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2 Unit 4, Week 5 Nutik, the Wolf Pup

3 100 200 400 300 400 Word Work Grammar Comprehension Vocabulary 300 200 400 200 100 500 100

4 A. lawn B. close C. laundry laundry

5 I ____ hear you. A.cant B. ca’nt. C. can’t can’t

6 Andy sat in a big chair. A man looked in his mouth. A small hose sucked the spit from Andy’s mouth. It was hard for Andy to keep his mouth open for so long. Where is Andy? Andy is at the dentist office.

7 What is the base word of wiggled? A.wig B. wiggl C. wiggle Wiggle

8 What is the ending sound in the word ? Straw = /aw/

9 She _____ home right now. A.isn’t B. isnt’ C. is’nt isn’t

10 A dog saw another animal and began to chase it. The animal darted toward a tree. It climbed up to the safety of a branch. The animal arched his back and hissed at the dog. What animal did the dog chase? The dog chased a cat.

11 I glanced in the mirror as I walked by. The word glanced means_______. A.will glance B. did glance C. can glance uprooted

12 What is the middle sound in the word ? Sauce = /au/

13 Which is written correctly? A.My friend could’nt come over. B. My friend couldnt come over. C. My friend couldn’t come over.. My friend couldn’t come over.

14 George and his mom walked by a pet store in town. George asked his mother if he could get a cat. “How many cats do you need?” she asked. “I’m sorry, George. We can not get another cat.” George’s mother will not get George a new cat because__________. A.She does not like cats. B.They are in a hurry. C.George already has a cat. George already has a cat.

15 I can’t imagine my life without my beloved cat. What word means about the same as beloved? A. cherished B. hated C. belonged cherished

16 A.dear A.fawn A.pawn fawn

17 Which is written correctly? A.Jennifer wasn’t able to answer correctly. B. Jennifer was’nt able to answer correctly. C. Jennifer wasnt’ able to answer correctly. Jennifer wasn’t able to answer correctly.

18 I walked on stage to receive my award. The crowd smiled at me. Many people were cheering. I smiled back at them. I had worked very hard to earn this award. How does this person probably feel? Proud

19 Which pair of words has almost the same meaning? A.gleamed, dull B. noble, dishonorable C. promised, pledged promised, pledged

20 How many sounds are in the word ? Yawn = 3

21 Which is written correctly? A.Why havent’ we feed the cat yet? B. Why haven’t we feed the cat yet? C. Why have’nt we feed the cat yet? Why haven’t we feed the cat yet?

22 The kitchen smelled sweet. My brother and I were anxiously waiting for our baked treats. I cleaned up the flour and tossed out the egg shells as we waited. My brother put away the chocolate chips. What were the brother and sister baking? They were baking chocolate chip cookies.

23 Something that has glowed or shone has _______. A. gleamed B. wiggled C. glanced gleamed

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