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The Periodic Table of Elements The Periodic Table.

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1 The Periodic Table of Elements The Periodic Table

2 The Periodic Table is Divided into Sections by Jagged Red Line! Metals – left of red line Nonmetals – right of red line Metalloids – touch TWO SIDES of red line –Notice there are Exceptions: –Hydrogen –Aluminum –Polonium Metals Nonmetals Metalloids

3 Color-code your periodic table! Metals Nonmetals Metalloids

4 Time for a Lab!! The Element Survey

5 Properties of… Which is…. Shiny or Dull? Bendable or Brittle? Solids or Powders/Liquids? Good or Poor Conductors? MetalsNonmetals Shiny (when polished) Dull BendableBrittle SolidsPowders, Liquids, Gases Good Conductors Poor Conductors

6 The Periodic Table has rows and columns! The rows are called PERIODS. The columns are called GROUPS or FAMILIES. Family Period

7 Periods and Families are Numbered! Renumber your Families… *Instructions in class! What element is found in Group2, Period 3? Magnesium 123123 1 2

8 Groups/Families are Given Names Group 1 –Alkali Metals Group 2 –Alkaline Earth Metals Groups between 2 & 3 –Transition Metals Group 3 –Boron Family Group 4 –Carbon Family Group 5 –Nitrogen Family Group 6 –Chalcogens Group 7 –Halogens Group 8 –Noble Gases

9 Elements are grouped in FAMILIES because they are RELATED! DEMO – –Sodium –Lithium Both react with water! TIME FOR A LAB!

10 The Periodic Table Lists ELEMENTS!! Each element has a square with information in it. Name Symbol Atomic NUMBER (number in upper right- hand corner) Atomic MASS (bottom)

11 Elements are IN ORDER by Atomic Number! Two rows at bottom –Lanthanide Series –Actinide Series They’re pulled out so the table isn’t so wide. Why is the atomic number so great?

12 The Atomic NUMBER tells you the NUMBER OF PROTONS! NUMBER OF PROTONS = NUMBER OF ELECTRONS How many protons are in an atom of Silver? 47 How many electrons? 47

13 So What Does the Atomic MASS tell you? The Atomic MASS is the MASS of the atom! What is the HEAVIEST part of the atom? Protons & Neutrons (Electrons are nearly weightless) So, the MASS is the SUM of protons and neutrons. What is the Atomic MASS of an atom of Silver? 108 (round up) How many NEUTRONS are in one atom of Silver?? Mass – Protons = Neutrons 108 – 47 = 61 Atomic Mass

14 Let’s Practice A Few… How many protons, electrons, and neutrons are in ONE atom of Helium? Protons 2 Electrons 2 Neutrons 2 (4 – 2 = 2)

15 What about for an atom of… Platinum? Protons 78 Electrons 78 Neutrons 117(195 – 78 = 117)

16 How about… Uranium? Protons 92 Electrons 92 Neutrons 146(238 – 92 = 146)

17 Can You Do a Tricky One? You found a sample of an element! With some careful testing, you determine there are 18 protons in each atom of the sample. What element did you find? Argon! So, the number of protons (& electrons) DEFINES an element.

18 Review Why is the Periodic Table shaped so funny? In order by increasing Atomic Number Families Metals/Nonmetals/Metalloi ds Bottom 2 rows pulled out Space below Hydrogen Calculate protons, neutrons, & electrons for Lithium.

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