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The Fall of Man Chapter 3 Lesson 4.

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1 The Fall of Man Chapter 3 Lesson 4

2 Read Genesis Chapter 3 Did man know the rules of the garden?
Did man use free will? What were the roles of woman and man? How did the serpent get them to sin? How did God treat Adam and Eve?

3 Finish reading the chapter.
What is original sin? It was the first sin committed by Adam, the head or origin of all humanity. What were the effects of Adam and Eve’s sin? We all inherited original sin. The effects include: Death Ignorance of things divine Concupiscence (temptation to sin) Disharmony in nature and among men Loss of grace Loss of union with God

4 Genesis 3:15 Original sin created a chasm between God and man that man could not overcome alone. It was necessary for God to send an redeemer to save us all from the effects of sin. Memorize Genesis 3:15

5 Redemption To pay the price for something, to pay the price for our sins

6 Atonement Reparation for sin

7 Salvation To be saved from sin for God

8 Why did man need help? Could he be a redeemer, atoner or savior?

9 Redeemer to redeem means to pay the price; man could not pay the price – he had nothing of great value. He could only offer animal sacrifices, imperfect prayers, and actions. We needed a perfect priest, perfect victim, and perfect love for God – only Jesus could do this.

10 Atoner Man could not put himself back in union with God because he could not share in God’s life through grace. Jesus is one Divine Person with two natures. He is fully God and fully man. He won grace for man and opened the gates of heaven so that man could be saved.

11 Savior Man could not save himself from sin because of concupiscence, which is man’s inclination to sin.

12 The Fall and the Promise (worksheet)
How did God test Adam and Eve? Did they pass the test? God tested Adam and Eve by telling them not to eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. They failed the test. What did God do to punish Adam and Eve? God banished Adam and Eve from the garden, allowed them to be subject to suffering, sickness, and death, and removed sanctifying grace. What is sanctifying grace? Why was it so bad that Adam and Eve lost this grace? Sanctifying grace is the life of God in our souls by which we are made the adopted children of God, brothers and sisters of Jesus Christ, and temples of the Holy Spirit. Who suffers from original sin? Every human being from the time of Adam, except Jesus and Mary, suffers from original sin. What are the effects of original sin? Separation from God, sickness, death and slavery to sin and the devil are the effects of original sin. Did God stop loving Adam and Eve when they sinned? No, He still loved them and promised them a redeemer. What did God promise Adam and Eve? God promised a redeemer who would reconcile us to God.

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