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Combine Process Models .. Possible or not ?? - Discussion

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1 Combine Process Models .. Possible or not ?? - Discussion
By : Thaer Al-Hanafi University Of Palestine

2 Possible Or Not Possible
Well , Software process models are possible to combine but they have rules to combine .. I just answered the question in short answer and the full answer is exist in the resources with details.

3 Some famous ways to combine
We can sometimes combine process models e.g. 1. waterfall inside evolutionary – onboard shuttle software 2. Evolutionary inside waterfall – e.g. GUI prototyping We can also evolve the process model together with the product to account for product maturity, e.g. rapid prototyping → waterfall

4 How is that possible The possibility of combining two process models comes after choosing one main process model . For the main project. Then splitting the project to steps and smaller projects – (main tasks, sub tasks).

5 How is that possible After that we can choose a different model to work in every smaller project and we can combine more than one process model. So that it’s actually a process model inside process model as sub process model.

6 If you say no ?? Will if some one insisted that its not possible to combine process models then he will have to answer the following question . Isnt’t the tasks and sub-tasks projects by them self’s ? What is the reason that limits you on one process model for any project ?

7 Resources
(Paper Written in 2008 talking just about combining process models)

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