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| Meeting 3 - June 13 th 2006 - Meeting Outline 7:00pm start … house-keeping … Focus.

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1 | Meeting 3 - June 13 th 2006 - Meeting Outline 7:00pm start … house-keeping … Focus on Stand to Reason -- This focus section will include Da Vinci video featuring several prominent apologists + first 10 minutes of an excellent video on Moral Relativism* by Greg Koukl of Stand to Reason + ‘I’m famous!’ radio program snippet (RW) followed by…Stand to Reason …a few minutes discussion on podcasting (TS)… …and a summary of a really nice apologetics course STR (and MCAS) have available on DVD (KG) (~40 minutes total) Main talk for the evening: "World Views in Conflict - What is it, where do we get it and why do we need it?" by Dr. Martin Minnee (45 minutes). 9pm Finish including tea/coffee/biscuits Questions and comments are most welcome after each talk. *The Moral Relativism video is available online ( for those with broadband or we can give you a copy on CD if you cover the CD costs ($1). Email MCAS if you want a copy of this excellent resource.

2 | Housekeeping… 1.MCAS Membership form 2.Gold coin donation for each meeting. Finances (need someone to collect and look after $$$). Projector is costing money. Suggestions for covering costs? Gold coins? 3.Please invite your friends if you think they would be interested 4.Need speakers and topics of interest 5.Get your email in to my database if you want updates 6.Meeting content will all be added to the website after the meeting 7.Get involved!

3 | Coming up… 1.Euthanasia + education + geology lectures 2.E-Sword demo (+ other software; Bible, 3D Bible lands, animated Bible) 3.Great Bible + MP3 player trial 4.Introducing logical fallacies 5.Introducing some big words you may find useful 6.Review some apologetic ministries on the internet: Ravi, Sproul + loads of others (volunteers please)

4 | Focus on Stand to Reason Founder and president: Greg Koukl Began in 1993 of a desire to respond to tremendous hunger in so many Christians to cultivate a more sensible and meaningful faith Strategy: to change the world thru radio + publications + internet + self-directed training curricula + public speaking and seminars 130,000 website visitors per month (aiming for 1,000,000 per month by 2010) Greg has spoken widely: 30 campuses + TV + radio; written two books; 15 years on radio STR expertise: very wide but I think especially critical thinking/clear thinking Christianity and training ambassadors for Christ

5 |

6 “Greg and his Stand to Reason team are leaders in bridging the crucial gap between academic scholars and the man in the street. Putting shoe leather to theories, Greg practically challenges both Christian and non-Christian alike to think more deeply about the truth and viability of a Christian world and life view.” Dr. William Lane Craig, philosopher, author Reasonable Faith

7 | Video 1: Da Vinci with Lee Strobel, Greg Koukl, William Edgar, Darrell Bock, Josh McDowell (6:34 minutes)Video 1 Video 2: Moral Relativism lecture by Greg Koukl (11:26 minutes; total running time ~58 minutes)Video 2 I’m famous! (58:23 – 1:00:42; ~2 minutes)I’m famous Podcasting – what is it? How does it work? Why should I use it? Kim’s STR course?

8 | One of several emails after the STR radio program/podcast: Hi Rob, I was just listening to the latest podcast of Stand to Reason and it turns out you just won the weekly prize draw for signing up with the frapper map for the STR community. Anyway, if you haven’t heard, Greg also plugged your website/organisation, so I ran off to find it. I just thought id reach out and say Hi, as a fellow apologist and brother in Christ. I live in Auckland with my wife and have been self studying (mostly under Greg) for the past three years. I've been wondering about how to use what knowledge and skills ive gained to effect our country, so was thrilled to hear of someone already getting on that wagon. If I could offer any assistance at anytime, for mostly anything, then don’t be afraid to tap me as a resource. I don’t know what I have to offer you, but any help is better than none, even if its just an encouraging email. We'll, I guess that’s all for now. I will keep an eye on your ministry, Cheers, R*** B***** P.S. My wife and I were actually looking to move down to Palmerston North a few months ago. But getting there with a job waiting for you from half the country away isnt exactly easy. I think that’s one of the reasons Greg saying 'Palmerston North' really grabbed my attention. ;)

9 | Wish list… 1.Da Vinci Code lecture 2.Worldviews lecture 3.Logic lecture 4.Christianity in Middle East lecture 5.Review and discussion of Russell Humphreys’ book Starlight and Time with brief explanation of relativity

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