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Learn how the French Revolution effected the world Deepen understanding of a strong argument Take a stand on a controversial issue.

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3 Learn how the French Revolution effected the world Deepen understanding of a strong argument Take a stand on a controversial issue

4 Who is in charge: The assembly, King had limited power, “active citizens” (men over 25 who paid a certain amount of taxes) could vote Role of the King: suspensive veto, stuck in Paris Religious issues: Protestants given equal rights, but tensions remained, assembly wanted priests to take oath of loyalty, priests elected by citizens


6 International issues: Foreign kings uneasy about revolution Bread situation: Prices were increasing Major figures: Robespierre – Leader of radical Jacobians, wanted a republic, flight to Vareness

7 Who is in charge: New constitution, fear of counter revolution begins, all men could vote Role of the King: No more power, wanted war in hopes of regaining his power International issues: Foreign kings wanted French king returned to power, Prussian actions, problems in France made resistance weak Sept 1791 – April 1793

8 Bread situation: prices continued to rise Sans Culottes: Took many from prisons and executed them, afterwards they went to the front lines and helped defend France

9 Major figures: Robespierre – Did not want war, thought France was too weak to defend herself Marat- Wanted the rest of France to follow the Sans Culottes example

10 After the monarchy was abolished, the King was put on “trial”

11 More traditional citizens wanted him freed More radical citizens (including Robespierre and the Sans Culottes) wanted him executed. “If Louise can be presumed innocent, what becomes of the Revolution?... Louis must die because the nation must live.” -Robespierre Reaction: Royalist counter-revolutionaries gained strength and fought against the government.

12 A reaction to the counter-revolutionaries Led by Robespierre with the “Committee for Public Safety” Paranoid response to threats France is under attack by 8 different European nations

13 As the Terror went on in length it became easier to be convicted of treason and less evidence was needed. Eventually no witnesses were required and those who were accused were forbidden from having a lawyer But hey, bread prices finally went down

14 Marie Antoinette 16,000 were tried and sentenced to death

15 500,000 were imprisoned and as many as 10,000 died as a result of poor conditions The city of Lyon was ordered to be destroyed by the Committee and 2,000 were executed. An estimate of 250,000 died in the rebellion in Lyon. Many of these were civilians including women and children

16 Robespierre wanted France to strive towards his vision of perfection His opponents saw him as wanting God like status The Great Terror came from the Committee making it even easier to be accused of treason. In this two month period alone(June – July), 1,500 people were killed by guillotine.

17 The Arrest of Robespierre

18 The Revolution Consumes Its Own Children! Danton Awaits Execution, 1793 Robespierre Lies Wounded Before the Revolutionary Tribunal that will order him to be guillotined, 1794.

19 The “Cultural Revolution“ effects of the Revolution  It was premised upon Enlightenment principles of rationality.  The metric system of weights and measures  Was defined by the French Academy of Sciences in 1791 and enforced in 1793.  It replaced weights and measures that had their origins in the Middle Ages.  The abolition of slavery within France in 1791 and throughout the French colonies in 1794.  The Convention legalized divorce and enacted shared inheritance laws [even for illegitimate offspring] in an attempt to eradicate inequalities.

20 Shortly after the Terror, the Convention was replaced by a governmental group known as the Directory This group help its power with the help of the military. Leaders of the Directory felt that a strong dictator was needed to help France get back on track.

21 This eventually resulted in a young General Napoleon Bonaparte to filling this need with his popularity and political maneuvering. France spent the next decade and a half in wars with the rest of Europe.


23 Write down your first hypothesis on your post it. Line up in the middle of the room according to your view. Discuss with your peer in front of you your reasons Share with the class some of the views that came up in your discussion

24 Get out your comp books Answer these three questions in groups of four How do you know if evidence is strong? What are appropriate ways to argue against a classmate’s evidence? How do you know if evidence is properly explained? Write the answers in your comp book, be prepared to share with the group

25 In your groups of four, discuss what makes a good group member. Come up with as many ways as possible Pick the top 3 – 5 examples to share with the class I will be making a self assessment rubric with the top ways.

26 1. We read the background information together 2. You split into groups of 4 3. Those groups split into groups in half (2 on pro side, 2 on con) 4. Each group reads the text for their side. 5. You will develop an argument for your side 6. You will debate in your groups of 4. 7. After each group goes, each group will then argue for the opposing side 8. The group will attempt to come to a consensus.


28 Take 7 minutes to read the background information. Make sure to define words that you do not understand with your partner Write down in your comp books any questions you have about the text. What are some questions you have?

29 I will assign you to groups of 4 2 will be on the pro side, 2 will be on the con Pro side gather on the left side, Con on the right. You will receive a text according to your side. You will also receive the self assessment for today and tomorrow to fill out at the end of the day. Copy the graphic organizer and fill out an argument for your side Make sure you define the vocabulary you do not understand

30 Get into your groups of 4 Each side take 5 minutes to argue your main points Make sure to take note of your opponents arguments on your organizer Take 5 minutes each and argue your opponents main points back to them Feel free to help your opponents out and MAKE SURE they understand your view

31 Take 10 minutes to try and come to a consensus with your group. Decide on the three pieces of evidence which were most convincing for your group. Be prepared to share them in the class

32 What did your groups decide your opinion was? Why? What worked well in your groups? What did not?

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