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©McGraw-Hill Higher Education Chapter 9 Luke’s Portrait of Jesus: A Savior for “All Nations”

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1 ©McGraw-Hill Higher Education Chapter 9 Luke’s Portrait of Jesus: A Savior for “All Nations”

2 ©McGraw-Hill Higher Education Key Topics/Themes Part one of a two-volume work Christianity as a universal world faith Innocence of Jesus and his followers Radical reversal of social order Insertion of two new bodies of material into Markan order

3 ©McGraw-Hill Higher Education Introduction Luke as theodicy Divine promises to Israel now open to Gentiles Importance of John the Baptist Centrality of Jerusalem in God’s plan

4 ©McGraw-Hill Higher Education The Author and His Sources Dedication to Theophilus Authorship –Luke, the “beloved physician” –Traditional view: travel companion of Paul –Debates over the traditional view –Only Gentile New Testament writer

5 ©McGraw-Hill Higher Education Sources (cont’d.) Date –After 70 C.E. –Luke’s detailed knowledge of siege of Jerusalem –Written between 70 and 90 C.E.

6 ©McGraw-Hill Higher Education Luke’s Use of Sources Admits using sources Luke’s additions to Mark –Infancy narrative –Lesser interpolation –Greater interpolation –Resurrection narratives Dependence upon Hebrew Bible

7 ©McGraw-Hill Higher Education Typical Lukan Themes The Holy Spirit Prayers and hymns Jesus’ concern for women Jesus’ affinity with the unrespectable Christianity as a universal faith Innocence of Jesus and his followers Jesus as “Savior”

8 ©McGraw-Hill Higher Education Infancy Narratives: John and Jesus (1:5-2:52) Birth of John the Baptist The role of Mary Luke’s use of hymns

9 ©McGraw-Hill Higher Education Jesus’ Galilean Ministry (4:14- 9:50) Also known as the “lesser interpolation” Jesus’ rejection at Nazareth The “lesser interpolation” –Luke’s Sermon on the Plain –Reversals of status for rich and poor –The importance of women

10 ©McGraw-Hill Higher Education Luke’s Travel Narrative (9:51- 18:14)

11 ©McGraw-Hill Higher Education Introduction to the Travel Narrative Also known as the “greater interpolation” Little action; mostly teaching Jesus in Samaria Jesus’ victory over Satan’s realm

12 ©McGraw-Hill Higher Education Survey of the Travel Narrative Parable of the Good Samaritan –Setting –Ethical complexities Mary and Martha Instructions on prayer Luke’s views on riches and poverty

13 ©McGraw-Hill Higher Education Travel Narrative (cont’d.) Lazarus and the rich man Jesus’ love of the unhappy and the outcast Parables of joy at finding what was lost –The lost sheep –A lost coin –The prodigal son Parable of the dishonest steward

14 ©McGraw-Hill Higher Education Jerusalem Ministry (18:31- 21:38) Conflicting beliefs about the Parousia –Parousia has already occurred –Parousia is imminent Lukan sayings about the kingdom The fall of Jerusalem and the Parousia

15 ©McGraw-Hill Higher Education Passion Narrative (22:1- 23:56) Luke’s interpretation of the Passion –Stress on the innocence of Jesus –Jesus’ death as a righteous example The Last Supper

16 ©McGraw-Hill Higher Education Jesus’ Final Ordeal Luke’s portrayal of the disciples The Sanhedrin hearing Jesus sent to Herod Antipas Pilate protests Jesus’ innocence Jesus asks for forgiveness of his executioners Jesus consoles others “This man was innocent”

17 ©McGraw-Hill Higher Education Epilogue: Resurrection Narratives (24:1-53) Jesus appears on road to Emmaus Jesus appears to disciples in upper room Jesus’ life, death, resurrection foretold in Hebrew Scriptures Disciples to remain in Jerusalem; await empowerment by Holy Spirit

18 ©McGraw-Hill Higher Education Summary Gospel ascribed to Luke Jesus a world savior God’s compassion and forgiveness for all Disciples to carry on Jesus’ work until appearance of Son of Man

19 ©McGraw-Hill Higher Education Summary (cont’d.) Disciples to carry Jesus’ mission “to the ends of the earth” Mission of Church extended indefinitely into the future

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