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Katniss Everdeen HERO… notes.

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1 Katniss Everdeen HERO… notes

2 Personality Traits Bravery Leadership Courage Persistence Intelligence

3 Culture/Society District 12 is lower class Smallest district
Coal miners Girl on fire/Spark for rebellion Exceeds low expectations Trained for hunting by breaking the law (Collins Hunger Games)

4 Setting Time of oppressive Capitol
Prepared for first arena by hunting in the woods with Gale Father died when she was young, forced to provide for mother/sister Risks her life for Prim (Collins Hunger Games) Mother is depressed, Katniss takes on family leadership role Quiet, unsociable (Rosenburg)

5 Thoughts toward family
Unconditional love toward Mom & Prim Sole provider for the family Feels alone, takes that ethic into arena Has hard time warming up to people (i.e. Haymitch, Peeta, Prep. Team) (Collins Hunger Games) Takes Prim’s place in first games Treats Gale and his family like her own

6 Feelings toward The Capitol
Didn’t question leadership Angered by Games, shoots at Gamemakers in training Thrives in the first Arena, embarrasses Capitol by faking suicide with Peeta (Collins Hunger Games) That is her first act of defiance, unknowingly identifies her as the symbol of rebellion Later realizes how terrible and manipulative it is, hate for Capitol grows (Collins Catching Fire) Very confused about how to directly incite a rebellion

7 Haymitch, and the Rebellion
Originally comes off as useless, drunk mentor Singles out, and aids Katniss in the first Arena Angers Katniss by not informing her of her important role of the Mockinjay Plans rebellion years before Katniss’ Games, withholds information Creates feeling of being used in Katniss, got same feeling from Snow and The Capitol

8 Thrust Into Leadership
Katniss isn’t a hero by choice, her spontaneous actions make her a rebellious symbol Evacuated after second Arena by Haymitch/Gamemakers Doesn’t realize they’ve been planning rebellion for years, just waiting for right timing She only serves as a figurehead, she can persuade and convince people to join the rebels Just wants Games to be over, return to normal life, forced to speadhead revolution People look up to her, citizens of District 13 look to her for courage and leadership (Collins Mockingjay)

9 Reluctant Hero Doesn’t act like routine hero
Confused, afraid, acts out of emotion Doesn’t want the attention or glamour When in District 13, isn’t allowed to fight in significant battles (Collins Mockingjay) Gets sick of being used as a pawn Eventually realizes, leads military squad on mission to kill Snow, fails Kills Coin and Snow, fulfilling her own goals and completing the rebellion

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