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Rev. Linda Inman Dr. Sherri Arnold-Graham President- WBHFMCExecutive Secretary Treasurer.

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1 Rev. Linda Inman Dr. Sherri Arnold-Graham President- WBHFMCExecutive Secretary Treasurer

2 The Woman’s Baptist Home and Foreign Missionary Convention of North Carolina Auxiliary to the General Baptist State Convention of North Carolina, Incorporated. Motto: Christ in Every Home 2

3 1946/1947 insignia was designed by the late Dr. Ellen Alston (Former Executive Secretary-Treasurer) 1981 explanation of insignia adopted: 3

4  Equilateral triangle (Trinity: God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, each being equal in the Godhead, thus reminding us of the author and foundation of mission through missions and our power for helping to extend the Kingdom)  The equilateral triangle also points us toward being witnesses of and to that work through missions (preaching, teaching, healing, and serving).  The convention's name, a cross, the convention's official beginning year, motto, and a globe  At the apex of triangle, is the Cross with a sunburst effect suggesting the illuminating work of Christ and its far penetrating effects. 4

5  to organize and improve missionary circles: senior, young adult, and youth departments in Baptist churches of North Carolina;  to promote a broader spirit of missionary endeavor; to encourage the study of the Bible and other missionary books in order to awaken a greater interest in missionary work;  to support missionaries on the State and Foreign Field; to support Christian education... And  to cooperate with the General Baptist State Convention. (See the Bylaws of the Woman's Convention.) 5

6  The Woman’s Convention was organized to help strengthen the missionary work of the local church by helping to build better and stronger missionary circles where they did not exist.  One of the aims of the Woman’s Convention is to have a missionary circle in every Baptist Church in North Carolina. 6

7  Church Circles Senior Departments Young Adult Departments Youth Departments  County/City Unions Senior departments Young Adult Departments Youth Departments Auxiliaries (Associational) Senior departments Young Adult Departments Youth Departments  District Conferences (Missionary) Senior departments Young Adult Departments Youth Departments 7

8 8 Motto: Christ In Every Home Vision Statement: To have an inspired body of believers faithfully serving and sharing the mission of the Convention. Mission Statement: To exalt Christ as we extend His Gospel globally to men, women, and youth through educating, equipping, giving, serving, and witnessing with the transforming love of Christ. Core Values: Accessibility, Accountability, Credibility, Inclusiveness, Integrity, and Love Theme: Reaching the Masses - Matthew 28:19-20

9 9

10 Objectives Shaw University and Shaw Divinity School, located in Raleigh, North Carolina, is an institution for the training and development of Christian Leaders and highest level of educational training with religious emphasis. Foreign Missions support salaries of missionaries, build and support schools, clinics, and helps to evangelize the world. This is done mainly through the Lott Carey Baptist Foreign Mission Convention with headquarters in Washington D.C. 10

11 State Missions encompasses the internal and external expense of the Woman’s Convention including salaries, operational expenses, publications, and conventional ministries. Central Children’s Home, located in Oxford, North Carolina, provides a home for needy children in an atmosphere of love. J.J. Johnson Baptist Assembly located in Laurel Hill, North Carolina, and serves as a retreat area for our Baptist Family to hold workshops, camps, conferences, picnics, and retreats. Sixty two acres of land in Scotland County. 11

12  Monies for the work of our Woman's Baptist Home and Foreign Missionary Convention of North Carolina come from local church circles, county unions, associations, women's auxiliaries, district conferences, institutes and/or workshops, interested groups and individuals. 12

13 We welcome your checks or money orders to be made payable to: The Woman's Baptist Home and Foreign Missionary Convention or the Woman's Baptist State Convention. Please also send with your contributions the appropriate financial blank of WBH & FMC so that each department can receive proper credit. The Address is: Dr. Sherri Arnold-Graham, The Executive Secretary-Treasurer Woman's Baptist Home and Foreign Missionary Convention 603 S. Wilmington St. Raleigh, North Carolina 27601 Phone #: 919-833-4823 13

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16 LET US CONTINUE TO REACH THE MASSES LIFTING UP THE NAME OF JESUS!!! Your Financial Support Helps to: Build over 1900 housing solutions in Haiti for the Survivors of Hurricane Katrina Over 10,000 families in the Gulf Coast region raise after the devastation of Hurricane Provide assistance to Women, Men, and Children affected by HIV-Aids around the world. Build medical Clinics in undeveloped countries Provide physical and emotional, and spiritual needs for the children at our Central Children's Home in Oxford North Carolina Provides Scholarships for students attending SHAW University and Shaw Divinity School. Generous Donations of 2,350 pairs of blue jeans to serve the homeless, underprivileged, impoverished youth and victims of domestic Violence and sexual assault. 16

17 January (State Missions) February (National Missions) April (Foreign Missions) June (Missions Prayer Day-County-Wide) August (Family) October (Shaw University/Shaw Divinity School) 17

18 18 The Young Adult Missionary Department is composed of men and women ages 21 through 40 years of age. The department was organized in 1964 to encourage more involvement and Christian witnessing within this age group. The department serves as a “bridge” between the Senior and Youth Departments. Use of individuals and their talents in this age group can strengthen all areas of the church. The primary purposes of the Young Adult Department are: To stimulate a true missionary spirit of this age group and to awaken a deeper interest in the work of home and foreign missions. To strengthen the missionary circle in the Baptist church, which bridges the gap between the youth department and the senior department. To help support the financial objectives of the Woman’s Baptist Home and Foreign Missionary Convention of North Carolina and to cooperate with its program.

19 The department meets in their own session at the One Day Session, the Statewide Leaders Workshop, the Annual Session and the Family Missions Conference. They also hold a Young Adult Retreat the first Saturday in June. This is a time when Young Adults can come together to fellowship, receive training, deepen their own spiritual understanding and insight into God’s will and share ideas that will help other young adults. The Young Adult Director and Associate Director are elected by the Woman’s State Convention. The Director has general oversight of the Young Adult Department and is responsible to the Woman’s Convention for the advancement and operation of the Young Adult Department. Officers consist of President, four Vice Presidents, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Worship Chairperson, Choir Director, Assistant Choir Director, Pianist, and Historian. 19

20 20 Youth Department consists of a Supervisor, an Associate Supervisor, twelve (12) advisors, local supervisors, and youth officers as stated in the By-Laws of the Youth Department. Youth officers for the state department usually serve in a learning position. They only work when the State Convention is in session, unless otherwise directed by the Woman’s Convention through the State Youth Supervisor.

21  The Cradle RollBirth to 3 years  Eager Seekers4 through 8 years  Calvary Climbers9 through 12 years  Youth in Action13 through 15 years  Youth Messengers16 through 20 years  All groups will be composed of both boys and girls, young men and young women.  Adults in charge of each group are known as “Leaders.”

22 PROJECT I: YOUTH OFFICERS’ MARCH Financial Objective: Miss Minnie C. Lyon Contributions: Suggested amount $25. PROJECT II: THE SUPERVISOR’S MARCH Financial Objective: Media Center at our school in Liberia Contributions: Suggested amount $50.00 each PROJECT III: HAVE A HEART FOR MISSIONS (Eunice Youngblood) Financial Objective: J.J. Johnson Baptist Assembly and State Missions Contributions: Each participant brings the highest amount possible. PROJECT IV: SHAW CONTEST Financial Objective: Shaw University Contributions: Each participant brings the highest amount possible.

23 The Women's Department of the Baptist World Alliance (1911) is a fellowship of Christian women from around the world who seek to demonstrate to the world that Christ is a universal Savior and Lord. Church Women United (1941) is a national ecumenical movement of Christian women whose purpose is to encourage churchwomen to come together in a visible community to witness to their faith in Jesus Christ, and enabled by the Holy Spirit, to go out into every neighborhood and nation as instruments of reconciling. Women's Auxiliary of Lott Carey Baptist Foreign Mission Convention (1900) is an organization, which promotes missions primarily in the foreign fields of Guyana, India, Jamaica, Kenya, Liberia, South Africa and Zimbabwe. Woman's Convention, Auxiliary to the National Baptist Convention, U.S.A., Inc., (1901) represents more than 4,000,000 National Baptist women who have membership in National Baptist Convention, U.S.A. churches. It promotes missions education, missions-in-action, and missions support. 23

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