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 Anne Frank: Diary of A Young Girl Created By: Nataly Aguilera, Sydney Dickinson and Pearla Lopez.

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1  Anne Frank: Diary of A Young Girl Created By: Nataly Aguilera, Sydney Dickinson and Pearla Lopez

2 Introduction:  Our group has read, in the book, pages 117- 156.  Our group consists of Sydney, Nataly and Pearla.  Nataly is our group leader, Sydney is our bridge builder and Pearla is our diction detective.

3 Summary  With our passages read, my group can summarize that pages 117 through 156 are about Anne’s feelings towards everyone around her and her description of how they are coping living in an attic. For example, Anne describes of her growing love for Peter, her growing irritation of Mr. and Mrs. Van Daan and growing anger at her mother.

4 1 st Group Member (Pearla) Friday 7 January, 1944; Page 133  “Oh Petel, Petel how will I ever free myself of your image? Wouldn’t any other in your place be a miserable substitute? I love you, and with such great love that it cant grow in my heart anymore, but has to leap out into the open and suddenly manifest in such a devastating way!” Pearla’s response  Anne’s love grows larger the more days she spends locked away in an attic with her love nearby. She wants to tell him, but cant seeing that they broke up a long time ago and has agreed to be friends. But Anne’s afraid that… if she does keep her love a secret, she’ll explode one day and it wont be very pleasant, hence ‘manifest in such a devastating way!’. She wants to be rid herself of her love for Peter, but cant… not as long as she lives with him and his family.

5 2end Group Member (Sydney) Sunday 2 January, 1944; 128  The period when I caused mummy to shed tears is over. I have grown wiser and mummy’s nerves are not so much on edge. I usually keep my mouth shut if I get annoyed and so does she, so we appear to get on much better together. I cant really love mummy in a dependent childlike way- I just don’t have that feeling. I sooth my conscience now with the thought that it is better for hard words to be on paper then that Mummy should carry them in her heart. Sydney’s Response  Anne wishes to love her mother the way any normal mother and daughter would, but she cant. Not after how her mother treated and ignored her as if she didn’t exist. There was an incident, long before Hitler too over, where Anne’s mother and sister made plans to go to the mall after taking Anne to the dentist. Anne wanted to go and be with her mother and sister, but they refused giving her the reason that she rode her bike to the dentist. Anne began to cry of anger, and all they did was laugh at her. “I became so furious I stuck my tongue out at them… I rode home on my bicycle and I know I cried for a long time.”

6 3 rd Group Member (Nataly) Nataly’sResponse  Invasion fever in the country is mounting daily. If you were here, on the one hand, you would probably feel the effect of all these preparations just as I do and, on the other, you would at us for making such a fuss- who knows- perhaps for nothing. Thursday 3 February, 1944; 147  I think what Anne is trying to say is that, every single day everyone is getting worse. The disease is spreading- Invasion fever- effecting every single one of her family members. Her family is fighting more and more, mostly for stuff that isnt even important. Not only has Anne’s family grown to fighting more often, but people outside of the attic are fighting against the German’s.


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