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8 Parts of Speech – Sept. ¾ Warm-Up

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1 8 Parts of Speech – Sept. ¾ Warm-Up
*Sit in your assigned seat, or I will count you absent on accident! Turn in your “Interlopers” paragraphs.* 8 Parts of Speech – Sept. ¾ Warm-Up Unscramble the following sentence as best you can. Once you think you have it, label the parts of speech. the evil teacher on his desk the next morning assigns us Urg! work daily and expects it by 8:00

2 How did you do?! Unscrambled sentence
Urg! The evil teacher assigns us work daily and expects it on his desk by 8:00 in the morning. Int. adj. noun verb pro. noun adv. con. verb pro. prep. pro. noun prep. noun prep. noun How did you do?!

3 Haruki Murakami (ha-roo-ke moor a-ka me) p. 356
“The Seventh Man” Haruki Murakami (ha-roo-ke moor a-ka me) p. 356

4 Haruki Murakami Born 1949 Lived in Kyoto and Kobe, Japan
Literary parents Escaped loneliness and his parents strictness through reading Combined Eastern and Western influences Writes about spiritual emptiness within the Japanese culture Tsunamis and typhoons were common

5 As we read… Track the description of the waves/ocean compared to the mood of the story and the tone of storyteller. The ocean provides a structure for the story. The waves are… The tone/mood is… Lapping normally Playful/comfortable Distant-- close Curious--frightful friendly, renewing Relieved, reborn

6 Fun Fact Flotsam: Jetsam:
the wreckage of a ship or its cargo found floating on or washed up by the sea. synonyms: wreckage, cargo, remains; people or things that have been rejected and are regarded as worthless. "the room was cleared of boxes and other flotsam“ Jetsam: unwanted material or goods that have been thrown overboard from a ship and washed ashore, especially material that has been discarded to lighten the vessel.

7 Archetype Water: the mystery of creation; birth-death-resurrection; purification and redemption; fertility and growth. According to Carl Jung, water is most common symbol for the unconscious. a) The Sea: the mother of all life; spiritual mystery and infinity; death and rebirth; timelessness and eternity; the unconscious. b) Rivers: death and rebirth (baptism); the flowing of time into eternity; transitional phases of the life cycle; incarnations of deities.

8 Archetype Seven: the most potent of all symbolic numbers– signifies the union of 3 and 4, the complement of the cycle, the perfect order

9 The big picture What parable is the seventh man teaching the circle of story tellers? What do you suppose Murakami is suggesting to us with this story? What thematic statements arise from this tale?

10 Plot Draw out the plotline.

11 On your own Answer the reading questions on your own sheet of notebook paper. Answer in complete sentences. Homework: finish questions by Friday

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