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What is a Climate Artist ?: Or Making Science Intimate The Scientific Method as a Territory for Artistic Experimentation Roger F Malina Observatoire.

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3 What is a Climate Artist ?: Or Making Science Intimate The Scientific Method as a Territory for Artistic Experimentation Roger F Malina Observatoire Astronomique de Marseille Provence for Ecomedia Feb 2009

4 Arrhenius 1896 : On the Influence of Carbonic Acid in the Air upon the Temperature of the Ground

5 By the 1970s CO2 increase measured

6 Modern Science Doesnt Make Common Sense Most knowledge about our world now comes through scientific instruments o Few people have experience of mediated senses o Much science is now done by experiments on data rather than experiments on the world Most of the world isnt on human scales o Nano science o Femto physics Our intuition, languages, metaphors, arts are built training on the wrong data for survival

7 Living in New Scales cf Cheese Diagram Guardans, Czegledy SLOW........................................................................................................ FAST SMALL OUR SIZE LARGE

8 New Senses: Gravitational Wave Observatories- LIGO in USA VIRGO in Italy

9 New senses: The Antares Neutrino Observatory under the Mediterranean

10 Augmented Senses: Sight, Touch, Temporality …………

11 Modern Science does not Make Common Sense We need a new sensuality We need a new sociology of science o Most science is done in protected semi monastic enclaves o Science is a Cargo Cult We need to remotivate a scientific understand the world o « society » no longer think science is a priority for government spending or for peoples careers o Need the « hard humanities » o A NEW CULTURE for RAPID TRANSFORMATION

12 The Evolving Scientific Method Physical « Laws »: o Compact Descriptions of the World o Experiments on the world Simulations: o Virtual Worlds that mimic our World o Retrodiction vs Prediction Pattern Recognition: o The « petabyte » era o Doing experiments on data about the world o Extrapolation vs Explanation

13 The Evolving Scientific Method The Mysterious Effectiveness of Mathematics o New mathematics: complexity theory, network theory o Computable worlds. Algorithms o Causality as an emergent property The Mysterious Effectiveness of Instruments o Our Senses are Filters not Windows on the World o Other scales of size, time, other sources of energy o New Ontologies o Some aspects of the world cannot be understood until we have invented the right instrument

14 The Scientific Method as a Territory for Artistic Experimentation Forming intuition on mediated sensory data Designing/Interacting with simulated systems Making sense of dense data, petabyte era Making Science Intimate Peoples Science Micro Science New Ontologies, New Intuitions,New Sensuality

15 Muliple Modes to Mediated Sensuality INTIMATE SCIENCE: « ownership of the data about ones own environment » Peoples Science: « public science » CROWDSOURCING : » distributed and open science » OPEN OBSERVATORIES

16 . Micro Science: Coupling Common Sense to Common Science Micro-Science o Micro Science is to the National Science Foundation o What Micro Credit is to the World Bank Making science intimate o Owning data about your own environment o Science creating communities own their knowledge o Building intution, language from mediated sensory experience Science- Art Projects and Art-Science Projects o Art driven use of scientific methods and instruments o Science driven development of cultural artifacts

17 The Sound of Trees Growing David Dunn (composer, sound artist) Jim Crutchfield ( complexity scientist) Artist driven recording of sounds of trees growing led to research project in the coupling of ultrasound from trees, beetles, forest fire system dynamics

18 Calm Technologies/Distributed Sensing/Locative Media Weiner 1991 Xerox Parc Eg Eric Paulos, Intel www.urban- active participation in basic scientific data gathering richer, finer-grain data sets for modeling mobile phone for grassroots participation in government and policy making Trash Truck project

19 Intimate Science Pigeon Blog ( B Da Costa) Inside Outside Handbag (Katherine Moriwaki )

20 Mediated Sensuality 1904 2004 Cezanne: Mont St Victoire.........Sabine Raaf: Translator II

21 New Corporality; Physical, Virtual Stelarc Char Davies

22 Immersion in Extreme Environments Antarctica......Deserts… Marco Peljham and Macrolab

23 Hybrid Bodies eg Antunez Roca in zero gravity

24 Nano Intuition : feeling molecules Sommerer/Mignoneau

25 Embedded in Peta-Data Sets Donna Cox Ruth West Weather Data Bases Protein Sequence Data

26 People’s Science Bharat Gyan Vigyan Samiti: Indian People’s Science Networks Brazil Digital Culture projects Sergipe « Human Project » o Humbi Umbi in Brazil Srishti School, Bangalore Ubiquitous micro science producing communities Open Hardware Hacker Culture, Bricolabs OPEN OBSERVATORIES

27 Crowd-Sourcing Distributed Science BOINC : Berkeley Open Infrastructure Network Computing o SETI@home search for extraterrestial intelligence o, climate modelling o

28 Philanthropy 2.0: « open innovation » Eg INNOCENTIVE Organisations can submit problems for solution Together with award incentive Over 200 problems solved to date Problem solving communities outside the Academy Eg

29 How Artists in Labs Scientists in Studios Town Scientists Micro Science funding Open sourcing of data about your own world OPEN OBSERVATORIES Developing the ‘hard humanities’ to change the content and direction of science

30 ArtsActive Network Artists in R and D Labs Programs Art in Labs, Switzerland, Jill Scott ANAT/Synapse, Symbiotica Australia Dissonancias, :Laboral, Spain Art and Genomics: Holland ECTOPIA; Portugal FUSE/CADRE:.Climate Clock UK ITEM, ArtsCatalyst, FACT/ Blue Sky Residencies Leonardo - UCB Space Sciences Leonardo/POP SUD France TRANSGENESIS; Czech rep Observers: James Leach, Emmanuel Mahe (Orange), Bronac Ferran, Sammuelle Carlson.Robert Thill List of patents filed by artists Exchange of Intellectual Property approaches Jurying systems Announcements Scientists in cultural organisations ?

31 From Landscape Artists to Climate Artists See Saul Griffith: The Game Plan

32 Thanks

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