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Chapter 8 Mendel & Heredity

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1 Chapter 8 Mendel & Heredity

2 Chapter Overview 8.1 Mendel’s Experiment
8.2 Theory and Law of Heredity 8.3 Punnett Squares 8.4 Complex Patterns of Heredity

3 Topic #1-8.1 Origin of Genetics
1800s before DNA Gregor Mendel Austrian monk intrigued with “heredity” Passing of traits from parents to offspring Designed an experiment to show how “genes” were passed down Bred pea plants for color patterns 7 years Observed inheritance patterns

4 Topic #2- Mendel’s Experiment
Monohybrid Cross 1 trait flower color Based on this experiment he came up with 4 hypotheses…

5 Mendel’s Hypotheses 1. Alternating forms of genes called alleles

6 Mendel’s Hypotheses 2. For each trait organism has 2 alleles
Same 2 alleles = homozygous (AA, aa) Different alleles = heterozygous (Aa)

7 Mendel’s Hypotheses 3. When only 1 of the 2 traits in a heterozygous organisms is visible the allele is dominant (R) the non visible is recessive (r) You only see “white” when There are 2 small letters (homozygous recessive) Because the large letter isnt there to block it from showing

8 Mendel’s Hypotheses 4. The 2 alleles for a character separate during meiosis (gametes) Principle of segregation!!

9 Topic #3- What Mendel’s Experiment Show Us Today
Every organism has a genotype Genetic makeup (AA, Aa, aa) Every organism has a phenotype Observable (Purple, Purple, White)

10 REVIEW What are the genotypes for What is a Genotype?
Homozygous dominant: Heterozygous: Homozygous recessive: What is a Genotype? What is a Phenotype? What is an Allele? AA Aa aa

11 Monohybrid Practice problems
Cross H. Dominant X Heterozygous Cross H. Recessive X Heterozygous Cross Heterozygous X Heterozygous Cross H. Dominant X H. Recessive Practice Worksheet

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