESULTS P AGE *Note: All primary and secondary pages offer access to this Options Toolbar.

27 F AVORITES P AGE Access items that you have “liked”. Click to zoom.

28 O UTFIT G ALLERY P AGE Access a log of all of your previous outfits. Click to zoom. Also access date and weather information.

29  This app design may have great potential to become a social networking app. As displayed, a profile must be set up to use StyleCast and log outfits and favorite items. A future addition might include the ability to "follow" other users to view their favorite items and/or outfits.  Another addition could include an area for users to post their own StyleCast-inspired outfits.

30 Thank You StyleCast by Alexis Shen

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