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Acquisitions: Academic Libraries Lianne Johns 3 rd September 2004.

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1 Acquisitions: Academic Libraries Lianne Johns 3 rd September 2004

2 Outline Acquisition Goals at UWE UWE Acquisitions Configuration Functionality Used Future Enchancements

3 Acquisition Goals: LMS Specification 1997 20.1 The system must be a fully integrated multi-site service, in which acquisition processes can be carried out on a wholly or partly site specific basis. 20.2 The system must handle all the routines of ordering, chasing, and receipting monographs, non-book materials, and standing orders by purchase or donation. 20.9 The system should allow notification e.g. to requesters of item arrival by e-mail. 20.11 There must be a data repeat facility for a suppliers file. 20.17 The system must claim for items on order via EDI. 20.20 The system must be able to pass authorised invoices electronically to the universities finance systems. 20.21 Suppliers must indicate how they support on-line ordering using established EDI standards.

4 Acquisitions Goals: UWE Collection Management Policy 70% of book stock & journal stock to be obtained from one or more suppliers in the Southern Universities Purchasing Consortium (SUPC). EDI preferred method of ordering, claiming and invoicing Introduce a uniform approach to Acquisitions across campus.

5 Fund Configuration Example Fund ID: FR CEMS B ENG = Frenchay Computing Engineering Maths Book Engineering

6 UWE Acquisitions: stats & facts Number of Fund Codes 2005 Bower Ashton7 Bath (UWE)8 Glenside18 Hartpury30 Frenchay148 St Matthias37 Swindon8 Total256 Example Fund Code: FR CEMS J MAT FR - Frenchay CEMS - Computing Engineering Mathematics J - Journals MAT - Mathematics

7 UWE Acquisitions: stats & facts continued … Bower Ashton57 Bath (UWE)8 Glenside386 Hartpury415 Frenchay1411 St Matthias49 Swindon29 Total2355 Number of active vendors 2005 Vendor ID: FR DAWURG BK FR - Frenchay DAW - Dawson URG - Urgent BK - Book

8 UWE Acquisitions: stats & facts continued... Bower Ashton1442 Bath (UWE)240 Glenside2379 Hartpury2289 Frenchay10525 St Matthias3413 Swindon313 Total20601 Items Ordered In 2004 Example Order ID FR-1123 FR- Frenchay Auto number 1123

9 UWE Acquisitions: typical toolbar Fund Information & Maintenance Wizards Vendors Information & Display Wizards Order Information & Maintenance Wizards Invoice Information & Maintenance Wizards

10 Functionality: Acquisitions Reports Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Custom reports - EDIFACT Purchase Order (EDIFACTPO) selects orders that are ready but not yet mailed. EDI reports - EDI File Transmission (EDISend) looks for vendors with X12 capability and transmits an ASCII file of orders. [by campus] Acquisitions reports – EDI not made ready. This picks up items that have not been transmitted by EDI.

11 Functionality: Acquisitions reports Claiming: Claim notice (acqclaim) Retrieves open orders with a status of late or short. These are run on a quarterly basis. Throughput stats: Orderline List (orderlinellist) looks for items ordered by a maintenance library in a fiscal year that have been received and loaded >0 Rollover: Rollover Fund Cycles (rolloverfund) Rollover Vendor Cycles (rollovervend), Rollover Basic Order (rollsingleord), Rollover Dated Orders (rolldateord) Purge Orders (purgeorderlins) Month end reports: List Funded Orderlines (fundorderlst), Funded User Requests (fundreqlst). By each fund code, order type, and user requested.

12 UWE Future Goals Begin using the new Acquisitions wizards before 2004 upgrade. Orderline Search Source using Z39.50 – UWE firewall. OPAC Note fields Smartport – BDZ – UWE firewall. Use EDI to receive update order information from suppliers. Management of multi-part volumes: recurring order wizard.

13 Unicorn System Enhancements Introduce an administrator level that can add funds for all libraries from one login. Introduce multi-currency vendors. Stock moves: records with orders attached. Receive order & Create invoice.

14 Questions 0117 3283691

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