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Bill Hogan Seattle University Unpublished work © 2010 William (“Bill”) J. Hogan.

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1 Bill Hogan Seattle University Unpublished work © 2010 William (“Bill”) J. Hogan

2 “Leadership is not so much leading as having the people lead accept it. You know how you do that? You’ve got to win the hearts of the people you lead” From When Football Mattered on Vince Lombardi


4 Estimates that over 60 % of a person’s personality is genetic (Newsweek Magazine )

5  Divorce  Loss of Job  Loss of Loved one

6  Theory X  Theory Y  Theory Z  Beyond Theory Y

7  Driver  Calculator  Marketer  Empowerer


9  Driven By: Refusal to Fail  Expectations: Demands Respect  Coaching Mentality: Dictatorial  Nature of Mankind: Negative "If they don't have a winning attitude, I don't want them." The “Tower of Intimidation” Bear Bryant


11  General Mood: Intense  General Attitude: Guarded/Introverted  Coaching Mentality: Inflexible, volatile In your face ~ Mike Ditka


13  Decision Making: Decisive  Daily Plan/Practice Plan: Overly organized  Response to Player Complaints: Obnoxious, not very interested  Motivates Employees/Team Play: Fear

14 Video Clip from movie Miracle-Coach Brooks

15  Humor: Condescending  Style of Play: Controlled Conservative  Discipline: Confrontational  Actual Daily Practice Activity: Perfectionist

16  Team Development: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts  Practice Motivation: Verbally engaged  Actual Game Activity: Calculated outburst  Treatment of Players: Paternalistic Bobby Knight

17  Ego Centered: Large Ego  Attitude Towards Errors: Mistakes are not permitted  Reason for success: The manager  Demeanor: Demanding

18  “When I get after something, the veins in my neck stand out. The color begins to rise up from my collarbone, and you can see the pulse going in my throat, and my eyes look like the high beams of an oncoming car. I am what you would call a classic A type personality. An extremely demanding person”  -Pat Summit

19  When not Succeeding: Pride is Hurt  Treatment of immediate subordinates: Intimidation  Treatment of Support Staff: Cooperative but demanding; distant  Attitude after Retiring: Would try to come back


21  Driven By: Achievement  Expectations: Earns Respect  Managerial Style: Autocratic  Nature of Mankind: Somewhat Negative


23  General Mood: Focused  General Attitude: Courteous/Introverted  Coaching Mentality: Precise  Tony Dungy "Quiet Strength Video" Tony Dungy "Quiet Strength Video"

24 Teacher and Pupil- Brown and Walsh

25  Decision Making: Calculating  Actual Daily Practice Activity: Well Prepared  Response to Player Complaints: Sarcastic, analyze for merit  Motivates Team by: Team Expectations


27  Humor: Reserved  Style of Play: unique but consistent  Discipline: Consistent, by the “Rule Book”  Actual Daily Practice Activity: Meticulous

28  Team Development: The whole is as great as the sum of its parts  Practice Motivation: Will not raise voice that frequently, “Effort Chart”  Actual Game Activity: Minimal Nervous Pacing  Treatment of Players: Teacher Dean Smith

29  Ego Centered: Refined egotist  Attitude towards error: Mistakes are minimized  Reasons for success: The System  Demeanor: Deliberate

30  When not succeeding: Analyzes what to improve, qualitative  Treatment of subordinates: Nurturing  Treatment of support staff: Dignified, Courteous  Attitude after retiring: Move to related field


32  Driven by: Positive Feedback  Expectations: Wants Respect  Managerial Style: Representative, “Star System  Nature of Mankind: Positive


34  General Mood: Flamboyant  General Attitude: Outgoing/Extroverted  Coaching mentality: “Positivity”  Dick Vermeil "Emotional Video" Dick Vermeil "Emotional Video"

35 Knute Rockne went 105-12-5 at Notre Dame.

36  Decision Making: Fluctuating  Practice Plan: Spontaneous  Response to Player Complaints: Tell ‘em what they want to hear  Motivates Team by: Positive Reinforcement

37  Humor: Exuberant  Style of Play: Star system. Creative  Discipline: Sporadic  Actual Daily Practice Activity: Tries to make it fun


39  Team Development: Recruit better players  Practice Motivation: Emotional swings, excitable  Actual Game Activity: All over the place  Treatment of Players: Older Brother


41  Ego Centered: Savior Complex  Attitude towards error: Mistakes okay if positives outweigh negatives  Reason for Success: The product  Demeanor: Too fast


43  When not succeeding: Blames self  Treatment of immediate subordinates: Positive but suspicious  Treatment of support staff: Upbeat, positive  Attitude after Retiring from Coaching: Already in second career


45  Driven by: Wants to contribute  Expectations: Hopes for respect  Managerial Style: Laissez-faire, delegator  Nature of Mankind: Somewhat positive

46  General Mood: Complimentary  General Attitude: Cautious/ Adaptable  Coaching Mentality: Flexible KC Jones

47  Decision Making: Indecisive  Practice Plan: Goes with the flow  Response to Player complaints: Empathic  Motivate Team by: Playing Time


49  Humor: Dry Witted  Style of Play: Depends on talent, unoriginal Discipline: Not Strong Actual Daily Practice Activity: Casual


51  Team Development: Maneuver Talent  Practice Motivation: Reasonable, laid back  Actual Game activity: Not as active as others  Treatment of Players: Treats players like adults (friends)  Phil Jackson "Empowering Video" Phil Jackson "Empowering Video"


53  Ego Centered: Low Ego  Attitude Towards Error: Mistakes are part of creative process  Reason for success: The employees  Demeanor: Uninspiring

54  When not succeeding: Disappointed  Treatment of immediate subordinates: More dependent  Treatment of support staff: Kind, gentle  Attitude after Retiring: Whatever happens

55 General Douglas MacArthur  “On the fields of friendly strife are sown the seeds that on other days and other fields will bear the fruits of victory” Unpublished work © 2010 William (“Bill”) J. Hogan

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