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IPACC – OBS Update Mental Health Forum Gareth Lawrence 23 rd October 2007.

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1 IPACC – OBS Update Mental Health Forum Gareth Lawrence 23 rd October 2007

2 Overview IPACC – Strategic Context/Background What is an OBS? Why an OBS? IPACC Scope IPACC OBS Development Process Progress to date Planned activities CMH Progress – Key queries Any questions….

3 Strategic Context Sept 2006 – report submitted to eHealth Strategy Board –GP IT systems needed improved functionality to support broader 1ry and community care domain –New systems acquired via national procurement Outline Business Case produced for eHealth Strategy Board – March 2007 –Explored options in detail –Wider consultation with service –June 2007 - move to next stage

4 SEHD Commission – Key points Received by NSS July 2007 Preparation of Requirements –Patient Management System (PMS) and –Integrated Primary and Community Care (IPACC) Projects –Governed via current Project Boards –Ensure that common elements were managed robustly Hardware assessment Network assessment Overlap in functionality Use of national products

5 Delivering the Commission NSS response approved– August 2007 Proposed the initiation of two distinct but closely aligned projects Governance via Project Board and supporting structures Baseline plan for delivery of key products – effort/time/cost Roadmap of how products will be delivered Commenced initiation stage Final version to be delivered by 31 st January 2007

6 IPACC Scope Scope –The core IPACC OBS solution GP Practice patient administration and clinical management system (To support full Scottish Enhanced Functionality) Wider community health care teams patient administration and clinical management –Nursing –Allied health professionals –Mental Health Teams –Child Health eCare Primary care registration management

7 IPACC/PMS Interactions - CMH Aware of discussions re fit for Mental Health Current commission; –PMS - The core PMS solution; »Mental Health Patient Administration System »Establish high level functional requirements for; »The additional optional module list; »Mental Health Clinical –IPACC - Wider Community health care teams patient administration and clinical management: »Mental Health Teams (Psychiatric nurses, Clinical psychologists & Psychiatrists);

8 What is an OBS? Specification that focuses on desired requirements of a system or service in business terms rather than technical terms Describe the business/clinical area and benefits expected – use scenarios Written as a series of outputs –Service improvements (removing limitations, faster) –Safety (better controls, limited access) –Financial (saving costs, more for the same) –Measurable, where possible

9 Why an OBS? Supports the ‘Competitive Dialogue Procedure’ Allows potential suppliers the scope to provide a range of solutions to meet the needs of the customer/client Gives the freedom to flex the scope of a procurement to meet the needs of the service Allows the customer and supplier maximum freedom to explore solutions prior to detailed contract negotiations

10 OBS Development Process – Process Outline Project Team Key Stakeholders Reference Group Wider Consultation Draft #1Draft #2Draft #3 QA RD PD RD = Role Description QA = Quality Assurance

11 OBS Development Process – Key Stakeholder Groups Assist with mapping the patient journey for a limited range of likely scenarios (both current and future) Assist with defining and documenting the high level outputs in relation to the principle functions and processes Group related requirements together into baseline clinical and business functions Provide a high level assessment of the benefits, quantified where possible that would accrue if the defined outputs were implemented Identify any major issues and risks if the defined requirements were implemented

12 OBS Development Process – Key Stakeholder Groups

13 OBS Development Process – User Reference Group Responsible for providing cross-functional representation across all of the work streams within the IPACC scope. The main purpose of the Group is to review the detailed draft version of the OBS, covering the draft outputs from all IPACC work streams and ensuring cross work stream dependencies are identified and effectively coordinated.

14 OBS Development Process – IPACC User Reference Group

15 OBS Development Process – Quality Assurance Group Independent of KS and URG functions Cover same clinical and business areas as Key Stakeholders Should not be same people

16 OBS Development Process – Quality Assurance Group The QA Group will provide overall quality assurance to the OBS development process It will act as a key focal point ensuring all relevant stakeholders for each IPACC work stream are both involved and provide appropriate material to include within the OBS Provide formal authority to proceed through each stage of the OBS development. Quality Reviews will be organised and conducted in accordance with the IPACC Quality Plan

17 OBS Development Process – IPACC Quality Assurance Group

18 Progress to date Initiation workshop held – 18/09/07 PID draft complete OBS Skeleton Structure developed Work packages initiated for hardware audit and data migration report Ongoing meetings with Key Stakeholders/QA to pre-brief and gain support from professional bodies Review of existing documentation/specs QA/User Reference Group meeting dates planned Project Board scheduled – 1 st November

19 Progress to date Work streamProject TeamMeeting 1Meeting 2Meeting 3 GPGL/GS18/9/072/10/07 – BM 5/10/07 – AM 12/10/07 CNGL/GS25/10/0702/11/07TBC CMHGL/GS27/09/0719/10/0729/10/07 cAHPNN/SH12/10/07Virtual review eCareTBC01/11/07Virtual review PSDNN19/10/07Virtual review ChildNN/SH23/10/07 – VB 29/10/07 – SA 13/11/07 – SA+VB N/A Drug Misuses Service TBC06/11/07 Learning Disabilities TBC CAMHTBC

20 Progress to date Hardware audit –Meetings held with sample HBs –Data capture spreadsheet distributed to sample HBs –Return date – by 30 th October Data migration report –Work initiated –Report in progress

21 Planned activities QA Meetings – 30/31 st October IPACC Project Board – 1 st November SCIMP Presentation – 6 th November URG Meeting – 8 th November Review of existing GCS requirements Ongoing key stakeholder meetings – 23/10 – 6/11 Key stakeholder communication events –E.g. Mental Health Forum Delivery of first draft of IPACC OBS – November 2007

22 CMH Progress – Key Queries Scheduled meetings complete –Includes content from Feb07 – ‘Draft high level functional spec for MH Info System’ –Draft to be complete by 24/10/2007 for KS review –Review of existing MH systems requirement specs to commence –Meetings with CAMH/Learning Disabilities Key Queries –Psychology involvement? –Concept of electronic clinical notes?

23 Any Questions? 07823 532 802 0131 275 7459

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