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The Village Green Jon Crowcroft

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1 The Village Green Jon Crowcroft

2 Village Social Net = {Nodes, Edges} Nodes = {people, places, info} Edges = {co-lo, msg to/from, ref, declared} How does edge set Correlate at any time Evolve (cause) over time? Why is this hard?

3 Village of the damned In the Midwich Cuckoos, noone has privacy from the alien children So in the end, one chap runs interference And blows them up We (social net researchers) don’t want to be blown up So we better respect privacy How we gather data? How we keep and share data? Broken Promises of Privacy: Responding to the Surprising Failure of Anonymization, Paul Ohm (colorado school of law)

4 Green Demand&Supply for information and current varies In time, and space C.f. obscure asimov book “the currents in space” + bad jokes about currency exchange Combined heat+packets Joint optimise location of cpu/data + Production of electricity Why is this hard?

5 Stop Lights Network/User Joint Optimisation Max utility/Minimum Price Max Revenue/Min Opex/Capex Subject to competition…. Utility could be for capacity or delay Or energy But assumes monotonic Problem is that energy production isnt Step functions in sustainable production

6 The Village Green Crowdsource info on demand Buzztraq, spinthrift Crowdsource weather info Is how met works today Decentralize everything P2P CDNs as well as data centers P2P Energy (sell current back to grid) => “Combined energy and packets” =>Heat Exchange & Info Exchange Exchange for Meta-data about energy&info demand/supply

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